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Mentle Cum Block is a character role-played by Burn.


Mentle Block is a member of the Alta Street Ruff Rydaz.

Similar to the other members of the Block Family, it's rare not to find Mentle in the middle of a crime spree, in a block trial (court), or in jail.

Mentle, along with his family/gang members, charge a "Hood Tax" (referred to as "Hood charter" by Mentle), where they solicit a $50 fee to anyone roaming around the Alta Street apartments, in return for protection. Instead of pocket wiping people like his fellow gang members, Mentle gives items in return for items he's taking, claiming he is "bartering" instead of robbing them, however this "barter" is rarely fair.

Unlike most of the other Block Family members, Mentle Block was born in the United Kingdom, and constantly claims that things are done better in the UK then they are in NA.

Mentle can always be seen wearing his BIGNESS drip, which includes his blue and yellow sweatshirt, accompanied a purple hat, glasses, and a Rolex. He prides himself on this outfit and flexes it every chance he gets, and often states the value of each of his clothing items in quid.

Mentle's weapon of choice is a shiv, as he prefers shivs over guns. Whenever he does shoot a gun, he shoots wildly into the air as he doesn't know how to use them.


Green Card Marriages

Mentle resides in Los Santos with an esports visa, which he obtained from playing competitive Club Penguin. Due to his visa being close to expiring, he is constantly on the lookout for opportunities to get married and obtain a green card. Mentle doesn't plan on staying married however, as he plots to marry someone, divorce them, take 50% of their income and repeat this process.

Marriage to Fingle Dan  

Marriage to Fingle Dan

To symbolize the partnership between the Dan Clan and the Block Family, it was decided that one member from each family would get married. Mentle was chosen as the Block to be married, due to his desire to obtain a green card, and Fingle Dan was chosen as the Dan. Rhode Block was the one to marry them together, with lawyer Gill Schultz as the witness. This union was named "Dan Block." He was given the middle name "cum" by Rhode, after it was revealed that was also the middle name of Fingle.

Marriage to Wynona Fontaine  

Marriage to Wynona Fontaine

While in prison, Mentle met Wyona Fontaine, the DOC captain. Mentle asked Fontaine to marry him to help him obtain his green card, and she agreed, due to thinking that Mentle stole PD equipment off her. Mentle decided they would get married on the stage at Dean's World.

After Mentle stabbed someone who he deemed to be interrupting their wedding, Fontaine made a phone call to Burt "Gloryon) Beans, alluding she wanted out of the engagement and needed help. Gloryon then called 911, explaining the situation, and police arrived on scene before the marriage was finalized.

Marriage to Ursula Leichenberg  

Marriage to Ursula Leichenberg


5 way marriage  

5 way marriage

After learning that officer Lenny Hawk was a follower of Mormonism and capable of officiating weddings, Mentle and Mike Block plotted to take a group of people to force Lenny to officiate a wedding between Mentle and Laura Gapes. After collecting the hostages, Mentle decided that he wanted as many people involved in the marriage as possible, due to the potential 50/50 split he could potentially get after divorce.

Upon arriving at the church, Mentle and Mike forced the hostages to all simultaneously call 911, to say that they were being held hostage at the church by Mike Block and needed Lenny to arrive on scene immediately. Once Lenny arrived, he was forced by the gang to marry together Mentle, Laura, Himself, along with hostages Oki Doki and Shelly Smith. Lenny had no objections to doing this because of his religion, and he married them all together.

After departing the church and releasing the hostages, and declaring their mission successful, Mike and Mentle were promptly shot down by cops and sent to prison.


Like his family members, Mentle is (or claims to be) well educated, supposedly earning a Master's degree in Biomedical Engineering from Oxford, along with a minor in finance accounting. He he also claims he went to MIT in order to finish his degree.

Mentle claims his father owns 5 TESCOS in the UK, and his uncle is the dean of Oxford.


  • "Bigness Finesse"
  • "C'mon, man!"
  • "Lets go!"
  • "Big tings"
  • "Have you paid your hood charter yet, bruv?"
  • "These streets is icy, bruv"
  • "Tesco Oxford Special, Bruv"
  • "My G!"
  • "Please, bro. Please!"
  • "NA, bruv, NA!"
  • "You're driving on the wrong side, bruv"
  • "Say less!"
  • "I'm the best driver in the game, bruv"
  • "Man's not hot"

Played By: Burn
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