Mickey Rivers is a character role-played by AxleHellfire.

Description[edit | edit source]

Mickey Rivers is an investigative journalist and reporter for Weazel News. He was recently promoted to CEO after the disappearances of James Tinklebottom and Minnie Canoozle.

Recent Events[edit | edit source]

Mickey Rivers is a fearless and intrepid reporter so getting into trouble is nothing new. He was the one who exposed a few of the people who had worked for Bovice Wilkinson, much to the anger of the Criminal Investigation Division, who had been working on finding the known associates. Mickey also was the one who reported that the video that was used in the State v. Chang Gang case (10/21/19) was fake and that Ryan Carthus lied on the stand. Since then, Mickey hasn't necessarily lived in fear, but he is also nervous on what could happen. It has only strengthened his resolve to report the truth and cut through the lies that are very prevalent in the city.

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