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Mickey Rivers is a character role-played by AxleHellfire.


Mickey Rivers is an investigative journalist and CEO of Weazel News.

Recent Events

Mickey Rivers is a fearless and intrepid reporter so getting into trouble is nothing new. He was the one who exposed a few of the people who had worked for Bovice Wilkinson, much to the anger of the Criminal Investigation Division, who had been working on finding the known associates. Mickey also was the one who reported that the video that was used in the State v. Chang Gang case (10/21/19) was fake and that Ryan Carthus lied on the stand. These actions landed him in hot water, to the point that Bovice put a hit out on Mickey and forced him to live in hiding for a while. Bovice's return to jail had made Mickey's life return to relative normalcy, but it did strike quite a bit of fear in him, and strengthened his resolve to report the truth and cut through the lies that are very prevalent in the city.

Mickey also landed in a wheelchair for several months after being shot in the spine at a bank truck job done by Chang Gang. His immobility was only supposed to last a little while, but then Sonya Summers forced lawyer Nick Hamilton to hit Mickey with a baseball bat, rendering him immobile once again, and with significant memory loss. This forced him to temporarily give up being Acting CEO of Weazel News, but after rehab outside of the city, Mickey returned and took back up the mantle.

Since then Mickey had been investigating many of the serial killings happening in the city, specifically Chasity Dawes and her group including Kenneth Jesperson, Joshua Wade, and Tobi Argent, until her death.

Mickey's family has also come to town in this time, first Nicole Rivers, who proceeded to befriend many of the serial killers he had been investigating, and generally complicate things further. They have what if shaping up to be a complicated relationship, with two very different viewpoints on how things should be. Mickey's 18 year old daughter Katy also came to town around this time. He had not seen her for 6 years, since his ex-wife Susan took full custody over her.

Played By: AxleHellfire
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