Mia Joy is a character role-played by ThaAmanda.


Mia Joy comes from rich polish family, but she was born and raised in Sweden. Her parents were hiding there from the people that wanted to hurt them because of their wealth.

Growing up everyone around her was speaking only Polish or English so she never learned her home country language. Wasn't allow to go out or make any friends, she was lonely. Her only friend was her maid. As years were passing she was getting sick of the situation. She felt like she is being held hostage at her own house.

One day she finally decided to go and explore the outside. But she didn't know that day would be one of the worst in her life. She got kidnapped. Not knowing what's happening she spend days alone in a dark room. All she could do was to just wait for someone to save her from this nightmare. One night when she was falling asleep she heard loud noises and gunshots. She started hitting the door with all the strength she had left and yell so someone can hear her. When the door open she saw her dad. He took her in arms and started running out. When they were outside all she could see was people fighting and dead bodies. Her dad give her a small bag and told her to take it with her and run away as fast and far as she can. She didn't wanna leave him but had no other choice. She apologised to her dad for running away, said she will never do it again. She turn around and start running. Suddenly she heard a gun shot, when she turned around it was the worst thing for her to see. Her dad was shot and now lying on the ground. He yelled to her to keep running and never look back. So she did. Another gun shot. And she knew he is dead now.

Somehow she got away. When she opened the bag there was cash, plane ticket to city called Los Santos, passport and letter. Reading the letter she couldn't believe here eyes. Letter explained everything, all the questions she had for years. But she can't never tell the truth about her to anyone who she really is. The letter also said that her mother is dead and everything that they had is gone now.

Lost and heartbroken she decided to honor their wishes and leave everything behind to start new life so she came to Los Santos in late February 2021.


  • No matter the outfit or occasion, Mia is always wearing the black leather gloves.
  • Is very clumsy. Mia will often find herself tripping over objects or other people. This is also one of the reasons why she loves tackling people so much.
  • Known to be kind-hearted and caring. Always puts other people and their wishes before her own to make them happy. This can, especially, be seen at her work, Mirror Park Tavern, when Mia often pays for the drinks customers order.
  • Due to difficult, traumatic experiences and having no friends while growing up, Mia tends to be childish and have a strong immature side.
  • Dislikes both hugging other people and getting hugged. On the other hand, is very fond of messing with them by punching, which is not always on purpose and is done "accidentally" according to her. Unfortunately, due to Mia's clumsiness, she either misses the punch or hits random strangers.

Arriving in Los Santos

On her first day in the city when she was exploring around, man in all black and helmet came up to her and ask if she can borrow him her bike. Seemed like he was in hurry, she just got off the bike and give it to him.

He thank her and took off but seconds later came back and give her his number to contact him later. That was her first interaction with someone in the city, first talk, first phone number. First man she met... and first voice that made her feel something. Because she never knew the outside life, she was kind of naive, everything was new to her. Even though she doesn't know who he is, she has fallen for him. He was her "first". And that's how she saved his number. Never having those feelings before she didn't know what to do, contact him or not.

Roaming around the city trying to find some kind of job, she met Benny Harvey and Molly Minaj. Because she is shy and not talking much, Molly did most of the talking and kind of took her care of her that day. That was one of her best day in a while, they took her to boxing fight and also learn some bike tricks. Finally felt like she has some friends something that she never had.

Doubting if she should text the mysterious guy that she has crush on she asked Molly for advice and she told her to go for it. Getting courage from someone she finally did. She doesn't understand that feelings towards him and its making her crazy. Using excuse if he happens to know about stable jobs openings. He told her to contact him next day. That made her happy, she will be able to hear him again and maybe find out who he is. Feeling all the excitment, couldn't wait for the next day/

Looking around jobs apps she saw there is opening for bartenders at the Mirror Park Tavern, so she went for it and somehow got the job there.

Still trying to find out her place in the city she decided to keep looking for other jobs to figure out where she fits the best and what she wants.

Next day she decided to call her "first'. Not being lucky because the phone reception was bad, she never talked to him. That made her sad, decided to text him few times but he never answered. She doesn't know if he is busy man, maybe he moved out of the city, got into trouble or just ghosting. But decided to not give up and give it some time. Hoping she will met her first love again soon enough and actually find out who he really is.

Sudden departure

On April 18th, a day as usual and ordinary as one can be, without telling anyone, not even her partner Misty, Mia decided to pack her things and, as fast as possible, leave for her home country in the Europe... Upon finding out, her friends and crew could not think of any logical reason of this sudden and drastic departure... In their minds, the only plausible one was regarding Mia's strange, depressive and worrisome behaviour the day before...

Relationship with Benny Harvey and Molly Minaj

Molly Minaj and Benny Harvey - Friends 

The Initial Meeting

  • With the long awaited “Burger Shot vs Rooster's Rest” fight happening in the matter of hours, the situation could not have turned out better for the trio as they could not only hang out with, but also get to know each other even better during it.
  • As Molly became more and more occupied with the event’s organizational matters, Mia was “asked” to keep an eye on Benny, take care of him and, even order him around, if needed. Despite feeling a bit distempered with the request, Mia was more than happy... Exactly for this reason, the two got an amazing chance to talk about everything - their life stories, aspirations and, of course, how they ended up in Los Santos… Finding out that they bore a similar fate, not finding their own paths in the old lives, the two quickly found common ground, similarities, started feeling a strong bond and connection that entangled them like a knotted thread.

Like in a fairytale

The Differences

  • The only thing Mia detested and despised regarding the trio’s relationship was the manipulative feelings she could feel... With Benny obsessing over Molly, losing control of his own body and mind, not realising that she is only using and toying with him, Mia could not just stand and watch it happening… could not ignore his cries into void nor watch her best friend get hurt even more...
  • Every time Mia tried explaining this peculiar situation or even mentioned anything related to it... in her way of thinking, every time she tried saving him, he was able to escape and evade by turning off his phone or, simply, change the topic - run away, as best as he could. Unfortunately to Mia, it seemed like he did not care nor he wanted to be helped…

Last Meeting

  • Upon losing consciousness and waking up at the Pillbox Medical Center, various thoughts started flowing through Mia’s mind. On one hand, she felt a great deal of sorrow not only because of Benny or the regretful things she has done up until now, but on the other hand, she felt a strange empowerment… Mia realised that the only person she could completely put trust in was no one else, but herself.

And once the storm is over, you won’t remember how you made it through, how you managed to survive. You won’t even be sure, whether the storm is really over. But one thing is certain. When you come out of the storm, you won’t be the same person who walked in. That’s what this storm’s all about. – "Kafka on the Shore"

Relationship with Nino Chavez

Nino Chavez - First Naive Love 

  • Relationship with Nino Chavez is like a naive first love fairytale story… Having strong psychological traumas with trust, attraction and dependence from others, having no choice but to leave her hometown on a whim and starting a completely different and new life in Los Santos, she could not help but quickly feel attracted and dependent from the people who were kind to her in the beginning… That is precisely where Nino comes into Mia’s life… Not knowing a single person, direction nor what to do, he was the first person to lend Mia a helping hand by showing her everything… Only because of his kindness to a complete stranger, Mia was able to become little bit more familiar with the new and, sometimes, scary chapter of her life…
  • Unfortunately to Mia, not only Nino was wearing his black bike helmet the whole time, but also, due to their spontaneous meeting out of nowhere, the two did not even have time to exchange their names… After their “adventure” together, Mia could not help but wonder who her saviour might have been and thus spent the next weeks trying to figure exactly that..
  • Luckily, she was able to put the puzzle pieces down together quite rapidly and find out not only his name, but also more information about her hero… On top of that, during the few weeks of their “separation” and her searching, Mia not only started to catch feelings towards him, but also could not even think, act properly when talking nor being together with him once they met up again...
  • Even though it has been two months already, despite the confidence she was able to build up by living her new and interesting life, neither the feelings towards Nino or her own act changed… Even though he really does not consider her a friend, let alone a lover, Mia’s feelings and attraction continues to grow stronger each day…

Relationship with Randy Bullet

Randy Bullet - Childish crush 

  • During Mia’s “adventures” in the criminal world, she could not help but notice and, one way or another, cross ways with one of the Chang Gang’s members - Randy Bullet… While hanging out with her friends, fishing in the Pacific Ocean, hoping to catch something rare and valuable, Mia had no idea that her “prize” will be different than what she had imagined or hoped for… Upon leaving the boat and en route to meet the poacher to sell everything, she came across Randy, who immediately upon noticing, started friendly teasing her and the whole group just for the sake of his own enjoyment. Just as quickly, the friendly teasing became a flirtuous chit-chat between the two…Looking at them from the side, from the perspective of their friends, the two did look like and even act like a couple already - romantic banter, shouting at each other asking if they love one another and, even jumping off of the Pier to the water together, symbolizing not only their first reckless act and “adventure” together, but also the first separation...
  • Later, in the same week, Mia encountered Randy again, but, this time, on a completely different note. While she was waiting for her friends in the front of the apartments, a car pulled over. With two guys aggressively pointing guns at her, Mia had no choice but to listen to their demands and sit in the back of the vehicle. Little did she know, she was about to become the witness of the first successful bank robbery...
  • Despite holding Mia as a hostage, Randy considered her a friend and tried protecting her as much as possible - he did not even let his acquaintances take away her possessions such as money, phone or firearm… On the other hand, from Mia’s perspective, even though she had no clue of what was happening, she understood one thing for sure - the fact that she intuitively managed to recognize the robber’s tone of voice. The fact that he tried protecting her as much as possible only strengthened Mia’s belief and assumptions… not only that Randy was a successful figure in the criminal world and was attempting the bank heist, but also that her feelings towards Randy might not be one way as she thought at first...

  • Sadly, this perfect, tragicomedic and naive relationship was not bound to last forever. Despite talking with her friend Molly Minaj and finding more about Randy, his personality and, overall, his background, the attraction to him grew even stronger and became more and more obsessive and aggressive. One after another,more and more of their previously mentioned friendly banters started to escalate into fights after misunderstandings…
  • Although most of the time these “fights'' ended on a good note, sadly, their last one did not… On this last occasion, while Mia was previously planning to spend her free time off-work with her friend Misty, Mia and Randy fell into a fight once again… Without having a proper reason, in the middle of their banter, Randy, out of nowhere, completely crossed the line and decided to pull out a knife, to which Mia’s friend Misty did not react lightly and pulled out the gun herself… Both sides, assuming that their lives were in danger, without giving a proper thought, started shooting… Randy, being in a notorious gang, of course, being more accurate and faster, not only managed to shoot and badly wound Misty and Mia, but also left both of them laying on the ground, without thinking where that could have led and what consequences that might have had.


Mia, Misty and Randy shootout

After being discharged from the hospital, despite best attempts of Misty to seek retribution, Mia did not want to hear any of it. Despite getting shot by her lover, not only did Mia decide to forgive him, but also seek to fix their relationship and bond… In her way of thinking, the whole incident and the shooting itself only strengthened their romantic relationship and story. On the other hand, Mia understood that, maybe, she was a little bit too demanding, pushing herself on him too much and, forgetting the nature and the naiveness of their relationship in the first place… Only now she understood that maybe she should have taken things at a much slower pace. Despite not knowing what Randy thought of her anymore, she was eager to take things slower and see where everything could lead. Only one thing was known for sure - her feelings towards him did not change at all and that she was still ready to do anything for him.

Relationship with Jay Smith

Jay Smith - Racing Best Friend  

  • The relationship between Mia and Jay is completely different from the previous ones that are mentioned… Their story started with Mia’s dreams of racing with her own car one day… Without having the slightest clue about the racing scene, locations nor the cars themselves, Jay was more than glad to put her under his own wing and teach her everything he knew… Little did Jay know that he would even have to become her own personal driving instructor and teach the basics…
  • Little by little, race after race, the bond between the two grew stronger… Now, the duo are like bestfriends, sharing great memories and stories together… Mia, sometimes, even jokingly refers to Jay as her husband, who has no choice, but to take care of her at this point just to annoy him, which, of course, he appreciates as it makes their bond even stronger..

Mia and Jay

Helping each other any way they possibly know how, the two not only started planning and establishing a company together, but also started to plan buying expensive racing cars together.. And thus like that, Mia’s dream might become a reality much sooner than she or anyone else could have imagined.

Relationship with Misty Mocha

Misty Mocha - Best friend/Older sister 

  • According to Mia, she could not have hoped for a better person in her life than Misty Mocha, who, relatively quickly, became not only like the best friend she never had, but also like an elder sister she had always wanted to have… From teaching Mia everything there was to know about Los Santos, both legal and the crime worlds to just simply means on how to enjoy her life… Misty was everything to her and managed to be always by her side when the help was needed… sometimes even overprotective “over her precious little sister”...
  • Unfortunately, just as the two began thinking that they were inseparable and that they could take over the whole world by themselves if they wanted to, the duo realised that their fates had different plans for each other… During an ordinary business the two have been busy with one night, Misty started feeling anxious, sick. Without giving it much thoughts, Mia dropped Misty off at her apartment. Little did she know that the evening might have been the last time the two met...
  • Due to Misty’s sickness and rapidly declining mental health, she had to move and was hospitalized, making Mia panic heavily and feel anxious for her best friend... Fortunately, after spending some time in the intensive care, Misty's health picked up once again and, after a few weeks, she got discharged. Now, after the duo's reunion, feeling everyday that the story might repeat itself and that Mia might lose her for sure, she is doing everything she physically and mentally can in order to stop that from happening... Due to Mia and Misty spending a lot of time with each other and the fact that, now, Mia has a very important, foremost responsibility on her shoulders... a responsibility to protect her partner, the duo had no other choice, but to come up with a safe-word for that unexpected moment that might repeat itself again...
  • Now, with the whole world on their minds and even more problems ahead, the duo live their life to the fullest and make every day as magical as it can possibly be...

Relationship with Kyle Pred

Kyle Pred - Crush/love intrest 

  • Relationship with Kyle Pred is an interesting, heartwarming, but complicated matter. With Kyle being a police officer of Los Santos Police Department and Mia being a mischievous firecracker, naturally, their first meeting was during an arrest… Of course, similarly to any other arrest, the officers and the fugitives often banter… and that is exactly when Mia saw something in Kyle… She finally found and saw a person that “does not take her bulls**t” and even makes fun of her because of it. Kyle was someone who could completely and easily control Mia without any problems and that is exactly what Mia has been looking for all of her time.
  • With both of them having a distinctive and, to some people, a weird sense of humour and kinks, the mentioned first arrest was nothing anyone could even think of… Not only did Kyle jokingly start barking which led Mia naming him as “her puppy”, but also the handcuffing itself.. Little did Kyle know that handcuffs and the process of being arrested and handled harshly like he is used to, is something Mia had always enjoyed and waited for.
  • With the days passing by and Mia getting arrested more and more frequently by him, not only did the two start to find a soft spot in each other’s hearts, but also fall for one another… Each time Mia got arrested and sent to jail, she felt safe and cherished knowing that Kyle will be waiting outside the Department of Corrections.. waiting for her to be released… Both the arrests and journeys back to the city were like peculiar, but exciting dates Mia looked forward to each day.
  • Despite him having a girlfriend and friendly flirting with almost everyone in the city, Mia did not want to let anyone separate them. Hoping that their relationship, one day, will develop into something more than just flirtatious friendship, for now, she just enjoys any time she can get to be with him…

  • On the morning of May 8th, Kyle Responded to a 311 from smoke on the water saying that they had a gift basket for him which was 10 murder meals and a note from Mia.

Relationship with Alexander Blake

Alexander Blake - Friend 

  • As many of you might have already guessed, the relationship between Alexander Blake and Mia Joy is, once again, an unsuccessful love story. After causing a slight misunderstanding at the hospital where Alexander worked as a doctor, he has no choice, but to deeply and sincerely apologize to Mia.
  • Being as clumsy and reckless as she is, Mia often found herself hospitalized over and over again and, to no one's surprise, Blake was there to take care of her... Thus like that their unique patient-good friend relationship started blossoming. The two liked these meetings and hangouts so much that Mia even started often visiting the hospital in her free time herself.
  • Unfortunately to both of them, due to Mia being a previously mentioned mischievous firecracker, Alexander started to feel more and more attracted to that side of her. With his “crush” feelings growing stronger each day, Mia could not help but notice exactly that... As he was starting to become more and more shy around her, correct his own words or not find them at all…
  • With all the courage built up inside him, finally, he unsuccessfully managed to ask her out on date.. Sadly, despite accepting and giving Alexander the false hope, the two never went on one. In Mia’s way of thinking, despite Alexander being one of the most honest and kindhearted people she has ever met, he was just too perfect for her. Nervous and afraid that she might unintentionally and unknowingly hurt him because of her nature, Mia had no choice, but to refuse and stay seeing him as just a good friend and nothing else for the time being...


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