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Maxy Mersion is a character role-played by DigiiTsuna.

General Information

  • Full Name: Maxy Mersion
  • D.O.B: 03/28/1991
  • Nationality: British

Maxy Originally moved to Los Santos with his cousins Mia Mersion, Mikey Mersion, Yuri Mersion and Richie Mersion before more of the Mersions followed. Maxy came with them due to it seeming like a fun idea and wanting to get in trouble with his cousins for fun in a new city. Maxy back in England had been a notorious street fighter and thief.

Back home in London Maxy would always be involved in some kind of scheme with his family, from selling drugs, participating in street fights for money, mugging and pickpocketing people on the London underground, stealing cars or robbing stores and other petty crimes.

Maxy is a very impulsive and direct person, while he likes to plan and think about what he does, if something sparks his interest or sounds like it will be entertaining, he usually will get himself involved in any halfcooked ideas and wing it on the job believing even a failed job has merit from learning about the job and experince dealing with the situations.

Maxy can be very hotheaded and will start arguments or fights if he thinks someone is being disrespectful or he finds them annoying. This causes himself and his cousin Summer Mersion who also shares the hotheaded trait to constantly fight eachother in fist fights or with baseball bats and wind eachother up to the point many people believed they hated eachother, when in truth she is one of the family members he cares most about, along with Mia Mersion and Mikey Mersion.

Maxy has a strong sense of loyatly to those that show him respect and loyalty in return, if he believes someone to be a good friend he will do almost everything in his power to help them with whatever they need, be it leading him into badly planned jobs, shootouts or other various bad and dangerous situations without giving it a second thought. This however can have the opposite effect, should someone break his truth or make him believe they have broken that loyalty he will not hesistate to remove them from his circle immediately and turn very hostile towards them.

Having couins like Noah Mersion, Mikey Mersion and Summer Mersion who are all talented drivers, until Maxy moved to Los Santos, he was a notoriously bad driver. He would always would have let those 3 drive on jobs back in England and never had a reason to improve himself. Since moving to Los Santos, Maxy has become a more confident driver in getaways and uses his impulsive nature to be rather skilled at more reckless styles of driving consisting of ariel manuvers and high speed driving, while he still isn't as skilled as some of his cousins, he continues to practice and shows interest in improving both as a get away driver and as a street racer and drifter.

Maxy likes to annoy people or play pranks on them, this leads to him doing a lot of prank calls, twats or finding other ways to be a nuisance to people, like naming his turtle Jackie Snow after being told Snow was a good driver or making a missing persons milk carton for his cousin Mikey Mersion and handing it into the PD and claiming he may be dead and needs help finding him. Due to these habits, Maxy has always been rather good at stalling police responses or being confident and cocky enough to try and use his charm to talk down his charges or time and be rather good as a negotiator during jobs. He also has a way of convincing or encouraging others around him to get involved in his schemes and plans and finds great joy in finding new people to take along on activities he is doing.

Fun Facts

  • Maxy hates FWD cars, yet bought a Kanjo as his first car because he likes hothatches.
  • Maxy is terrible with money due to his impolsive nature
  • Maxy forgets most peoples names if he doesn't see them for a week, unless they are close friends or family
  • Maxy's favorite music Genre is Drum and Bass
  • All of his dongle names are Brit Pop songs or artists.
  • Maxy enjoys Anime
  • His favorite food is chicken chow mein.
  • Maxy had a helicopter license since he was 18 yet rarely flies unless absolutely neccessary.
  • Maxys dream car is a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI

 Criminal Record

  • TBD

Drivers License: In Good Standing