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Michael Manx is a character role-played by manax321

The Company[]

Mike spent his early days in the city working for Snr. Buns before a chance meeting with Dexx Martin set him on the path of crime. With the help of Dexx and his friend Fibbler loaning him 10 bricks of weed to sling, Mike was able to start selling weed in his spare time, eventually leading to his being brought into The Company as their second ever weed seller.

Jean Paul at this point gave him the nickname Seller #2, which ended up being something Mike embraced for the foreseeable future.

After joining The Company, Mike worked tirelessly on multiple fronts, selling weed in Cypress Flats as a one-man army, trying whatever he could to learn the ins and outs of the turf system and reporting it daily to The Company Executives as often as possible.

It was Mike's recommendation that ended up getting The Company to transition into Sandy Shores as their primary turf, and it was shortly after this recommendation that Mike met his first real mentor in the city, Karl Johnny Black.

KJ and Mike went on to be an unstoppable and unbreakable duo, pushing the limits of the turf against all odds, always outnumbered but never outmatched, with the help of the rest of their small crew, namely Louis Blanc and Samuel Smalls. Mike and the rest of the fledgling "Pharma" Division strove to push their new turf to the #1 position in the city.

Eventually they reached their goal, picking up and losing some members along the way. Along the way, Mike felt like he had taken the first step in proving himself to the city and also to the people around him.

From this point, Mike's horizons broadened. KJ and The Company allowed him to have access to the ANITA heist/weed app, which in turn allowed Mike to organize heists for the crew. Mike went on to never fail a hack at both the laundromat and cash exchange. Within 2 weeks of getting access to the app, with the help of his crew and friends, Mike and the ANITA app unlocked the cash exchange for themselves.

After this point with The Company disbanding and the remnants splitting apart, Mike felt something was off, and unfortunately, for various reasons, 3 weeks after The Company's disbanding, Mike parted ways with KJ and the remnants of Pharma. He left on decent terms with some and not-so-good terms with others. For Mike, though, he came to realise that there was ultimately no future for him the way things were going, and it was a necessary step for him to part ways with the group and people that gave him such a colossal opportunity.

Mike would never forget the time he spent at The Company and with all of the Pharma boys and girls.

The Besties[]

After being lost and aimless for a brief time, Mike's near and dear friend Fan Fan ended up getting him a job to work at the newly opened Big Dawg Noodles. Though it seemed meaningless to start, Mike immediately saw the potential. Working yet again tirelessly (albeit in a far healthier manner), Mike proved his consistency and commitment yet again, showing what he was capable of to an entirely new group of people and coming to enjoy his time in the city far more than ever before.

Now with a new group of friends to hang out with and spending his time running a business with the backing of the Besties, Mike was finally in a place where he felt he belonged. Working day to day to manage the noodle shop with Kevin Ram and eventually being given the opportunity to attend a Maze Bank Heist with the Besties were all huge motivational steps for Mike.

On July 7th, 2024, Mike was offered by 4HEAD a hangaround position in the Besties. Though 4HEAD was unsure what exactly it was going to be called, the label or title didn't matter; to Mike, the answer was clear and without question.