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Mayumi Himura is a character role-played by LunaOni.

General Description

Mayumi is young woman with a passion for all things cars, especially racing them illegally. Originally from Japan, she left her past there behind and has been living in America for some time. May moved to Los Santos interested in the local racing scene and a fresh start for her life.

Physical Description

Mayumi is a woman of above average height, about 173cm tall, with olive skin, dark brown eyes, and long black hair that she often dyes. May is tall, slender, and has an athletic figure thanks to her can't-sit-still personality and penchant for spending long hours in hot cars.

She is heavily tattooed, with sleeves on both arms. Her tattoo designs have varied since the introduction of new designs in the local tattoo shops. She new sports an abtract geometric design across most of her torso, a large Japanese tattoo motif featuring a Samurai helmet on her right arm, a gambling themed sleeve on her left arm that she got with other members of the HOA, a yin/yang symbol on her left hand, a dragon on her right leg, and a large rose motif on her left leg.

She enjoys changing up her outfits frequently, with some regular features including round sunglasses & crop tops. She usually bases her fashion around whatever color she's feeling at the moment, with her primary colors of choice being black, red, and white. She's been known to go through other clothing phases, including "neon goth", a "blue phase," and her most recent "Emerald phase." May's OG crime mask is a black, white, & red Oni mask that became a personal signature. May utilizes a wide variety of masks during her normal crime but wears a specially designed Kitsune mask for her street racing under her Yokai persona.


Mayumi is a headstrong & high-strung woman, who is at her happiest when she's unbound by responsibilities. Although she prefers to follow the beat of her own drum, May is far from completely self-centered and can be a surprisingly good team-player if she finds the right people. May is very loyal to those she does let become her friend and is willing to drop everything at a moment's notice to rush to their aid however she can. Once you're in May's trusted circle, she's willing to shed blood for you.

She isn't the best at socializing, which leads to her struggling to make friends, but will open up if the right topics are mentioned. If she's in her element, which is usually something to do with cars, May is almost a social butterfly. The normally withdrawn woman will approach total strangers to strike up a conversation about their car, which is usually how she meets most of her friends. In other social encounters, May is more apt to pass by strangers without a word.

Although she can seem cold, quick to violence at times, and somewhat uncaring of others' plights, May does possess some empathy. She'll take an injured man hostage for a bank, but not before getting him medical aid beforehand. May can be extremely vindictive when wronged and has been known to escalate rapidly over minor slights. Challenging May when she's angry often leads to violence, but she can be reasoned with and usually prefers to talk things out rather than resorting to bloodshed.

May is rather resistant to the idea of committed relationships and prefers to live life by the seat of whatever car she's in at the time, on the road, always moving. Partners often end up cramping her style, so she doesn't like to let people get too close. Her awkwardness and background of close personal trauma have made the concept difficult, no matter how much she yearns for it. When someone does break down her barriers they'll find an incredibly dedicated (often violently so) lover who will move heaven & earth for their partner, assuming she isn't distracted at the time.


Originally from Japan, Mayumi moved away as a teen with her childhood friend and erstwhile lover Karina Dawn, looking for a new start in her life and freedom out from under the reign of her parents' expectations. Her family was well-connected and wealthy, and Mayumi chafed under the obligations that came along with that life. She rebelled, and May found herself drawn to chaos & freedom of the criminal life instead. Petty thievery, vandalism, and street racing were among the many ways she indulged herself starting out. It was the street racing that Mayumi found to be her true passion, where she was behind the wheel & in control. May also found meaning in simply working on her favorite rides, or those of her friends, tuning & tinkering on a variety of JDM vehicles.

Ultimately Mayumi left her family and her life in Japan behind, drifting through the world looking to find a steady gig. Outside of her history as a street racer and automotive geek, May purposefully keeps her background in Japan shrouded from all but close friends. Even to those she only lets details out on rare occasion. So far she's hinted at experiences with the Yakuza, and the unfavorable impression they left on her.

May ended up in America, picking up where she left off in Japan by seeking out street racing scenes and joining in every race she could. Her driving ability led to a successful career as a bank robber, with her signature Vincent Sport becoming a dreaded sight by the local police, almost leading the government to ban the ownership of the vehicle. May and her small crew did more than just banks, also producing & distributing their own drugs & guns. May worked as a car dealer during the day, one of her first tastes of legitimate employment. Earning money without breaking the law was new, but interesting, and would form the foundation for the next chapter in May's life when she left that city behind and moved to Los Santos.

Major Events


It was early February, shortly after the city re-opened following the economic crash, and May was working a nice gig as a salesperson at PDM. May's goal was to stay clean, work a normal civilian job during the day and do a little illegal street racing at night. Her career there was unfortunately short-lived after a routine hunting trip turned into a felony charge thanks to the actions of a friend she was with. Stopped by Randy Wrangler out in the mountains during a hunter check, a search of the rented truck revealed an illegal pelt. Wrangler arrested them all and charged them all with poaching or accomplice to it. Once word got back to her boss Leslie Lingberg, she was fired. Unemployed and now a felon, May was lost and full of anger towards Wrangler, the cops, and the establishment in general that sought to deny her a chance at a clean life over one mistake.


Following her firing from PDM, May ended up getting hired as a mechanic at Harmony and put in work there from time to time. May, having put in long hours at Harmony before the economic crash, yearned to get away from the dust and solitude of the county and didn't end up spending much time there. May disappeared from the city sometime in March, leaving many to wonder if she'd ever return. Her whereabouts during these months aren't known.

The Return

It was May in Los Santos and summer was in full-swing. Mary had been working to get the racing scene going, and wanted more female racers to help offset the total "sausage fest" that it currently was. After repeated emails from Mary, May eventually returned to LS for a reunion. She didn't let on much about where she'd been and Mary spent their reunion discussing the scene and how May should return to racing. May sat passenger with Mary as she raced and contemplated her future. Her clean life collapsed before it even started, but she wasn't sure if she should give up on it entirely. The speed tempted her, though, and the desire to grab a fast car and push it to its limits burned in her again.

It wasn't until June that May ended up coming back to the city full-time, running into CyberPink outside Alta her first day back. CyberPink took May to the Digital Den for a new phone, and it was there she met Yuno Sykk and Jay Que after some mysterious tweets ended up bringing them together. From there May started her second career as a bank-buster, one that promised to be both more lucrative AND more high-stakes than her last.

Redtail is Born

On June 21st, 2021 Mayumi made the biggest decision of her life in Los Santos by taking out a $550,000 loan towards a dream S-Class sports car. Gea Stagdancer owned a Mazda RX-7 Spirit R in RHD and was looking to sell it. A chance meeting with May led to a conversation which led to May taking the plunge and putting herself nearly $800k in debt. The early word for the racing scene in June was "get an S-class before they're gone" and May knew that an RX-7 would not be available again for a long, long time - if ever. May painted her new whip blood red and christened her "Redtail" after Faye Valentine's personal craft in "Cowboy Bebop." May declared this her "Faye Valentine" arc and hit the streets with a huge smile and an even bigger debt.

The Family You Choose

After plenty of robberies May found herself settling into comfortable familiarity with a like-minded group of misfits. With her girlfriend Karina by her side, and Goofy and Jay always there to help her out, May realized she had finally found a new family. Through all the robberies, street races, and just hanging out shooting the shit, May's relationship with the ad-hoc heist crew had grown into a deep bond. The family continued to grow, with others clicking with the group and joining in on their crimes & shenanigans. They had quickly become a rambunctious bunch that Jay, and later on May, try desperately to corral at times. Eventually a name was decided, The Phantom Thieves, and before they knew it they were a real gang making real connections in the city. Selling drugs & guns but most importantly making a family for themselves.

Tuner Shop Dreams

Following a chance meeting at a gas station with owner Eddie Marshall and other Tuner Shop management, they quickly assessed her and given the knowledge she displayed in the short meeting the decision was made to hire her as a mechanic on the spot. Unfortunately May didn't get the news as they had to part ways shortly thereafter. Some time later, after urging from her friends, May called Tommy Cruizer about an interview. Tommy agreed to an inteview on the spot and told May to come meet him right away. Meeting at the Sandy Airfield, Tommy told May the meeting was just a formality and that she was officially hired as a mechanic at the Tuner Shop.

After months and months of copium huffing over the opening of the most long-awaited high-performance auto-shop / dealership / car nerd's paradise, the Tuner Shop finally opened on September 10th. May performed the first repair of the shop's history, working on a busted up Granger owned by Allen Widemann.

The Russian Connection

Late one night in the latter part of September 2021, May received a mysterious phone call from a man with a disguised voice asking May if she was familiar with Russian firearms. May knew a little, so the man told her a name to research. After some digging on her own May received another call confirming what she thought - this man was offering to have May become the connection for a new type of shotgun in the city, the Izh-81! The next day May got another call and dead drop location, a secluded cave up in the mountains. This soon became the norm for May, picking up shotguns in a secluded location and dropping off cash. May pumped the shotguns into the city, arming her friends and associates and earning some profit in the process.

May vs Espinoz

On December 25th, May considered replacing s15 with R32 and wanted to test R32, but was stopped by Lt.Espinoz after May Speeds trough intersections. Lt.Espinoz makes the K9 sniffed her after that May Held up the Lt.Espinoz and the requested the Keys to the R32 after countless screaming, May starts to evade the police by ejecting infront of a Building and called her friends and picked up her and the car after all that After She Change She Continued to Taunt Espinoz and Threatened to Vandalized his house. Espinoz Threatened May to Put up a warrant but May insist Espinoz to put the warrant up because "they Cound't catch me" after that phone call May searched for Espinoz's house and Continues to Vandalize his house. the next Day May was caught in an A Boost and the arresting officer didn't see her warrant and sent her up after her jail time Espinoz called May Asking her that "how she Dodge her warrant" and May continued to Taunt Espinoz and tell him that she was robbed and her id was stolen and Espinoz Threatened to go to the docket

Oh The Misery
One night while Mayumi and GRL were on the boosting grind to get Mayumi S+, Mayumi got a Dubsta 6x6 boost. Once she started the boost she received a response of 2 bikes, a Charger, and a CVPI from the PD. Mayumi was eventually caught and sent to prison which then filled her with rage that she hadn't felt in a long time. After serving her time in the prison, Mayumi lock picked a Jeep in the front parking lot, and out of nowhere Espinoz appeared in an attempt at a DOINK operation. Espinoz then chased Mayumi and while he followed her down the highway, Mayumi began to fill with more rage at the situation. While driving back into the city Mayumi asked for help from the HOA on the radio. No one from the HOA was awake at the time besides May, GRL, and one other so Mayumi then snapped even further and quickly made distance and headed straight to her house and pulled out her R32, and quickly outdrove them. Letting the situation die down for a little Mayumi then calls Espinoz and tells him to “put the fucking warrants out" after he informed her he was tempted to as well as threatening to blow up his K9s Arthas dog house. Just as Mayumi hung up the phone she told Espinoz one last thing “You have no clue who the fuck you awakened”

May Hemm

May then painted her car black and drove to Mirror Park to grab the grenade that GRL gave her. She then drove to Espinoz house and upon arrival, May spotted Espinoz on his roof while talking on the phone with Daisy. May getting irritated that he was on the phone while she was trying to call him then texted Espinoz "Hang up The fucking phone". Espinoz then starts to panic on the phone with Daisy and does what May tells him after quickly informing Daisy about her being in a black R32 and to be nearby just in case something happens. Once he hangs up the phone May calls Espinoz and started laughing maniacally before saying "Go fuck yourself Espinoz". She then proceeded to shoot him with an AK until he is downed and jumped back into her R32. Daisy-who was nearby due to Espinoz 'request-then started to pursue May. May took a skip over the canals she had been practicing, resulting in her losing Daisy. Later after Espinoz is brought to the hospital and the house is empty, May goes back to Espinoz's house and throws a grenade at Arthas dog house. Before leaving the property for the last time that night she leaves him a note saying "not to ruin her ‘You fucked up, this is the beginning motherfucker. Keep bending shit, and I'll start bending cops." After May has her fun, she makes the smart decision to then clean out her warehouse and 9s van in case of a raid, and stores her things in a storage locker that belongs to HOA up North. In the last phone between the two May exclaims “This is a game of cat and mouse Espinoz, I’m the cat and you’re the fucking mouse”

The next day after Espinoz puts the warrants out for her arrest, Mayumi decides to test if the police were actively monitoring her bank transactions before heading to bed. Quickly informing the HOA of what she was doing, Mayumi drives her R32 over to Mirror Park gas station and pulls out some money. She then dips and parks her car. A few seconds after, Kermy who was standing across the street from the gas station informs her over the radio a police Charger came and slowed rolled the gas station, confirming to Mayumi that she was being watched.

After seeing that a cop she has talked to before, Anita Mayumi also lives there, Mayumi calls her under an unknown number. Anita, who is in a game of TDM at the arcade, answers the phone call thinking it was a Serial Killer. Realizing it wasn’t a serial killer, gave Mayumi little to no attention and hung up on her. Mad at being hung up on, Mayumi calls her immediately back. Mayumi starts questioning their relationship with Espinoz to try to see how close the two are. Anita denies being very close and continues to give Mayumi little attention and tells her she's throwing a tantrum. Anita then calls her the forbidden P-word “Psycho”

The next day May decides to play a little game with the police and after taking the money she needed for the day goes around the city taking a dollar out at a time from random ATMs and Banks. The first two or so go unbothered by the police, but as they continue to pop up the police start to chase, as Masy' now red R32 was called out fleeing from one of the banks. A small chase proceeds as Brian Knight briefly spots her, but sadly after just a few minutes Brian informs her there was an officer down, and he had to break off from the chase. Letting the police do their thing, May waits to once again hit an ATM, this time at Bob Smith PD as well as leaving a note stating “Anita, are you sure I’m still the psycho?” May ends the night with one last phone call to Anita expressing her side that Espinoz was the psycho one, and he was controlling. This day made Anita extend the warrant that May had for another 3 days.

May laid low for the following days until the warrant was due to expire and once again called Espinoz. While on the phone she asked Espinoz if he was going to extend the warrant again, to which he was at first conflicted on whether he wanted to or not. May continued to antagonize him and then stated “things are about to get a lot more explosive” which then settled his uncertainty. Once he confirmed to May he was extending it she replied “Perfect” and hung up.

Mayumi decided her next step in her plans to fuck with Espinoz was to let him get comfortable again. In doing so Mayumi laid low, keeping out of trouble and sticking mainly to herself, HOA and wife. The goal was to let her warrant expire and then slowly stalk Espinoz and then when he thinks he is safe from May, she would once again attack and excute her plans to torture him, as well as put a car bomb on his GTR R35.

Mayumi asked her wife to check her warrants for her and to her surprise her goal of not having a warrant was a reality. Mayumi once again resumed her everyday life of Dodo with her wife Karina, and caused chaos in Mirror Park by plowing through vehicles in her scratched go-cart. She even talked to Officer Carter, and Caption Anita at Otto's mechanic shop without fear of being arrested. However later that same night while doing Dodo with her wife Karina the freight truck had a drop off spot at Sandy Shore PD. Mayumi, who had thought the warrant was gone, asked Roy, a Sandy Shore officer if her bank tracking was still on, and if so if he could please have it turned off since the warrants were no more. Neither knowing for sure if it was still on, Mayumi decided to withdraw a dollar from the ATM in the police station. Roy then informed her of it being there, but he couldn't take it off which then alarmed May that the warrants were in fact not expired and she was still a very wanted woman. May then beginning repeatedly asking Roy if she had a warrant which he would keep saying “I cannot confirm or deny”

May then panicked and quickly ran from the PD yelling on the HOA radio for Julio to come pick her up while running down the train tracks in Sandy. Julio, who didn't fully understand what was happening, stopped what he was doing and had Stanely who was at the time driving flip a U turn and get May as fast as possible. After a couple minutes Mayumi called Karina who was left up in Sandy with the freight and asked if where she was. Once Karina told Mayumi she was still at Sandy Shore PD with Roy she asked Karina to ask Roy the most “W hungry” cops on duty which was replied w Carter and Spartan. Getting their numbers through Karina, and Roy, Mayumi then grabbed her R32 and waited in the city for Karina to come back down to finish their freight job. While she waited for Karina, May called Cater first to which she was met with no answer, and then she called Spartan. Spartan was more than willing to tell May that she does still have a warrant as he was the one who asked for an extension for 48 more hours due to her not being around very long. Spartan then explained to May that the request was approved at 3am, but wasn't updated in MDW which is why she thought she didn't have a warrant. May tells Spartan to drop it to which he replies the easier solution is to just turn herself in. To May's dismay she told him he doesn't want to anger her.

For the rest of the freight run, May decided it was safest for Karina to remain in the Dodo freight by herself and May followed closely behind in her R32 and just helped with drop offs. The plan was going well until Karina was suddenly pulled over by Wrangler for an unknown reason. May kept driving ahead to not get spotted by the cops, but still close enough where she could keep a close eye on Karina in case the cops tried anything. The traffic stop lasted about 5 minutes before May watched Karina jump back into her freight truck and drive off. Once far enough away Karina informed May as well as other HOA that she got a speeding ticket from Bloom and Thatch but Wrangler who was side tracked with phone calls the whole time kept asking if they were arresting her yet. Both girls agreed that was enough Dodo for the night so Karina went to bed and May went off to change the paint on her car as well as hair color and outfit.

Now supporting green hair and a new plaid shirt Mayumi acquires keys to GRL house to park her now white R32. Talking in Mirror Park with Goofy and Kitty, May notices a blacked out car with a lightbar in the window adding to her paranoia that she was being watched. Deciding to say screw being watched and wanted, May takes up GRL's offer to go assblasting in the hills up north. Mayumi may have driven off the hill once which resulted in GRL having to find her and take her to Grandpas, but for a little time Mayumi decided bikes were not cringe. Going back to Mirror Park, Mayumi and GRL decided that they should do what they do best and go boosting and park Mays R32 up and riding around in GRLs orange Supra. As soon as May jumped in the passenger seat of GRLs Supra, a CVPI that had been patrolling around Mirror Park attempted to pull them over to which GRL quickly drove off. Once in the clear the two resume their boosting doing a couple B’s and A’s. Between boost though the two attempted to go fill up the Supra twice at Mirror Park Gas station and both times were met with cops pulling up behind them and once again chasing. Getting a little annoyed at the constant police presence in Mirror Park, she exclaimed on HOA radio “They’re harassing me” and once again escaped. Taking a little break from the heat, GRL and Mayumi go to Seaside turf for GRL to meet up with Benji, and May has a chance to catch up with Cora. When the break was over the two continued their boosting adventure and started a boost for an Issi Sport. When GRL drives away May starts to follow behind but is immediately met with Daisy in an interceptor behind her. May had the PD following her all over the city for twenty minutes before she lost the Interceptor, Air-1, Charger, and a couple Explores and CVPIs.Once she was finally out she quickly drove up North and parked the R32 at Purple Dinosaur as ground units and Air-1 were heavily patrolling Mirror Park waiting to see if May tried to Make a return.

Mays' warrants are now gone, but her plans for Espinoz are still there. Over the next month May wants Espinoz to start feeling comfortable and safe again as May stalks him before making her next big move.

Criminal Record

As of 08/04/2022
Driver's License: 3 Points
Weapon License: REVOKED

Registered Crimes

    • 1x Assault and Battery
    • 1x Criminal Use of a Firearm
    • 1x Felony Obstruction of Justice
    • 1x Gang Related Shooting
    • 1x Grand Theft Auto (Accomplice)
    • 1x Kidnapping
    • 1x Misdemeanor Possession of Marijauna
    • 1x Negligent Driving
    • 1x Operating a Motor Vehicle Without Proper Identification
    • 1x Robbery
    • 1x Third Degree Speeding
    • 2x Possession of a Weapon Attachment
    • 2x Robbery of a Financial Institution
    • 2x Vehicle Registration Fraud
    • 3x Possession of Contraband in the Third Degree
    • 4x Criminal Possession of a Firearm [Class 1]
    • 4x Criminal Possession of a Firearm [Class 2]
    • 4x Misdemeanor Possession of Controlled Dangerous Substance OXY/METH
    • 4x Resisting Arrest
    • 6x Attempted Murder of a Government Employee
    • 7x Grand Theft Auto
    • 9x Reckless Evading

Heist Log

Heist List
1 Fleeca June 19th, 2021 Driver Success Escaped officers but purposely taunted officers into another chase (incited by Yuno)
Pursuing officer morally destroyed. Crims verbally taunted and showed off (360ed the vehicle twice in front of the officer)
2 Gruppe Truck June 20th, 2021 Driver Success Evaded the Interceptor after it crashed into a luckily timed street race
Everyone managed to escape with the loot.
3 24/7 June 21st, 2021 Driver Success Safe cracked by Jay
Everyone managed to escape with the loot.
4 24/7 June 21st, 2021 Driver/
Hostage Taker
Success Safe cracked by Jay. Oxy runner kidnapped by May.
Everyone managed to escape with the loot.
5 24/7 June 21st, 2021 Driver Success Safe cracked by Jay
Everyone managed to escape with the loot.
6 24/7 June 24th, 2021 Driver Success Safe cracked by Jay. Dreah Johnson used as the hostage.
Everyone managed to escape with the loot.
7 Vault June 24th, 2021 Driver/
Hostage Taker
Success Vault cracked and hacked by Jay. Multiple hostages taken.
Ray, Yuno, and May managed to escape with the loot. Jay was arrested
8 Paleto June 29th, 2021 Driver/
Success Hacked by Jay.
Everyone managed to escape with the loot. Air-1 lost eyes and the interceptor was taken out by Claire Seducer by complete happenstance.
9 24/7 July 1st, 2021 Driver/
Success Safe cracked by Jay. May threw shoes at officers during the robbery.
Everyone but Valentino managed to escape with the loot.
10 Paleto July 7th, 2021 Driver/
Success Hacked by Jay.
Everyone managed to escape with the loot. There was no PD response due to a Yacht heist, shooting, & stolen interceptor also occurring at the same time.
11 Paleto July 9th, 2021 Driver/
Success Hacked by Jay.
Everyone managed to escape with the loot. May lost the cops and then dipped into a back alley in Harmony, clean getaway.
12 Fleeca July 11th, 2021 Driver/
Success Hacked by Jay.
Everyone managed to escape with the loot. May drove Jay's Stratum. The Interceptor got local'd and lost eyes.
13 Vault July 13th, 2021 Negotiator/
Back-up Driver
Success Vault cracked and hacked by Jay.
Everyone managed to escape with the loot. Negotiated for no air-1 and agreed to no NOS. PD brought 2 interceptors, both eventually VCB.
14 Fleeca July 17th, 2021 Negotiator/
Back-up Driver
Success Hacked by Jay.
Everyone managed to escape with the loot. Goofy lost PD in his Sultan Classic.
15 Paleto July 18th, 2021 Negotiator/
Back-up Driver
Success Hacked by Jay.
Everyone managed to escape with the loot. Goofy lost PD in the Stratum.
16 Bobcat Security July 19th, 2021 Negotiator/
Back-up Driver
Success Thermite done by Jay. Guards cleared by Peter.
Everyone managed to escape with the loot. Breach prevented by May's positioning of the hostages. Goofy lost PD in his Sultan Classic.
17 Gruppe Truck July 20th, 2021 Back-up Driver/
Success No police response.
Everyone managed to escape with the loot.
18 Gruppe Truck July 20th, 2021 Back-up Driver Success No police response.
Everyone managed to escape with the loot.
19 Fleeca July 25th, 2021 Negotiator/
Success Hacked by Jay.
No money received due to bug, everyone managed to escape. May lost PD in the Stratum.
20 Paleto July 25th, 2021 Negotiator/
Back-up Driver
Success Hacked by Jay.
Everyone managed to escape with the loot. Goofy juked the PD in the Stratum.
21 Fleeca July 25th, 2021 Negotiator/
Back-up Driver
Success Hacked by Jay.
The Mario Party Heist. Jay as Mario, Goofy as Luigi, May as Peach, and Betch as Yoshi. Everyone escaped with the loot. Hilarious chase full of "red shells" being thrown ended with the Mario crew going VCB after PD missed them crashing into a river.
22 Fleeca August 4th, 2021 Back-up Negotiator/
Back-up Driver
Success Hacked by Jay.
Pirate themed heist. Everyone managed to escape with the loot. Goofy outdrove the PD in Jay's Sultan MkIII.
23 Fleeca August 5th, 2021 Driver Success Hacked by Jay. Spongebob Squarepants used as the hostage.
No PD response. Everyone managed to escape with the loot.
24 Paleto August 5th, 2021 Negotiator/
Back-up Driver
Success Hacked by Jay.
Everyone managed to escape with the loot. Goofy outdrove Air-1, an interceptor, and multiple CVPIs in Jay's Sultan Mk III.
25 Paleto August 6th, 2021 Negotiator/
Back-up Driver
Success Hacked by Jay while on meth, weed, and NOS.
Jay was cross-faded the entirety of planning and the heist. Everyone managed to escape with the loot. Goofy outdrove the PD in Jay's Sultan Mk III.
26 Vault August 7th, 2021 Negotiator/
Success Vault cracked and hacked by Jay.
Everyone managed to escape with the loot. Goof evaded the interceptor in Jay's Sultan Mk III.
27 Paleto August 8th, 2021 Negotiator/
Back-up Driver
Success Hacked by Jay.
Everyone managed to escape with the loot. RAT outdrove the PD in Jay's Sultan Mk III.
28 Fleeca August 8th, 2021 Negotiator/
Success Hacked by Aleks.
Negotiated for 3 units, no Air-1, and Brenda Pancake would have to be part of the pursuit. In exchange PD asked for no tunnels, no bikes, no multi-car swaps, and to spice it up all the drivers had to drive "through their eyes" (in first person). Flippy escaped PD in a stolen, fully-upgraded Buffalo S, driving through his eyes the whole time.
29 Vault August 9th, 2021 Negotiator/
Failed Vault cracked and hacked by Jay.
May and Jay were caught after the Sultan Mk III flipped during the escape. Goofy managed to elude the police on foot, then was later detained before being released due to a lack of evidence tying him to the robbery.
30 Vault August 14th, 2021 Negotiator/
Success Vault cracked and hacked by Jay.
May negotiated for five minutes of no PITs, timed to coincide with Air-1 running out of fuel. Goofy out-drove PD in Jay's Sultan Mk III, outlasting Air-1.
31 Vault August 16th, 2021 Negotiator/
Success Vault cracked and hacked by Jay.
Strict response from PD led to tough negotiations for May with no real ground given, leaving many options open but the risk of being shot was real according to May. RAT drove Jay's Sultan MkIII until head-pop after which May took over. Jay called Goof while May kept the chase alive despite an aggressive response from PD. May picked RAT back up at the Apartments and he resumed driving. Then the group split up with Goofy picking May up in his Dominator while Jay stayed with RAT in the Sultan. Both teams eventually VCB'd PD.
32 Vault August 18th, 2021 Negotiator/
Success Vault cracked and hacked by Jay.
Due to PD's strict response to Vaults, May was unable to negotiate much more than the LS Special. The four fled the Vault in Jay's Sultan MkIII with Goofy behind the wheel. Goofy drove, attempting to gain distance before a swap, and eventually headed to the red garage. May stayed with Goof in the Sultan while Chawa and Jay jumped into Chawa's Drafter. Jay was the VIP and had the money and both of them managed to escape cleanly. Goof & May just managed to escape Draider and hide in a bush before they were found by a CVPI and had to escape again. They hid in another bush until May was confident it was safe and got picked up by Jay.
33 Vault August 23rd, 2021 Negotiator/
Success Vault cracked and hacked by Jay.
PD left little to negotiate other than the LS special and the pursuit started easily. The crew had a plan to swap to a bike but Goof ended up VCBing the PD in the family Sultan after the interceptor crashed out.
34 Gruppe Truck August 23rd, 2021 Driver Success No police response.
Everyone managed to escape with the loot.
35 Vault August 23rd, 2021 Negotiator/
Success Vault cracked and hacked by Jay.
May was staged in the construction site driving her vin-scratched Dominator GTX to serve as pickup for Jay who was the VIP with all the money. After the pursuit ended in crash-out May had to pick up Jay near the Pink Cage in a rush. May then drove Jay to his bike who dipped with the cash while both interceptors and Air-1 chased May in her Dominator GTX. May was eventually rammed & her vehicle disabled by gunfire, leading to her capture. The GTX was lost, but May was happy about it. JJ & Goof were also caught after the crash-out and sent up with May. Jay escaped with all the money and declared it the most successful VIP mission he'd seen in the city.
36 Fleeca August 29th, 2021 Negotiator/
Success Hacked by Jay.
May negotiated for no rat shit and a straight chase. She lost PD in the stratum.
37 Fleeca August 30th, 2021 Back-up Driver Success Hacked by Jay.
Originally planning for a Paleto, the crew were sniped and decided to do a Fleeca instead. Chased by solo cadets, Rat lost them in 30 seconds. Rat then said "fuck it" and decided to drive back past the Fleeca where Tyme Reducer was still clearing the bank. Unbeknownst to the robbers, Tyme had tweeted out "If you have honor you'll come back to the Fleeca" just before Zane came back by. They promptly lost eyes again and got away.
38 Paleto September 2nd, 2021 Driver/
Success Hacked by Jay.
Everyone managed to escape with the loot. May negotiated the LS Special and drove Jay's Sultan MkIII from the county through the city, with only Air-1 managing to hold eyes. May got Jay to the new Alta swap spot and Jay bailed onto a waiting bike. The two split and PD scrambled to chase them when their chase was called off by multiple 13-As on another scene.
39 Fleeca September 3rd, 2021 Driver/
Success Hacked by Jay.
Everyone managed to escape with the loot. Sheriff Pred responded in his Banshee & threw books at both May & Jay during negotiations. May negotiated for the LS Special and evaded Pred in Jay's Sultan MkIII.
40 Paleto September 3rd, 2021 Driver/
Success Hacked by Jay.
Everyone managed to escape with the loot. Pinzon responded and joked that he'd let everyone go if Claire Everly got on duty. 4 CVPIs, an interceptor, and Air-1 responded. May out-drove PD despite early PITs and got Jay to his Alta Apts swap spot. JJ & and May continued until the Sultan got stuck on an unusually strong fence. JJ dipped and May flipped the car and continued to flee. After another stall, the Sultan was disabled and May fled on foot for over 5 minutes breaking cuffs and tackling officers until Jay arrived on his bike to pick her up. A mass head-pop at that exact moment prevented a further chase & both parties agreed to call it there.
41 Fleeca September 6th, 2021 Driver Success Hacked by Jay.
10-90E at the Fleeca on Great Ocean Highway. After tens of hours of trying to hack into Los Santos' power grid to divert power and overload a Fleeca Bank door, the crew finally did it, making it away without any profit considering thermite costs. One CVPI showed up instantly due to being around the area, however, the crew gunned it down the highway before the interceptors could arrive, successfully escaping and completing the new bank system.
42 Vangelico September 11th, 2021 Hacker/Driver Success Hacked by May.
The Scuffed Batman and Catwoman heist. Rat roleplayed as Batman, May as Catwoman. They took off to the construction site, planning on using grappling guns to a staged dominator on the higher floors. May successfully grappled up, however, rat was unable to due to scuff. Rat ended up returning to the original vehicle and outdriving the PD, while May escaped on the staged dominator.



  • "Guh!"
  • "Sheesh"
  • "No shot!"/"No shot?"
  • "Goog"(a corruption of the word "good")
  • "yeeeeeeee"
  • "You silly bitch"
  • "You fucking donut"


  • Used to be a Drift Instructor at the old drift school and was one of the few people with a civilian drift license
  • Runs an unlicensed side business called "Onifans" through which she sells 'tasteful' lewd photos of herself
  • Is a total yandere
  • Hates Kanjos
  • Performed the first repair at the Tuner Shop in 3.0, working on Allen Widemann's Granger




Played By: LunaOni
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