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Mia Mersion is a character role-played by Kiwo.


Mia spends her time doing petty crimes and interacting with people around Los Santos. She won't typically rob others but if she does, she will allow her victims to keep their money. She typically has a low patience for people and situations. Her favorite weapon to use is a hammer because she isn't comfortable wielding any kind of firearm. Due to her low patience and refusal of gun use, she avoids hunting, fishing, and any activity that are tedious and repetitive (except deliveries, as this is a fast, easy way for her to make money).

She is known to have a silver tongue. She's quick to take a leader position and is not afraid of engaging in action or pursue her interests solo. Strangely enough, she enjoys the officers and inmates at Bolingbroke Penitentiary and playing around with various law enforcement officers whenever she gets the opportunity.

Her text messages can be difficult to translate at times due to being loaded with short-handed words, acronyms, and lack of grammar usage. In conversations, she frequently uses British slang (such as referring to police as rozzers).

While searching the yellow pages for things to do, Mia stumbled upon a Pegasus Concierge ad. She decided to apply with Pegasus Concierge but little did she know her life would take a sinister turn.


Mia's critical moments were captured below in chronological order.[1] Spoilers may be included.

Abrupt Haircut
Mia is known for her signature black bandana with French-braided pigtails. During her time in Bolingbroke Penitentiary, Bovice and Mia plot to physically assault the Corrections officers. Mia was sent to solitary confinement as punishment while Bovice was escorted to the infirmary for injuries sustained. Mia requested to be placed in the gym to work out while confined. An officer agreed and moved Mia.

While Mia waited for Bovice and passed time lifting weights, she got into another altercation with Corrections officer Fontaine, where Mia was knocked out. Fontaine took this opportunity to snip off one of Mia's braids and pocketed it along with Mia's bottom tooth (that was lost when Fontaine punched Mia).

Oxycontin and The Dog
Once released from prison, Denzel and Mia head to the woods. The pair exit the car but Denzel remained next to it, his dark side unveiled: a drug addict, who resorted to sniff Oxycontin off the car's hood and chased it down with vodka.

They walked along a dirt path within the woods where Mia is convinced she fucked up somewhere to land here. However, Denzel used the walk to desensitize her concept of death of future victims, being that death is "inevitable". They turn back towards the car. Mia could hear Denzel fire shots from a distance; peered over her shoulder, a local's fresh corpse behind her laid in the dirt.

Mia crumbled under Denzel's grip as it tightened with pressure to sniff Oxycontin on the car's dashboard. She obeyed and proceeded to do as instructed. Mia felt pain, hands and nose were numb as a result. Denzel instructed her to ingest the pills orally with vodka and water as chasers.

They drove to another spot where Denzel explained to Mia his concerns: he did not want her to die from her potentially bad decisions, he wanted to help her conquer any fear of death, and discussed how she can become a stronger person. She heard him out, mindful of her hands that trembled; she tried to stop them.

Denzel drove Mia to another spot, where Mia was instructed to shoot off multiple rounds into a tree. His yells to shoot pick up speed and intensity, panic struck in her as she fired off. They return back to the car where police engage in pursuit, but they escape.

The pair abandon the car and resort by boat. Mia isn't convinced that she is not in trouble with Denzel (with the 2 people she stabbed a day before); he reassured her. They traveled along a fjord that entered upon the ocean. Denzel eventually pulled the boat on the coast, beside a local with a dog in front of a beach campfire. Denzel had Mia wield a gun, aimed at the dog, and ordered "don't make it suffer". On Denzel's mark, Mia shot the dog square to the head; the corpse of the dog fell. Mia stared silently at the corpse as Denzel walked up the coastline. She followed him. This marked the beginning of Mia's darkest chapter.

The Snitch[2]
Mia stabbed a man who insulted Denzel in front of her at the truck depot, with those who observed turn a blind eye. Eventually, a man in a blue shirt heard about the recent stabbing and supposedly told others his plan to report Mia. Mia learned about his plan from a bystander who observed the stabbing initially.

With this knowledge, Mia and Denzel kidnap the man in blue into a van and drove him to a secluded spot by the river. Mia ordered the man to walk into the river as she trailed behind with Denzel looking from afar. The man faced Mia as she pointed the gun square to his face. The last few words the man in blue heard were:

"Look at me. This is what happens when you even think about telling the cops. Don't forget my face. Look at me. LOOK AT ME. LOOK AT ME IN THE FUCKING EYES! DON'T. FORGET. MY. FACE."

A single shot impales his skull, sending the body backwards, blood mix with the river's water. Mia's breaths got heavier as she lowered her pistol and turned back to the van. Denzel's shots finished the job.

"Rot in hell, cunt" Denzel murmured to the deceased corpse.

Mia opened the van's passenger door, breath still heavy. She climbed into the van and slammed the door shut.

Assault with a Deadly Weapon Tally[3]

Hammer: 2 people (One of which is Denzel)
Knife: 13 people
Gun: 8 people
Sledge Hammer: 1 person
Dagger: 1 person


Denzel Williams
Denzel was the first Pegasus member to meet Mia. He took her under his wing to slowly break her into a stone-cold killer, a carbon copy of himself. Mia is terrified of Denzel's words and actions due to his violent history and chronic interest of killing people. She obeys most of Denzel's demands out of fear of consequences if she doesn't but "pushes her luck" at times. She also regularly questions if her actions were bad and may result in possible punishment from him. Whenever Mia does something Denzel approves of, such as killing someone with no hesitation, his interactions become noticeably softer. Denzel seems to care for Mia to an extent and would only punish to build her up in becoming a stronger person.
Harry Brown
Despite the age gap, Mia and Harry share plenty common interests. They both enjoy illegal street racing, drinking tea, and sharing past memories of living in England. They have similar physical features and could be easily mistaken as relatives (primarily for having ginger hair). Their dynamic is very playful, where Mia often pokes at Harry with jokes. She felt a high level of trust with Harry from the beginning of their acquaintance and normally confides in him when needed. Mia looks to Harry as a father figure (and even called him "dad" by accident).


  • "Ya'alrigh."
  • "You dense motherfucker/cunt."
  • "Can I get your [phone] number?" (to law enforcement officers)
  • "Did I fuck up? / I'm sorry [for fucking up.]" (to Denzel)
  • "Thank you..."

Fun Facts

  • Mia's phone wallpaper is a photo of Lauren Forcer and Johnny Divine.
  • When confronted with shooting a gun or during certain meetings within Pegasus, Mia's hands shake with fear. Unfortunately, Denzel noticed this behavior.
  • Mia partakes in illegal street races and prefers driving the Ocelot Lynx.
  • While in Bolingbroke Penitentiary, Mia quizzed aspiring Department of Corrections officers with police 10 codes. Mia knows these codes from when she dated a detective, allegedly.
  • Inmate Mia had Denzel pretend to be her boyfriend while in Bolingbroke Penitentiary to obtain a cellphone for Bovice, by "feeling her up" through the visitation bars.
  • Mia's phone number is burned into Bovice's left arm.
  • Despite asking for phone numbers from law enforcement officers, she rarely saves them in her phone.



  1. Moments may include perspectives from other streamers whenever Kiwo plays Mia offline; events listed may be incomplete as a result.
  2. This scene is portrayed in Marcologna's NoPixel 3.0 CINEMATIC TRAILER | A city to burn
  3. Due to Kiwo streams offline with Mia, counts may be inaccurate.

Played By: Kiwo

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Played By: Kiwo

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