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Maxine Jackson is role-played by JPKMoto



Maxine is one of Mother’s children. She did deliveries for PostOp and grinded the recycling center for Mother's Family. She went missing for several months and has came back into the city after escaping from Humane Labs. She was brainwashed and tortured into becoming a woman called: Michelle Walters. Maxine escaped by killing the Doctor who did this to her and is now trying to find out who she was before going missing.

Mother's Family


Evita "Mother" Nimm

Maxine has the closest bond to Mother than anybody else in the city.

Victoria "Vivi" Veine

Erin Cox

Steven “Stevie” Mathis

Uchiha Jones

Siz Fulker

Probably the least close relationship Maxine has out of The Family. Siz thought she was an undercover cop and he didn’t trust her.

Maxine‘s Disappearance: Humane Labs

Maxine disappearing was due to the fact that she was locked inside the Humane Labs for months. While being down there she was tortured, abused, syringed and mentally/physically altered.

A Doctor named her Michelle Walters after his wife, she was abused and tortured by him. Her lips were made fuller, her eyes more open, her head was shaved, she couldn’t eat certain foods cause Michelle wasn’t fat, they cut/curved parts of her face and made her rest a lot. If somebody called her Maxine she said that “they’ll come after me.”

Until, one day she didn’t rest and that resulted in her killing 4 people. The Doctor being the main target who she cut up into pieces with a Bone-Saw and made his face Red cause she wanted to “return the favor” and she also killed some guards who guarded the doors.

Maxine/Michelle’s Return

On January 17th, 2020, 7-8 months after her disappearance, Mother got a phone call from Maxine who has changed completely, to Mother’s surprise. Mother picked her up from Pink Cage and starting asking Maxine questions, Maxine kept calling herself Michelle and saying PostOp or Lab, so Mother took her to Humane Labs. Maxine started telling Mother about what happened when she was gone and that she would always scream her name but she never came. Mother reassured her that nobody was going to hurt her anymore and so the two of them went to Pillbox Medical Center to get some treatment but sadly nobody was available at the time.

She also gave Mother a note which read;


“Subject #452,

Name is Michelle Walters NOT Maxine Jackson,

must obey or consequences WILL be had.

If lost, go to PostOp or Lab.”


  • Maxine was happy with the way she looked before being forced to alter her appearance.

Played By: JPKMoto
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