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Miguel Almerion is a character role-played by SwizzMB

General Information

Miguel is often referred to as "reliable", being well known for helping out his friends, racers or any individual who needs it. He wears dark, subdued clothing with a cap and face covering to mask himself from the police and other people. He has impeccable skill when it comes to racing and can fire a clean shot.

It can be said that Miguel has an aggressive personality, his first instinct being to shoot or argue with an aggressor. This often becomes an issue, his hot-headed nature getting him into trouble or unnecessary conflicts. Despite the down sides, this trait allows him to stand up for himself and others making him a well rounded gang member.


Miguel is a part of Hydra Gang, he was one of the first members to join and is considered an OG of the crew after he left GSF.

Miguel was made a full-member of the HOA after he signed a contract sent to him by Siz. He was brought into the group as the hardass and enforcer as Siz believed he was necessary to the HOA straightening up and being more serious. However on December 3rd 2021, Miguel left HOA.

On January 23rd 2022, Miguel was officially invited as a full member of Chang Gang, being given a CG chain by Mr. Kebun. This was due to the countless times he had helped out members of CG, including inviting Randy Bullet to help him sell illegal guns.


Distribution of Weapons

October 2021 to March 2022 - Distribution of Weapons

Miguel was one of the main class 1 armament distributors and manufacturers in the city. He received weapons from Olga Sazkaljovich, who owns the gun bench. Miguel's role was to distribute the guns to various middlemen of his choosing. Providing automatic glocks 18C and heavy pistols to the criminals of Los Santos.

However, on March 1st 2022, Miguel decided to step back from class 1 distribution due to disagreements with Olga. He was later offered to help Vinny Pistone with his bench due to the effort he put into Olga's bench but refused the offer. He has not distributed weaponry since.

Joining Chang Gang

January 23rd 2022 - Joining Chang Gang

On the evening of January 23rd, Miguel was approached by Mr. Kebun and a number of other Chang Gang members. Over the coming months, Miguel had been helping and assisting members of CG - Mr K saw him as a prime example of an individual he wanted within his gang. For this reason, CG members surprised Miguel by putting a CG chain in a car trunk and telling him that his payment for materials was in there. Upon opening the trunk and seeing the chain, Miguel instantly agreed to join the gang and put the chain on. He was officially introduced as a full member of Chang Gang by Mr K and the OG's after putting on the chain.

Terrorism Charges

April 8th 2022 - Terrorism Charges

In the evening of March 31st 2022, Miguel had awoken to spend time with his fellow gang members. However, during this time Ramee El-Rahman was campaigning and fighting for votes in order to become Mayor. This became relevant when Ramee noticed a political blimp in the air- the blimp ushering its viewers to vote for Sabith "Bunny" Cohen (Ramee's rival in the campaign). This Blimp's existence irritated Ramee and so he took to successfully RPG'ing it- unfortunately, it was not the only of its kind and was pulled out once again just hours later. This became a problem for Miguel when members of Bondi Boys MC called Ramee and said they would happily blow up the blimp for $20k. However, BBMC could not successfully blow up the blimp before the Unified Police Department arrived- causing Miguel, Curtis Swoleroid and Novah Walker to set out in a heli to finish the job.

As the trio located the blimp, it was landing in the military base close to Sandy- this gave them the idea to hold up the driver of the blimp and steal it. However, this attempt was unsuccessful as the driver of the blimp decided to drive off while at gunpoint. This caused the trio to hop back into the heli and chase after the blimp but it was not long before the PD were chasing them too. Due to BBMC already shooting at the blimp and yelling political remarks, the PD regarded the trio as a terrorism threat which were to be eliminated with lethal force. As the trio tried to shoot at the PD in order to escape, they found themselves flying in a helicopter with just fumes of fuel left. As they flew over the ocean and headed towards Burn Island, the heli officially ran out of fuel and hurled towards the ocean. While attempting to swim away from the crash: Novah, Curtis and Miguel were all shot down by the PD air unit. They were taken into custody and put on a hold charge for attacking with political means.

It was not until a day later on April 1st, that Miguel was given his bail hearing. He was given bail on the condition that he could not commit any type of felonies and if he was found to do anything against his bail- he would lose his Lamborghini. This resulted semi-badly for Miguel as on April 5th, he was caught up in a raid on his property that lead to an assault rifle silencer being found. This went against his bail conditions but Judge Serge Cross decided that he would be forgiving to Miguel and decided to only take his Lambo until the court case for the terrorism charges.

On April 8th, the court case for all three of the accused occurred. Despite a strong defence: Miguel, Novah and Curtis were convicted of terrorism by Judge Reggie Might. They were sentenced to 3 years in jail and 5 years of parole.


  • He was one of the first people to purchase a car from the newly revamped Tuner Shop, he purchased a Mitsubishi Evo 7. Before that he drove an AMG GT-R.
  • Miguel was once arrested after being forced to dress up as Dean Watson, who had an active 9's warrant at the time.
  • Miguel was once robbed by the Alta Street Ruff Rydaz, causing Mr. Kebun to shoot two of its members as vengeance.
  • Owns a pet poodle.


Played By: SwizzMB
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