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Maxx McAllister is a character role-played by Kate.

✖️ General Description[]

Maxx McAllister is the Road Captain of the Raiders MC. She likes fire.

🔥 Background[]

Maxx McAllister was in the foster care system. In Canada, Maxx's physically and emotionally abusive fiancé once beat her up for trying to leave him. Following a worsening cycle of violence, she met Wade Wilson in a bar one night and conversed about his and Darcy Lane's new group the Raiders MC. He invited her to stay with him and Lane in Los Santos. Afterward, Maxx locked her fiancé in the house they lived in together and burned it down. Maxx fled the country to Los Santos to find Wade and Lane, and eventually became one of the Raiders MC's first patched members.

🐍 History[]

Extradition to Canada for First Degree Murder
PD extradite maxx-2024-02-02

The police arresting Maxx at Chumash Pier on February 2, 2024

During the Raiders MC chapter meeting at Chumash Pier on February 2, 2024, four police cars and a police boat suddenly rolled up on them. Led by LSPD Senior Officer Kian McNulty, the police surrounded them with guns and arrested Maxx on an outstanding RCMP warrant for burning her abusive fiancé to death. McNulty and the police extradited her from LSIA back to Canada into the custody of arresting officer Cpl. Mitchell Harper to face charges of arson and first degree murder. Harper later told McNulty that Maxx took a plea deal for 7 years in prison in Canada.

Road Captain of the Raiders MC

On February 17, 2024 in a hypothetical conversation with Enforcer Rue Day, Patched Member Maxx admitted that she could see herself in a Raiders MC Command position as a Road Captain. Both Rue and Lane fully supported the idea. Afterward in an impromptu chapter, Lane put forward Maxx's name for a majority vote to promote her to Road Captain (the Raiders MC's highest Command position as well as the current third-in-command). The Raiders MC voted 3-1 to promote Maxx to Road Captain (Maxx did not vote). The previous Road Captain Mason Calaway--who was trying to earn that position back--voted nay even though he had declined his chance to say something when Lane had gone in a circle getting each club member's opinion prior to the voting. As soon as Lane closed the chapter, Mason walked away before she had finished talking. Mason later confessed to Maxx that she deserved to be Road Captain, and that he had been petty over not getting a heads-up conversation beforehand.

First Laundromat Heist
Raiders mc-laundromat heist-2024-05-01

Maxx with Wade in her first laundromat heist on May 1, 2024

For the Raiders MC's second laundromat heist on May 1, 2024, a complication arose when the owner of the Draugur that Wade Wilson stole followed him, Maxx, and their hostage Turgle Suggulon to the Suds Law Laundromat. Maxx cut the generator power then guarded the Draugur from the watching owner as Wade held Turgle hostage; Lane alphabet-hacked the inside power box to disable the power, rushed out of the laundromat with the Green USB, and sped off on her motorbike; Maxx took over holding Turgle hostage outside and started negotiating with Snr. Officer Leon Cassidy unsure of how many of the Raiders MC were still inside; Wade clutched out the lockpick-hack of the safe on his seventh attempt for $16,500 in banded cash, drove Maxx in the Draugur (which the owner was still tracking) from the police, dropped her off with the banded cash at a motel in Sandy for Rue Day to pick up (with Dax Marshall supporting), lost the police car chasing him, and parked the Draugur back at the owner's house. Lane picked Wade up outside of Allie's house, and coincidentally crashed into the Draugur owner as they were leaving. Everyone got out.

Raiders mc-usb trade in-2024-05-13

Maxx with Lane, Wade, and Rue after the USB Trade In on May 13, 2024

On May 13, 2024, Wade bought the Red USB and Yellow USB from Lexi Law for a total of $10,000. Lane traded in all 6 USBs to unlock two new cash exchange heists for the Raiders MC: Strawberry Cash Exchange and Rancho Cash Exchange (and also an extra unicorn on a stick named Sparkle).

First Cash Exchange Heist
Raiders mc-cash exchange heist-bev plan-2024-05-29

Bev coaching the Raiders MC (with their hangaround Val) on their first cash exchange heist on May 29, 2024

For Beverly Brekker's "Sewer Scramble" heist plan on May 29, 2024, he fronted the 300 Butcoin (in exchange for 30% of the banded cash) and coached the Raiders MC through their first-ever Rancho Cash Exchange Heist. Lane disabled the smart lock in the back with a Clipper Chimp Hero Ultra to unlock the back door; Lane alphabet-hacked the indoor power box to disable the door locks; Wade Wilson held Kenny Okafor hostage and negotiated with the police; Maxx successfully completed the word memory hack to unlock the vault door; and a silent Mason Calaway guarded the back door from the police there. The Raiders MC grabbed banded cash and a Money Printer 3000 from the vault, but encountered an unexpected new development where the vault contained much more banded cash than the heist crew could carry.

Raiders mc-cash exchange heist-2024-05-29

Lane, Wade, Maxx, and Mason in the Raiders MC's first cash exchange heist on May 29, 2024

Wade unsuccessfully tried to negotiate with the police to let the heist crew store loot in the trunk of the getaway car (they rejected the police's deal that one hostage taker turn themselves in exchange for the trunk access). Leaving behind roughly $40,000 in banded cash, Wade drove the heist crew from the police. The slow, weighed down heist crew had to abandon Bev's plan for Mason to carry the loot into the sewers past his identically-dressed decoy Rue Day. Rue instead helped Wally West block a couple of police cars with a box truck. Per Lane's orders, Mason jumped out with the money printer, swapped into Wally's waiting pickup car, and escaped with the money printer and $17,585 in banded cash. Combined with the loot that Lane escaped with, the Raiders MC got away with about $37,000 in banded cash (with about $3000 owed to Bev after the prison fines). Wade and Maxx got caught by the police.

New Chumash Turf and New Raiders MC Kuttes

On June 10, 2024, the Raiders MC got new shirts, hoodies, and caps. Police officer Loki Skylizard mailed the kuttes from the PD evidence locker to the Raiders MC on a next-day delivery. The weed and turf stuff also moved to a new Hideout application. The Raiders MC conferred with their "Paleto cartel" weed ally, The Guild, at their warehouse twice to compare notes on the changes in the city.

On June 11, 2024 with Nomad Taylor Archer in town, Misha Standal of Chaos Legion MC alerted Wade that both the north and south areas of Chumash could now be claimed as turf in the Hideout application. A stressed Wade hurriedly borrowed 250 Butcoin from Beverly Brekker to buy a Hideout Receiver, and placed it inside of their Birdhouse on Barbareno Rd in Chumash. Given that the Raiders MC also owned the laundromat on Ineseno Road, they borrowed 250 Butcoin from Maxwell Goethe of The Neon Tigers MC to place a receiver in that area of Chumash too (to hold for a future ally of their choice interested in buying a house in that turf).

Raiders mc-kuttes-2024-06-11

Lane's speech to the Raiders MC in their new custom kuttes on June 11, 2024

Relieved, the Raiders MC drove to the Chumash Plaza clothing store, stitched their kuttes and patches together, and tried on their custom kuttes for the first time ever. Lane gave an emotional speech about the six months of work they endured to finally realize their dream of kuttes, motorbikes, Chumash houses, and turf. Maxx thanked Lane and Wade for their leadership. They all removed their masks and went in a circle explaining what the patches on their kuttes meant. Afterward, Maxx led the Raiders MC on their first full club ride with every member present.

🚘 Vehicles[]

Vehicle Plate Description


CBQ367D7 Maxx bought her first car for $17,500 ($21,000 after tax) on March 15, 2024, matching the one that Rue Day bought. The car roof retracts into a convertible.


W3270271 Maxx's first motorcycle in the city, a black 2-seater chopper bought on April 17, 2024 as a surprise from Wade Wilson and Darcy Lane using $70,000 out of the Raiders MC bike fund.

📷 Gallery[]

Played By: Kate

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