Mayumi Himura is a character role-played by LunaOni.

General Description

Mayumi is young Japanese woman with a passion for cars who is looking for new opportunities in Los Santos for herself and her friends.

Physical Description

May is a slender woman about 173cm tall with olive skin, dark brown eyes, and long black hair that she often dyes.

She's heavily tattooed, with a variety of designs encompassing sleeves on both arms. She also has a dragon tattoo that covers most of her right leg.




Leland Jones - Best Friend

May and LJ are old friends that go way back and plan on setting themselves up in Los Santos as soon as they can.



Criminal Record












May Hemm is a character role-played by LunaOni.

General Description

May Hemm is a recent arrival to San Andreas, a resourceful and cunning woman looking to rebuild her shattered life. New to the area, she hopes to make connections anywhere she can in the city and earn money in order to rebuild her life following the disastrous event the took the life of her fiancée and sent her on the run from her home. She keeps her past close to her and reveals little to those she meets, her only remaining passion in life being fast cars and the thrills they provide.

Far from a by-the-book person, May is no stranger to the criminal underworld and will occasionally participate in some nefarious activities. Since arriving in LS, however, she's gained several legitimate jobs in the automotive field and prefers to use them as her primary source of income (at least publicly). Since arriving in San Andreas May has become very familiar to officers in every department due to her love of speed and disregard for traffic laws.

Physical Description

May's most notable physical feature at first glance is her violet eyes, an inherited trait owed to a lack of pigment in the iris. The red from light reflecting off blood vessels behind the eyes mixes with the un-pigmented light blue of her iris, giving her eyes a light violet hue.

Her hair is almost always dyed a very dark purple, so dark it almost appears black under all but bright light. Her makeup follows suit, with smoky eye-shadow and dark hues of lipstick her favorite.

May is also heavily tattooed, the most obvious of which are her sleeved out arms featuring intricate Japanese dragon designs. She also has large and extensive dragon tattoos on both of her legs as well, wrapping around each thigh.

Her figure is slim and faintly muscled, something she enjoys showing off with her racing outfits. May isn't exactly buff, but her gotta-go-fast lifestyle and frequently forgetting meals keeps her trim. May is also especially proud of her "great tits" and has been heard to brag about them on occasion.

May enjoys switching up her clothes and style depending her mood, whether she's racing, robbing someone, or working. May's day to day attire is casual and comfortable, featuring dark hoodies and jackets in large number. No matter what she's wearing, it's usually darkly hued and gothic. Her racing attire tends to be more flashy, showing more skin and featuring more colors, both due to the hot interior of a car at high speeds and the showmanship involved in the scene. Her racing attire is usually complimented by a mask, a small facemask with white or red fangs on it. May can also occasionally be seen with a red & white Oni mask that she usually only uses when engaged in more nefarious crime.


May is a headstrong woman, who loves to drive fast and push limits, a character trait that often gets her in trouble. She's obsessed with "zoomies" and is constantly on the look-out for a chance to get behind the wheel of any fast car and let her stress and trauma melt away. If the driving she's doing is illegal, then all the better. Weaving in and out of traffic with the lights flashing behind her is when May truly feels alive.

Another notable trait of May is her surprising lack of basic knowledge in many areas of life. Her controlling parents kept her extremely sheltered growing up, with cars serving as her only escape from this. As such May knows a ton about vehicles and driving them, but close to nothing about real life in general. Though no virgin, May misses most sexual innuendo and tends to take everything literally. Sugar and processed foods were completely unknown to her prior to her arrival to the city as well, but have become a big part of her life since. While no idiot, it can be fair to say that May is incredibly ignorant and constantly learning.

A woman of powerful emotions, May works hard to keep them balanced, sometimes meditating during her downtime. Her success in this varies, as those who know May will attest to her extreme and often unpredictable emotions. Overall May is a very hyperactive and hard-to-control woman, always moving and bouncing about.

Romantically she can be fairly affectionate and tender but will snap violently if she perceives her lover is showing interest in someone else, what one would call a "total yandere." She can also be moody and high maintenance as a partner, requiring bribes of junk food & milkshakes in order to assuage her temper.

May's angry side isn't often seen but can be cold and dark, and she's been known to become abruptly violent when wronged. May's capacity for real violence is something she's uncomfortable with, however, and prefers to keep hidden. May will usually pass off threats of murder as "just a joke, smile."

May prefers "good vibes" overall and likes to keep an upbeat attitude. She's reluctant to engage in any sort of serious or dramatic conversation, much preferring to keep things lighthearted. She has a surprisingly robust sense of humor considering her traumatic background and moody persona, and is always keen to goof off when given the opportunity.

May also enjoys playing video games, a habit picked up while injured after a street racing accident, and is fairly good at FPS games like Valorant. She's a recovering LoL addict as well, though she doesn't like to talk about it.

Thanks to her background with loss and betrayal, May has a strong paranoid streak, and she regularly assumes strangers who approach her are intent on kidnapping or killing her. Her paranoia ramps up when she's driving, leaving her constantly on the look-out for cops or other threats. She will regularly ask her passengers to check if they're being followed while driving around the city.

She takes pride in her skill in driving as well as her knowledge of many vehicles, mostly JDM, and is eager to share opinions on them or educate newcomers to the hobby. Cars are meant to be driven to May and it irritates her to no end when she sees beautiful machines locked up in garages and not enjoyed.

She's fairly withdrawn about her past to all except those she considers a close friend, and will deflect prodding questions or only give vague responses. She is extremely paranoid if anyone inquires about her name's origin and whether it's her real name.

May has an unusual relationship with her red & white Oni mask, something she guards very closely. Only those who sleep with May would notice that sometimes, at night, she occasionally whispers conversations with it that don't appear to be one-sided.


Anime Origins

Born Mayumi Himura, the eldest daughter of the CEO of a successful conglomerate, May was raised traveling back and forth between her home city of Takasaki and the bustling metropolis of Tokyo, where her father's many enterprises were located. Owning a series of karaoke bars, izakayas, and maid cafes, May's father had a full plate of business to attend to at all times and May got a taste of it early on. Bored by dull meetings full of papers and numbers, May paid little attention to the ostensibly legitimate business.

Growing up she was a hyperactive child, always on the move, a trait which caused her schoolwork to suffer but proved to aid her in sports like soccer and softball. She had an athletic talent, but struggled with team sports and cooperating. Her impatience and aggression proved a hindrance in more sober-minded childhood activities like kendo and karate. As she got older, May rebelled from team sports in general, preferring to spend her time in the school's auto club instead, tinkering on donated vehicles.

Her love of cars and driving them far too fast proved to be a source of constant irritation for her father, who expected his heir-apparent to be a restrained and intellectual woman. Instead May was a braggart, a law-breaker, and consistently disrespectful. After her seventh street racing arrest before she was even eighteen, May's father took her aside and gave her a speech that shocked her from her rebellion. Her father's business was a front and he was in fact the oyabun, the leader of a Yakuza syndicate. A powerful criminal organization that he wanted May to be a part of, and to take over someday.

Gang Life Chose Her

Soon May found herself graduating high-school thanks to a slick bribe to cover up her terrible grades, and working for her father instead of skipping classes. Standing next to him, arms crossed and eyes glaring, her intimidating presence becoming a common sight to local gangsters and corrupt officials looking to make deals with her father. She learned the ins and outs of firearms like she did cars and became handy not just with selling them, but also using them. May learned the ins and outs of gangster life and how to socialize with them, her loud persona helping her as often as it hurt her.

Secretly she hated this life, and longed to return to the wild and free days of speeding along highways at breakneck speeds, free from her father's suffocating expectations. Return she often did, appearing in her signature black R32 named "Gojira," the car becoming a source of fear for many street racers.

Through working for her father May met a woman who would become to be her fiancée, the daughter of the boss of a formerly rival Yakuza syndicate. The syndicates, now allies, encouraged the relationship. Their love blossomed, and so did the business of both syndicates, until a disastrous gun deal lead to the deaths of May's father, her fiancée's father, and her fiancée at the hands of a police raid. May escaped the bloodshed with only emotional wounds, but they were deeply traumatizing. Privately May swore off serious relationships, convinced they would only lead to heartache and trauma.

Drifting Through America

She fled Japan and ended up in America, adopting a new name and using her remaining underworld connections to provide her with legitimate records. Her connection to her family and tragic past in Japan formally severed, May traveled around the United States picking up odd jobs and jumping into street races with whatever car she could steal. Eventually May ended up in Liberty City and started making a name for herself as an independent operator amongst the many gangs of the city.

Whether it was pushing illegal goods, boosting cars, robbing banks, or knocking over liquor stores, May gave the job a shot and usually pulled it off. Her powerful personality attracted other criminals to her, and she developed a small crew of friends to do the occasional heist with. Though she had skill at it, May preferred to keep her crime behind the wheel.

Over time the underground street racing scene had begun to talk about "Samurai" and how she wasn't to be underestimated. May raced in Liberty and around the US, earning cash and taking pink slips. After one disastrous race in Liberty City in which she was ejected from her car, May sustained serious head trauma. Partial memory loss, motor issues, and severe global aphasia followed, not to mention substantial time convalescing.

Being still for so long drove May wild, and she took out her frustrations in video games, using them as her outlet while she recovered. Once healed, and most of her faculties returned to normal, May headed out of Liberty in search of a new start. Rumors of a hot racing scene in San Andreas had reached her ears in Liberty, so that's where May headed, with nothing to her name but some gothic clothes and a determination to prove herself and start over. Eventually a few friends of May's from Liberty followed suit, joining her in Los Santos looking to get a taste of what life had to offer here.


Season 1

A Car Girl's Dream
On October 11th, 2020, during a chance encounter across the street from Pillbox, May ran into Leah Strong, CEO of Bad Boy Customs and the new owner of Fast Lane Imports. Impressed by May's passion and knowledge while admiring her S15, Leah invited her to drive it and the two spoke at length about cars and racing. Proving herself a knowledgeable and capable woman when it came to cars, May soon had Leah offering to find her a job as a mechanic. Thanks to Leah's considerable pull in the city, May soon found herself hired by Harmony Repairs Garage with the possibility of working in Fast Lane itself and even racing for Leah on the near horizon. Leah even flirted with May, hinting that she might get a chance at buying an S15 if she went on a date with her. In just one day May went from adrift with nothing to a woman with multiple opportunities laid out before her.
May Gets The Hookup
On October 20th, 2020, after a day of evading the police and avoiding crashes in some local car street races, May was hanging out at Harmony Repairs Garage with Leah Strong, Leland Jones, and Marcus Griffin. May was desperate for her first JDM in the city, and had been pestering Marcus about buying his S15 despite not having the money. Impressed by her knowledge and driving, and excited to help their new friend in the city, Leland and Leah put down a substantial sum to secure the S15 from Marcus, giving May her first serious race car in the city and ensuring May would perform admirably in her new position on Fast Lane Imports racing team. Leah, LJ, and May took the S15 back to Fast Lane and started work on customizing her new baby.


Familial Relationships

Harvey Normandy - Surrogate Father

May and Harvey met through May's work at Harmony, and Harvey soon assumed a protective and fatherly role over the hyperactive mechanic. May regularly pesters Harvey for handouts and calls him "dad," turning to him when she needs help or advice.

May has also convinced Harvey to lend her his new RX7 for her to race in, with May occasionally getting the car impounded but so far escaping capture.

Shane Powers - Drift Dad

May and Shane met when the drift-obsessed racer got a job at the Overboost Drift School, which Shane owned and operated. May's rambunctious personality and experience with Australian humor helped endear her to Shane, and May soon took to calling the older man her "Drift Dad." May comes to Shane for advice and support and has become quite fond of him.

Following word of Shane's trip to the ICU following an attack, May became extremely morose and monotone. Confused, she asked Stewie "why would anyone hurt my Drift dad?" She privately swore to discover who was responsible and exact revenge.


Leland Jones - Best Friend

May met LJ through Leah, and the two quickly became friends by bonding over their shared love of imports and pushing them to the limit. LJ and May are often seen tooling around in their speedy JDM rides, excitedly talking about handling and tuning, and stressing out the local PD with their high-speed antics when they aren't chilling at a garage talking shop. LJ went halfsies with Leah Strong on the Nissan Silvia S15 for May, ensuring his new friend had a competent race car in a city with a notoriously messy market.

After more time racing and hanging out, LJ and May quickly became the best of buds, with the two going in on a house together in the Southside. The house would serve as a base of operations for their future plans involving some less-than-legal schemes.

Leah Strong - Friend / Boss

May met Leah on her second day in the city, after striking up a conversation about Leah's S15. Leah took an immediate liking to May and took her under her wing, showing her all the car-related job opportunities in the city for a woman of her knowledge. Leah used her connections to get May a job at Harmony Repairs Garage and hinted at a path towards a job with Fast Lane Imports as well as a spot on Leah's racing team. Leah also hinted that May could have an opportunity at buying an S15, if she agreed to a date with Leah first. Leah even went so far as to supply May with a down-payment so she could secure her own car, a Benefactor Feltzer.

Leah later went halfsies with LJ on the payment for a Nissan Silvia S15 for May to race in.

Kassandra Kage - Friend

Kassandra and May were introduced to each other by LJ, who was convinced May was a perfect fit for QuickFix. Kassandra agreed, encouraging May to apply and give serious thought to an interview. Outside of work the two bonded as independent women making it for themselves in a dangerous city, with Kassandra taking on a sort of playfully-exasperated mom friend role with the rather more wild and free-spirited May Hemm.

Stewie Black - Friend

Stewie and May met through the racing scene in Los Santos, and a playful rivalry quickly developed. The rivalry turned to friendship after several races together and plenty of back-and-forth shit-talking. Stewie is especially fond of show-boating in his Eclipse, bragging about its' acceleration compared to any of May's cars. May and Stewie's friendship revolves around playfully tormenting and teasing one another, calling each other names and endlessly pranking one another. So when Sgt. Matt Rhodes got access to the race radio on Nov. 17th and began hassling Stewie, May joined in immediately with Mary Mushkin and the other racers as they sent Stewie up the creek. Thanks to the help of May, Mary, Luther and others, Rhodes nabbed Stewie and May immediately booked it to the scene to take a mocking selfie.

PepeHands Stewie

Stewie and May's friendship has survived rocky moments, like the race that went bad late in October 2020. Stewie caught intense heat following May's bone-headed move to help out Eugene Zuckerberg escape from the cops in her race car, leading to an aggressive police response that took Stewie down in a dramatic end. Stewie ended up serving a fat sentence and lost out on more than just money, as his prized tuner chip was confiscated by the police for what they claimed was illegal use. Still, Stewie and May remained friends, Stewie chalking up May's bone-headedness to just being new to the city.

Complicating the friendship was the rumor, accidentally started, that Stewie and May had fucked. This led to countless awkward questions for the two friends and furious outbursts from May directed at whomever dared to bring it up. Both of them bitterly denied having slept together, although May seemed particularly hurt that Stewie wasn't interested in her.

Xhangzu Chan - Friend

An old underworld and racing associate of May's from her time in Liberty City, Chan and May have spent countless hours committing crime and fleeing from the police together. No stranger to robberies, May and Chan have hit homes, banks, and stores of all types together. But street racing is where they truly find joy. Chan is a talented racer like May, and the two have a friendly rivalry on the track. May loves to playfully tease Chan for his tendency to injure himself, ejecting himself from vehicles on a worryingly regular basis.

Jordan Moco - Friend

May ran into Jordan Moco her first day in the city, and as Moco is always looking for fresh faces to introduce to the criminal underworld, the two hit off with Moco introducing May to his numerous associates and giving her hook-ups on the latest less-than-legal jobs. Moco is also a street racer himself and the two love to talk shop about racing and tuning.

Cash Flash - Friend

Another person May ran into her first day, and an associate of Moco, Cash and May connected over their love of cars. Although Cash is more fond of flipping them for a profit than he is driving them, something which irks May endlessly and provides a source of light hearted rivalry.


Mary Mushkin - Friendly Rival

May first ran into Mary at QuickFix on October 23rd, and had a brief introduction. It was mutual friend Leland Jones who formally introduced the two later that day, and told Mary all about May's racing. Mary, intrigued, asked about getting some races going that very day. May soon found herself thrown into a race with Mary and others, and from all the chatter of her friends, May realized this self-described business woman was indeed serious business in the local racing scene. May picked up on Mary's sense of humor quickly, and the two bantered back and forth like old friends. After winning one race, May proved she wasn't some nobody and had earned a bit of Mary's respect in the process.

May wasn't sure if Mary would be a friend, a rival, or both, but she was excited for the relationship.

Matt Rhodes - Nemesis

May ran into Matt Rhodes the way most law-breakers do, in a traffic stop they had absolutely no way out of. Having breezed through traffic stops before thanks to her flirting and way with words, May was confident she could convince Rhodes to let her off with a warning. None of her charms or wiles worked on the man, however, and Rhodes gave May her first ticket in the city for negligent driving.

Just scant days later, while in the midst of an intense race, May was weaving in and out of traffic and avoiding pursuit, when she unavoidably struck Rhodes with her car. Panicked, she fled, but not before Rhodes got a hunch as to who ran him over. Without enough evidence to charge her, Rhodes attempted to trip her up in future interactions, to no avail.

Rhodes has pulled May over multiple times since, giving her yet another ticket and even more points on her license. May, feeling her one area of freedom being threatened, privately declared the man her nemesis.


Vehicle Name Status Date Purchased
Nissan Silvia S15 RB Crimson Paid Off October 20th, 2020
Principe Nemesis Nem Paid Off November 1st, 2020
Karin Drift Futo Sakura Not Paid Off November 8th, 2020
Sabre Turbo - Not Paid Off November 17th, 2020

Criminal Record

AS OF 12/5/2020

Status of Drivers License: 4 points

  • 1x Resisting Arrest
  • 1x Criminal Possession of a Firearm [Class 1]
  • 1x Misdemeanor Possession of a Controlled Dangerous Substance (Oxy or Meth)
  • 1x Accessory to Robbery
  • 1x Kidnapping
  • 3x Negligent Driving
  • 1x Third Degree Speeding
  • 1x Second Degree Speeding


  • "What's up, I'm May Hemm."
  • "Suuuuup?"
  • "If it's cars, I do it."
  • "Hey, do you need a repair?"


  • Is a big fan of tea, especially green tea and chamomile, and loves to have a quiet relaxing moment with herself and a cup of tea. She's been known to punch people who make fun of her for this.
  • May's diet consists primarily of food truck fare and fast food. Burritos, burgers, and a steady supply of coffee keep her going.
  • May is bisexual but leans strongly towards women, as she finds most men have trouble accepting a talented and independent woman like her as a partner. Especially when she out-drives them.
  • Although she's experienced with many cars, May's true love are JDM, especially Nissan and Subaru. She's said she'd "do just about anything for an S15."
  • May is easily distractable and always moving, considered to be downright hyperactive by some. She's been known to veer off mid-conversation at the sight of an interesting car, leaving whoever she was talking to bewildered and sometimes insulted.
  • May is a member of the Fast Lane Imports racing team.
  • May has only recently discovered what sugar is and the joys it represents, as her parents never allowed her to have sugary foods or candy growing up. Her excessive consumption of sugary snacks contributes to her hyperactive behavior. Milkshakes are one of her favorite sugary treats.



Played By: LunaOni
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