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Mickey is a character role-played by Blaustoise.


Mickey is a former cop. He was betrayed by his former partner Tommy and his ex-wife Maggie cheated on him before leaving him. He moved into the city in the hope to find a new purpose in life.


Mickey is very calm and collected. His hardened past and detective work has left him with a nihilistic outlook in life. Mickey is known as "Downbad" Mickey by most of Los Santos due to the fact that in most scenarios everything that could go wrong for him, inevitably, does. - However due to his engrained stoicism this does not keep him from trying.

Furthermore, Mickey flew to Los Santos with the expectation of becoming part the underworld putting his numerous skills to use, starting off wearing an expensive black suit and a fedora and telling his life stories, giving off a mysterious air, now Mickey can more often than not be seen in his stripper fireman outfit and his main source of income ended up being as a dancer at the Vanilla Unicorn Strip Club and not through organized crime.


New Beginnings

During his first day in Los Santos, Mickey, while jaywalking, ran into Vinny Pistone, Ramee El-Rahman, Randy Bullet, and Garret Jobless, who were in a car passing by. After Mickey used some taunting words towards them, these four members of the famous Chang Gang got very annoyed with Mickey and pulled over to have a talk with him. After realizing Mickey was a new resident of Los Santos, the Chang Gang took it up on themselves to teach Mickey the ways of the city.

Mickey’s bond with Chang Gang grew fast and he was officially acknowledged as a Chang Gang Associate on Feb 10, 2021 by Mr. K and Ramee. He works as a stripper and security at the Vanilla Unicorn. He also has his own gang, consisting of him, Carmella Corset and Hannah Hiltop, known as The Royal Flush Gang. They ride the town and rob people by gun point for extra money.

He Can Go His Own Way

On July 8, 2021, Mickey defied orders from Mr. K to kill Yuno Sykk after robbing Fleeca bank with him and other members of the Cleanbois while Mr. K was having beef with Mr. Lang over criticism of business practices. Because of this defiance, Mickey was shot, knocked out numerous times by the members of Chang Gang, and thrown out from a plane above the Clean Manor, where he awoke the next day. After a lot of soul searching, including talks with Nino Chavez and Irwin Dundee (to name a few), Mickey reflected on what he believes to be months of mistreatment by and a lack of respect from the members of the gang. While Mickey still loves the members of the gang, he feels that the gang's core values and methods no longer align with his own, and ultimately decided to leave Chang Gang.

Word of his departure from his former gang quickly spread throughout the city, and various different gangs and organizations expressed interest in taking Mickey under their wings. To this date, Mickey has not yet made any concrete decisions as to what the future may hold, and decided to take the advice of Nino and Dundee to remain a free agent before making a decision.


  • "I must do it, we must stick together, the downbad, the downtrodden. Currently you're not downbad Dice Guy, you're down horrendous. All I ask of you is that if you see someone who is currently downbad, you help them too" - "Downbad" - Mickey to Roland Nelson
  • “I think you are a p*ssy bitch, but I don’t think you are a fraud” - Mickey to Ramee
  • "Why do you hate me?"
  • "It's been an honour"
  • "Actually in my eyes i didn't hit the tree"


  • Mickey and Randy Bullet used to troll people as the 'Box bois' when they were bored.
  • Mickey is well know around Los Santos for wearing his animé girl mask.