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May Jenkins was role-played by JPKMoto.


May Jenkins, also known as Miss May by her friends and family, had a troubled past that led her to the city of Los Santos. May suffered from bad luck. She was said to have worked in a church before her descent in the city.

She has been known to never curse at anyone as she believed in the "Sky Daddy" (God). She would give sermons by the courthouse about the great Sky Daddy to the citizens of the city.

She was also a skilled chef who loved to bake food for others. One of her recipes was called "The LaBarre", named after judge Dennis LaBarre at the time.

She used to work at Pillbox Medical Center as a Gift Shop Receptionist.

Trouble For May

Because of her likeliness of helping others and their problems, her meddling caused her to find herself in trouble.

Unfortunately, her reputation grew too large that criminal factions such as the Chang Gang and Kaley Doss sought to make her life miserable.

Chang Gang Encounter

Ramee and Randy Bullet greeted Miss May by pissing all over her shop and ruining it. This caused Miss May to request help from the hospital staff and cops to prevent it. This incident had occurred many times throughout her working hours. As a result, Dr. Cross fired Miss May from the hospital due to numerous complaints. In response to that, the Chang Gang would one day try to make Miss May's life worse by kidnapping her at a golf course and bringing her to an abandoned mine. It was Randy Bullet who had wanted her. Randy reminded the woman of his grand commandment "Thou shalt not fuck with Randy Bullet." before he shot her in the head with a gun.

That series of events forced Miss May to lose her pattern of speech. She spoke like a robot to others. However, this was all an act to others as she revealed to her trusted companions (Rowen, Al Weaselton, and Bruce). She would work out a plan with them to get her life back together.

Kaley Doss Encounter & Death

In terms of Kaley Doss, she eyed Miss May as her prey. She harbored strong hatred towards Miss May since the day she met her. Kaley Doss, Fox DelRio, and Red decided to end Miss May's life by kidnapping her and shooting her multiple times until she was dead in the Cluck'n Bell Factory.


Bruce Nelvico - Though it was one of May's choice for a lover, she befriended him and he tried to help her whenever he could.

Derek Roberts - Adopted him as her son.

Kaley Doss - Had suspicions about Doss, didn't trust her too well.

Kerric Alderman - May had a crush on Kerric and attempted to ask him out one day to get rejected by him.

Kizzy Neveah - Cared a lot about Kizzy and loved what she did.

Koji Kato - Assisted the mysterious man with his problems, also went for tarot reading, and saw him as someone to trust.

Johnnie "Boston" Harvard - One of May's choice for a lover, attempted to ask him out and was rejected.

Gio Conda Coppola - Taught and amazed Gio about the Sky Daddy and her ways, saw Gio as a friend to trust.

Reginald Biggsby - Shown loyalty to May as a taxi driver for her and was often mesmerized by "Sky Daddy".

Pixie Plum - Always advised May to rest whenever May got into trouble with others.

Murphy Braun - Love/hate friendship.

Played By: JPKMoto
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