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Michael Simone is a character role-played by Tobii.

General Information

Michael "Mick" Simone is a member of Seaside with close ties to HOB and the Lost MC. He has sports-short, slick-back white hair and a clean shaven face, his head being occupied by black petrine earrings. He also has a collection of tattoos covering his body, a petrine on his forehead and other tattoos along his arms and back. However, while on the run from the Unified Police he has been known to change his appearance constantly; from shaving his head to dyeing his hair dirty blonde, he tries everything to hide from the PD. These variations of looks are often accompanied with glasses or a hat to cover his facial traits.

When it comes to Michael's personality, he is a known terrorist and isn't shy of using lethal force to push the narratives he believes in. He has been regarded as "unhinged" and often leaves a trail when committing any illegal action, wanting others to know what he has done. He often supplies bombs, guns and heavy artillery to those who "punish" wrongdoers - his motto being to correct the corruption in the city.

In relation to business ties, the Simone family in itself holds extreme riches, Michael's father being exceptionally wealthy- Despite this, Michael prides himself on not using any of his families money. In order to gain his own income, he sells artillery and maintains roles in important companies such as RON Corp.


Michael is the younger brother of Nicholas Simone, the two often getting into petty squabbles and arguments. However, due to their mother's death at a young age and the negligence of their rich father; the brothers are known to look out for each other, and exhibit similar behaviours as a result- especially in regards to violence and destruction. Nonetheless, the Simone's are the only family either of them have and would never betray one another.

During mid 2019, Michael took the decision to leave his brother at their home town in Denmark and move to Los Santos for a fresh start. However, Nicholas eventually came to LS to check up on his younger brother, Michael and ended up staying in the city alongside his brother- the two sharing a home in Rockford Hills.


Tales Of Terrorism

January 5th 2022 - Tales Of Terrorism

During the months of January and February 2022, Michael began to plant bombs around the city. The majority of victims being members of the Unified Police Department.

The first attack of this kind occurred on January 5th. On this day, Michael alongside Miguel Almerion, Jay Jarvis and Olga Sazkaljovich pulled up to the front of the courthouse while fully blacked out. The crew took to holding up any individuals that were standing outside and ushering them into the court house, an on duty cop being apart of this crowd. Once all the civilians were inside of the court house, they were demanded by Olga to all stand in one corner while Michael planted the bomb in the centre. While in this process, the PD became aware that there was something criminalistic happening at the courthouse and began to set up outside. As the crew planted the bomb and ran out of the courthouse doors, cops began to chase after them- confused on what had occurred inside.

Once fleeing from the main vehicle that was being chased- Miguel took to calling Oliver Fury, warning him that cops should "stop doing what they're doing and focus on the courthouse" making him aware that the bomb planted would detonate if the cops did not stop chasing the fleeing vehicle that still had Michael inside of it. This demand would be respected, cops breaking off the chase and focusing on disarming the bomb threat- allowing Michael to escape, unidentified.

Despite the PD discovering the bomb quickly and developing a team of SWAT members, PillBot failed to defuse the bomb causing him and Tyme Reducer to get injured in the blast. This theme of planting car bombs and terrorising the general public quickly earned Michael the title of a "terrorist". This title was later solidified when Michael earned an extended warrant for Terrorism, handled by Jenny Hall.


January 14th 2022 - Gun-Trafficking

As the days passed, Michael began to get more reckless, carrying out bomb planting solo. This recklessness allowed the PD to gather knowledge on his possible identity- after leaving his personal car at the scene of a bomb incident outside of the court house, the PD were able to carry out a raid on his home on January 14th.

During this raid, cops such as: Brian Knight, Serge Cross, Kyle Pred and Richard Dark swept through his house, making sure to leave no corner unturned. Michael's stashes were discovered in this process including boxes full of: Pipebombs, AK 47, OTs-14 Groza, M70, C4's and Sniper Ammo. In one of these boxes was a note, which was read by Brian, it referred to a shipping container that was owned by Michael. Due to the results of the raid and the amount of artillery found, the PD pushed to find the container as it was believed to be illegal in nature.

This container was eventually found by the PD in the shipping docks, Brian taking to Det-Cording the door of it and breaching the inside. Once inside, he discovered that it was infact a gun-crafting bench- the boxes inside the container holding hundreds of weapons.

At this point, a warrant was put out for Michael for Gun Trafficking.

Facing Treason

January 17th 2022 - Facing Treason

When The Lost faced the Los Santos Senate on January 17th, Michael helped to supply them with a range of guns and high range military weapons. Unfortunately, the PD knew of his involvement and even with The Lost overcoming the senate and winning the battle, another warrant was put up for Michael, this time being Treason.

Troubles With Cleo

January 25th 2022 - The Simone's VS Cleo Shaw

In the late hours of January 25th, Michael's brother, Nicholas Simone was stabbed by Cleo Shaw while at Chumash pier. This occurred after Cleo suspected Nicho of shooting her boyfriend, Bryce Miller. Due to this stabbing, the Simone brothers decided revenge was in-place and wanted to destroy her in every way possible.

On January 26th, Nick and Mick decided to kidnap Cleo. This involved bringing her to their home in Rockford Valley and taking her down to a hidden torture cellar, showing her the consequences of messing with the Simone brothers. While in this cellar, Nick planted a tracking device into her arm after putting a bag over her head- so she wouldn't know what was occurring.

On February 13th, Nick decided to call Cleo due to his awareness of her being locked away in Parsons Rehabilitation Center. This call consisted of Nicholas flexing the fact that he has bought a new yacht and asking Cleo if she wanted to borrow it- hoping to push her to confess of her location. Towards the end of the call, Nicholas told Cleo to google "The White Death", who, unbeknownst to Cleo was an infamous Sniper by the name of Simo Häyhä. Just hours after this call occurred, Nicholas travelled to the peak of the hills surrounding Parsons and aimed his sniper rifle directly at Cleo's head. He then sent this image to Cleo via a burner phone - hoping to make her panic.

However on February 14th, Cleo decided to "set up" Michael as revenge for his brother tormenting her. This involved luring Michael with the help of Joe Goldberg and entrapping him in a cage. However, Cleo quickly backed out of it. Despite the decision to back out, Michael was infuriated with her actions and seeked revenge. Michael eventually texting Jenny Hall that he was going to go against his promise of "leaving Cleo alone" because she came for him. After an hour long call between Jenny and Michael, Cleo was to be left alone once and for all.

The One Year Warrant

February 2nd 2022 - The One Year Warrant

It was not until February 2nd that Michael's warrants were broadcasted on the news and turned into a state-wide search. This warrant was not set to expire for an entire year, if caught Michael was to be charged with Terrorism, Treason and Gun-Trafficking. During this time, Michael became paranoid and despite his reckless nature became more conscious of his actions.

A Close Call

February 13th 2022 - A Close Call

A close call occurred on February 13th, when Michael was cruising around Los Santos with his girlfriend- Flossie. Due to Mick being in his own car, police pulled their forces in full. Resulting in: interceptors, CVPI's, chargers and helicopters being hot on his trail. As a last resort, Mick pulled into the Lost Compound and fled out of the hidden tunnel in the base.

The Tuner Shop Incident

April 2nd 2022 - The Tuner Shop Incident

On April 2nd 2022, Michael was filling up NOS at the tuner shop when he was spotted by an off-duty Matthew Espinoz. Ezpinoz resorted to 311'ing Michael's location and as a result PD members swarmed the location. Michael attempted to run but with little backup, was caught and detained.

While Michael was being processed in the jail cells of Bob Smith Police Department, news of his capture spread quickly causing a collection of Michael's associates and friends of associates to come together to break him out of custody. Those among this group were: Miguel Almerion, Wayne Biggz, Jay Jarvis, Fernando Reyes, Rudi Rinsen, Adam Peterson, Dean Watson, Eddie Marshall, Finlay Aiken, Mikey Mersion and Raymond Romanov. It was decided by the PD that Michael would be transported to prison in a prison bus, being heavily guarded by both DOC and PD members alike. Jenny Hall sitting beside Michael in the bus.

During the transport, the group took to splitting up and scouting key areas of the route from BSPD to Bolingbroke Penitentiary itself. It was not until the bus had reached Route 68 that it was spotted by Finlay and called out on the radio to the rest of the group. This sighting allowed the group to navigate the route the bus would take and the best time to hit it; Miguel fortifying that they would attack the bus when it neared the Zancudo exit. As this occurred, grenades and RPG rockets were thrown at the convoy- forcing the transport to stop at the Mill.

While at the Mill, the group surrounded the area, picking off cops little by little. While driving around in his car alone, JJ was gunned down by an un-seen cop. As cops surrounded the Mill, Mario and Wayne found themselves pinned- Mario being gunned down by 4 separate cops at once. Fortunately, Wayne was able to hide behind a house, enabling him to flank and shoot down 8 cops while solo. Once the cops were downed, Wayne went back for Mario and quickly secured him inside his car. As this was happening, Ray was shot down by a UC cop as he attempted to swap to a better car due to his car being shot and damaged. At the top of the hill, AP attempts to flank two cops but is terminated and detained almost instantly.

As chaos ensues and the PD focus on the attack, Wayne sneaks to the Prison bus undetected. Despite Jenny still sitting next to Michael on the bus, she does not attempt to stop him from being taken by Wayne. This means that Wayne successfully helps Michael out of the bus and drives away with him safely in his car, a downed Mario with them. Swiftly, the gunfire comes to an end with the last attacking cop being downed- before more cops arrive, Miguel saves JJ and all parties return to safety. With the loss of AP and Ray, the group decided to cut their losses and were satisfied with the extraction of Michael from the PD's grasp.

Michael was once again on the run.


  • Abandoned the home he shared with Nicholas Simone in Rockford Hills after it was raided by the Police.
  • Loves to leave a "Car Bomb Disposal Device" in the car of those he plants a bomb on.
  • Once anonymously pinged Capt. Jenny Hall to a pack of cigarettes.
  • Once tricked Benji Ramos into blowing up Marty Banks car.
  • Shot Jeffrey Bundy with a sniper-rifle causing the loss of his eye.


Played By: Tobii
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