Miguel Almerion is a character role-played by SwizzMB

General Description

Miguel is a part of Flippy's Crew and is an ex-member of the Southside Gang, GSF (Grove Street Families/The Families.)

Joining and Leaving GSF

Miguel has made strides in his time since being introduced to The Families. Miguel joined while at war with the South Side Ballas, which then led to a war against Chang Gang. Miguel has impressed with his shooting capabilities and tactics leaving a good impression with Triple OG Dexx.

However, on September 13, 2020, Miguel turned in his flag to Dexx Martin and proceeded to gun down members of The Families with Juan Carlos "Flippy" Hernandez and his Crew. He is now a member of Flippy's Crew.

Miguel joined forces with Juan Carlos "Flippy" Hernandez and crew. Miguel had told Fernando "Mario" Reyes that if he was to leave The Families that he'd want to join their crew. Miguel had been doing jobs with Flippy & Mario for months before deciding to leave The Families. After a month or so, Miguel decided to turn in his flag with The Families. Miguel went to the baseball diamond to meet with member of GSF & OOOG Dexx Martin, here Miguel had a ambush ready, he had Flippy, Susie & Mario in the surrounding area to protect in with the inevitable outcome of Miguel handing in his flag. Miguel conversated with Dexx and made him aware of his decision to leave The Families, Dexx asked him to stand on the diamond and pulled a gun to his head. Once that happened, Flippy came out of a bush with an AK-47 and started shooting Dexx and other members of The Families. Miguel and company put down all members of The Families and left. This later resulted in a gang war between the two groups. After two weeks of fights vs The Families, Flippy’s Crew, had decimated GSF. They ended the war and decided to have a meeting, the meeting consisted w/ Miguel, Lilly and Dexx. The conclusion of this was that Miguel was spared a bullet to the head and instead had "FAMILIES" carved into his back to show that the Family always had his back. Miguel was found by EMS unconscious and was held in ICU for 2 days follow major blood loss.

After two months of Miguel was finally introduced to Flippy's Crew and he was beat down in the Mirror Park Tavern by the crew whilst he was receiving a Porsche from Zeke Jagger.

Relationship with Fiona

Miguel and Fiona Stewart of the HOA, have been close with each other for months, ever since Miguel did weed runs at the Taco Shop. They'd spent a lot of time together and hung out a lot. Miguel had been sending subtle hints that he was interested in Fiona and finally after a chat and Miguel not having the balls to ask Fiona to be his girlfriend, she held a gun to his head and forced him to ask her which resulted in them officially dating. Fiona then stated that if he asked a month ago the answer would've been the same.


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