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Maximilian "Yung Dab" Thoroughbred is a character role-played by MOONMOON.

General Description

Maximilian "Yung Dab" Thoroughbred is an infamous Soundcloud rapper, criminal, and terrorist. The CFO of Cop Killa Records, former leader of The Gnomes (a terrorist organization), and a member of Prune Gang.

Yung Dab provided rap music to the people of Los Santos.

He was sentenced to life imprisonment on 5/26/19, with the possibility of parole. Before his transfer to Bolingbroke Penitentiary, he was incarcerated underneath the Mission Row Police Department in the maximum security cells. On 12/5/20 he was pardoned by Judge Labarre after serving a sentence of 559 San Andreas years (one day in real life equates to one year in RP). Despite this, for unknown reasons he remained in prison for another 198 San Andreas years until escaping on 6/21/21 (bringing his total jailtime to 757 San Andreas years).

Throughout his profile, Maximilian Thoroughbred is referred to as "Yung Dab" or "The Gnome", depending on the scenario. "The Gnome" was a criminal persona, or possibly an entire second personality, which "Yung Dab" referred to himself as. "The Gnome" seemed to have slightly different thought patterns, and lack of emotion or empathy; in contrast to the ideas and statements made by "Yung Dab".

Background Information

Maximilian Thoroughbred was born into a rich white family from the Northeast. He attended Harvard University where he earned an astrophysics degree. He married a woman named Susan, and has two children; a boy named Timmy and a girl named Susie, who are currently nine and eleven, respectively.

One day, after hearing "Stir Fry" by Migos, he experienced an awakening. Maximilian decided he wanted to move to Los Santos in pursuit of a rap career, under the alias Yung Dab. Despite his wife threatening him with divorce, Yung Dab left his family in Liberty City to follow his newfound dream, unsure of where it would ultimately take him.

Physical Appearance

Yung Dab is 43 years old, 5'10", and roughly 220 lbs; sporting a variety of hairstyles, and choice in fashion. His (rather hairy) chest and back are covered in large burn scars, due to his first thermite screw-up in a vault robbery with Eugene Zuckerberg. He has a permanent face tattoo of a skull, and a stop sign on the back of his left hand. When mocked for his face tattoo, Yung Dab has argued that the skull represents the death and bloodshed on the streets. (The true reason for the tattoo's location is simply because Dab wanted to gain clout as a rapper.) The stop sign hand tattoo is useful for when Dab flips off others, though ineffective, as it is displayed upside down when he does so.

"dotS, bitch." -Yung Dab, when criticized on his upside-down tattoo.

During crimes, Yung Dab always made sure to wear gloves and a mask that would hide his tattoos. Although, as constantly pointed out by Kevin Shaw, Yung Dab did a horrible job of disguising who he actually is, as he wears the same style of clothes to every job he does. Booty shorts and animal masks were also a favorite style for Dab when committing crimes, and another choice in style that Kevin Shaw was verbally disapproving of; always accusing Yung Dab of being a furry. Yung Dab did not like showing his arms, as he is insecure about their appearance, so was rarely seen wearing short sleeves. (Yung Dab only worn short sleeves three times while active in Los Santos.)

In his rapper days, Dab wore bright, flashy colors and clashing patterns; usually in the form of a t-shirt, puffy jacket, shorts, and sneakers. He wore his hair in cornrows of differing patterns and colors, as well as dreads and a high flat top. The reason for him wearing such flamboyant outfits was that he wanted to define himself, and not be held down by society's standards of fashion.

As he grew more powerful, wealthy, and confident, Yung Dab began dressing more appropriately. He transitioned his outfits to a more professional spectrum of white or brown suits, accompanied with colorful bow-ties, which became commonplace in Yung Dab's wardrobe.


(MOONMOON, in the beginning of Yung Dab's story, created a character sheet outlining Yung Dab's strengths and weaknesses. However, it should be noted that as his character evolved, many of these traits became obsolete, such as Dab's fear of Gladys Berry, and his naivety.)

  • Strengths: networking, seduction, charisma, honesty, quick-wittiness, creativity, and persuasive.
  • Weaknesses: his rap game, insecurity, naivety, shamelessness, cowardice, two-faced, Gladys Berry, selfishness, being conspicuous, and poor investment choices.

Yung Dab began his journey in Los Santos as a charismatic influencer; often bragging about his skills as a killer, drug dealer, and all-around gangster. In actuality, Yung Dab was quite the coward, too scared to even point a gun in self defense. While he talked "big game", Yung Dab was quick to bend to the will of anyone who held more power over him, using his charming personality to get in on their good side.

As Yung Dab began to delve more into the crime lifestyle of robbing banks and the jewelry store, his confidence as a criminal grew; namely, his confidence in his ability as the best thermite/lockpick user in all of Los Santos. Upon discovering his skill for robbing with massive success, Yung Dab grew addicted to crime; so much so that it put an end to his rap career.

Yung Dab was very charitable with his wealth and services, which is another reason why so many people support him. He often paid people much more than asked of him, even dishing out money without being asked. Alongside monetary hand-outs, Dab offered his skills and abilities to those in need; whether they needed a hit-list taken care of, a ride from point A to point B, or a mentor to show them the ropes of the city. His outgoing personality allowed for him to make allies with almost every gang and criminal in the city, as well as many members of the LSPD, and the judges of the city. Yung Dab was a uniting factor amongst many enemy gangs and groups, often acting as a mediator between opposing sides.

It was not until his mental breakdown that Yung Dab overcame his cowardice and strict personal rule against shooting people. Under the influence of Alabaster Slim, Yung Dab shot his first cop, Jenny Hall; marking the beginning of his descent into insanity, and a terrorist lifestyle. After this incident, Yung Dab slowly lost his regard for human life over time, and would eventually be willing to sacrifice innocent lives for the greater purpose of his ideals. Having been completely aware of his own descent into madness, he attended two therapy sessions to tackle this issue. (However, the sessions did not prove to sully his blood-thirst.) Yung Dab additionally found himself concerned with his own constant happiness, and his lack of guilt over his horrific actions. Despite this realization, he never stopped himself from participating his violent acts.

Yung Dab, by the point of his incarceration, was obsessed with his own ideology and hatred for the imbalance of power in the police state. Yung Dab became a man who detested being controlled by others, and hated being told what to do. This, combined with his charisma and smarts, made Yung Dab a natural leader. In his final moments with the police in max security, Yung Dab spoke with "The Gnome" persona's voice, sans mask. This could potentially mean that Yung Dab was overcome by "The Gnome" entirely, indicating him as mentally unstable, and/or officially insane.

"He's a terrorist. He only derives enjoyment from shooting cops, and disrupting whatever systems they have to work with." - MOONMOON, regarding Yung Dab.

Character Arcs


Rap Battle at the Vanilla Unicorn Parking Lot

In order to increase his clout, Yung Dab organized a rap battle, managing to gather a majority of the city. He hired Darrel McCormik and Ricky Robins to judge, Eugene Zuckerberg to MC, and Oola Kingston and Cheryl Smith as backup dancers. Upon learning that Gladys Berry planned to kill someone at this event, Yung Dab was even more pumped up for it. He was excited at the prospect of his clout increasing, due to hosting a deadly rap concert.

  • Yung Dab vs Kelly Smith Battle - Yung Dab won, due to Kelly forfeiting.
  • Yung Dab vs Tony Corleone Battle - Yung Dab won, as he paid off Tony to forfeit, as Tony's skills were levels beyond Yung Dab’s own.
  • Final round, Gladys Berry vs Yung Dab. It was obvious that Gladys was the winner, as both judges planned to vote in her favor. However, Eugene pulled through, and announced Yung Dab as the winner, before the judges’ voices could be heard.

Upon this announcement, the crowd immediately erupted into disbelief and left the concert; disappointed with the pathetic rap contest they’ve just witnessed, and the rigged results. Although rigged and somewhat lackluster, the rap concert did manage to increase Yung Dab’s clout, and his connections within the city. Due to his fixed victory, Yung Dab was crowned "Los Santos's Finest Rapper".


Lil Erf Rivalry

Casino Rap Battle

Lil Erf Kidnapping

Arena Rap Battle

Cocaine Dealer Yung Dab

Crime Addict

The Gnome Is Born

Cop Killa Records

The Gnome Rises

Step Dab

Car Addict

Despite joining in on the occasional airfield drag race, Yung Dab was not a regular participant of the Los Santos racing scene, and did not particularly enjoy competitive street racing. Not long after Jenny was kidnapped by Chang Gang and The Gnome, she and Dab spent a small amount of time together in the same vehicle drifting laps around the airfield in the company of both criminal and cop friends.

An additional routine or trend regarding his automobiles that Dab was known for was the Benny's and car wash combo, where he would immediately get his vehicle cleaned after repairing it, even if it was stolen. This routine rubbed off on his friends who noticed such consistent behavior, namely Kevin Shaw and Alabaster Slim.

Yung Dab nearly never rode motorcycles, and it would be more commonplace to see him peddling on a pushbike than mounted on a chopper or a crotch-rocket

Yung Dab purchased several vehicles during his time in Los Santos. He would routinely drive each one for several weeks, before eventually repeating a cycle of turning the next new car into his daily driving automobile. Yung Dab eventually became obsessed with his later cars, to the point that testing tuner settings and top speeds became a major part of his life and daily routine.

Yung Dab's first vehicle purchase was the Emperor. He would use the Emperor as a vessel to store and transport drugs that he was given to sell. The other recurring vehicle that Yung Dab frequented was his Glendale, which was installed with a neon pink under glow, dollar sign rims, a salmon pink paint job, and a white hardtop roof. Yung Dab would usually drive the Glendale when no other vehicle was available for him to grab from the closest garage.


One of Yung Dab's most iconic vehicles was his Lamborghini Aventador, which he purchased from Fast Lane Imports. This purchase was to further fulfill his image as a famous rapper, and adhere to the stereotype of a wealthy celebrity living in Los Santos. This vehicle would constantly go through a number of visual iterations, ranging in many different colors and body modifications. The Lamborghini ranged from a salmon pink convertible, to a matte desert tan hardtop. Regardless of what style or color combination that the vehicle sported, Yung Dab would regularly offer rides and flaunt his expensive supercar to the attractive women that he encountered. (This was mostly a vain attempt at drive-by flirtation.)

His lambo became a topic of continual interest and conversation with Jenny Hall, who maintained an off and on desire to drive the car. Many of Yung Dab's offers for her to take his vehicle for a spin were rejected, due to Jenny being on duty at the time, and that it would be inappropriate to do so as a working law enforcer. The farthest Yung Dab ever got with Jenny, in terms of a formal date in his car, was the time that she agreed to a "slow, speed-limit-abiding, passenger ridealong". They drove by the Pink Cage, and then circled back to the courthouse to drop her off at her undercover cop car. The vehicle was eventually sold to Allen Widemann for a hefty monetary transaction, that Yung Dab later claimed was a scam. The vehicle would go through multiple owners, eventually ending back in Allen's possession. In the coming months after Yung Dab's incarceration, Siz Fulker, Yung Dab's stepson, would eventually save up his money, and negotiate a deal with Allen to purchase the Lamborghini, in memory of Yung Dab.

Coquette BlackFin

The last vehicle that Yung Dab purchased (and his personal favorite) was the Coquette BlackFin from Premium Deluxe Motorsport. A few notable color combos that Yung Dab applied to his sports car were: red and cream, blue and cream, all blue; and finally (what became identifiable as "Dab's BlackFin"), an all red convertible variant with the occasional white walled tires. Yung Dab enjoyed this car so much that he developed a morning routine around it. This routine consisted of running from Integrity Apartments to his garage, pulling out the BlackFin, modifying it with a tuner chip, and setting off down Los Santos Freeway at high speeds. This would either end with an emergency hospital visit (sometimes multiple visits in a single session), a trip to Benny's, an on-the-spot repair job, an encounter with highway patrol, or last until he got bored.

Yung Dab was known to commonly use his BlackFin to escape police pursuit. The BlackFin was the vehicle used to kick start the "Last Dab"; escalating police notoriety due to him constantly escaping, only to be discovered with the help of over-watch from a police helicopter.

Jenny Hall Kidnapping

Yung Dab's involvement with the kidnapping of detective Jenny Hall began when he received a phone call from Mr. Wang Chang, soon after waking up from Integrity Apartments. Using a disguised voice, Mr. Chang notified Yung Dab that he had caught Jenny sneaking around, and had her captive in his car. Taken off-guard by this information, Yung Dab asked if Jenny had discovered anything. Mr. Chang told him that Jenny had "stolen goods" on her, and asked if Yung Dab's involvement in the situation would "help his cause [a little]?" Yung Dab agreed, but recommended that instead of handing Jenny to Bovice Wilkinson to be killed, that she could be used for other means. The phone call ended, and Yung Dab changed into his iconic "Gnome" outfit. He grabbed the coordinates to the location sent to him by Mr. Chang.

Yung Dab arrived to the location; a secluded area within the Port of Los Santos, shrouded by tall and unaligned rows of stacked shipping containers. He parked next to a grey sedan, and exited his vehicle. He was met by three masked individuals, and a handcuffed Jenny Hall. Jenny was standing in the narrow space between the towering stacks of containers, and facing the opposite direction away from her captors. Mr. Chang, and the two other masked men (Ramee El-Rahman and Charles Johnson) immediately surrounded and trained their weapons on him; demanding that he holster his shotgun, and put his hands up. Initially believing they sought a confirmation of identity, Yung Dab took his Gnome mask off to reveal his face. Despite this, they continued to demand his surrender, which Yung Dab complied to. Mr. Chang handcuffed Yung Dab, to which he responded with, "Oh yeah, so this is how it's going to be?"

Yung Dab was escorted out of earshot from Jenny Hall, and was bombarded with remarks regarding his "betrayal" to criminals. Outraged at the accusation, he began shouting at the men; exposing the identities of all the masked individuals. Mr. Chang revealed that he had discovered several text messages between Yung Dab and Jenny in her phone; making him suspicious that Yung Dab could possibly be working with the cops. Yung Dab quickly shut down the notion, affirming that the relationship between him and Jenny went only as deep as a few flirtatious messages. Still exasperated by the unfolding situation, Yung Dab questioned why Mr. Chang would ever think that he could be possibly be a snitch, considering the amount of incriminating jobs that he had done with them. Persuaded, the masked men drop their weapons, and release Yung Dab. They go over their account of capturing Jenny, who at the time, was transporting contraband while undercover. Yung Dab rearmed his shotgun, and explained that despite the notoriety surrounding The Gnomes, they need to keep Jenny alive to spread the message of fear and terror spawned by the organization. Mr. Chang made Yung Dab promise that he wasn't a sex addict, and potentially being manipulated by Jenny.

With the tension eased slightly, Yung Dab began speaking as The Gnome, and revealed his bus tour plan to Mr. Chang and the other men. His plan involved attaching several C4 explosives to a bus filled with innocent civilians. Their safety would be in the hands of an exchange negotiation; the request would be that the debt of any criminal in the city [exceeding $50,000] would be paid off by the Department of Justice. Yung Dab reiterated the need to spare Jenny's life with the end goal of causing fear in her, and subsequently increase the infamy of "The Gnome", and his crimes. Mr. Chang expressed his desire to punch Jenny at least once, but Yung Dab pleaded against it, as he did eventually want to sleep with her. Ramee expressed his disgust, and Charles made more empty threats before they walked back over to Jenny.

The Gnome, along with his criminal companions, walked up behind Jenny Hall. The Gnome asked Jenny if she knew who he was, and stood directly in front of her. He revealed himself to be not just any gnome, but "THE Gnome". After being interrogated about the stolen goods, and accused of spying, Jenny, now terrified, pleads her innocence to The Gnome. She claimed that she was simply trying to move her motorcycle when she was captured. The Gnome presented Jenny with an offer: he would spare her life... but needed her thoughts on the DOJ clearing excessive criminal debts, in exchange for the life of a police officer. Jenny admitted that the DOJ don't negotiate with terrorists, and that if they were to do so, it would set a precedence that committing such crimes [leading to debt] are acceptable. Mr. Chang asked Jenny, "In regards to setting precedence; would an increase in killing cops be a more desirable trend, than negotiating with terrorists?" The Gnome told her to remember that question. When the time came, she could convince her superiors that the best course of action would be to negotiate with the terrorists; lest everyone she knows and loves would die. Mr. Chang asked Jenny, "How many cops have been shot in the past week?" The Gnome adds to the question, "How many cops were shot 2 months ago?", claiming that the number could easily skyrocket, if they so wish.

The Gnome asked Jenny to consider why they are letting her live; and Jenny responded that if she were to die, his words could not be delivered. The Gnome assured her that him, and his compatriots, had no problem murdering cops, and that there are other ways to send a message. (This line of questioning could be "The Gnome" subtly hinting that the only reason that Jenny [in particular] was spared, was because "Yung Dab" chose to save her.) The Gnome stepped back, allowing for Mr. Chang to inquire how Jenny would feel if all her friends died; and then punched her, before she could rightly answer. Mr. Chang then said, "Get this bitch in the car," and dragged her away to the vehicles, while The Gnome laughed maniacally. While Ramee and Charles searched for another car in the area to put Jenny in, The Gnome pulled Mr. Chang aside.

The Gnome thanked Mr. Chang for not killing him, and pleaded a final time to let Jenny live. "You like this girl?" Mr. Chang asked; to which a mix of "Yung Dab" and "The Gnome" replied, "A little bit, but it's not going to compromise anything I've been working towards." The Gnome went to help find an SUV for the others, and Mr. Chang taunted Jenny, leading him to punch her again. The Gnome brought the vehicle back, and made his departure, giggling on his way out. After the incident, despite arresting him in the past (in the same outfit that The Gnome wore during their meeting), Jenny never mentioned the connection to Yung Dab. This was either due to lack of evidence, or being too traumatized by the encounter; willingly choosing to ignore the truth. Jenny and Yung Dab continued to interact occasionally, though Jenny was now distant and cold.

Yung Dab would go on to hold ire for the treatment he was given by Mr. Chang, and those he considered his trusted friends, during that meeting. He never let go of the fact that they turned on him, as in his eyes, they had no legitimate reason to suspect him of being a "snitch".


"Well, see, that's the thing. I don't think there's anything wrong, but that in itself might be a problem; because that might mean that I'm a sociopath, and I - you know what, I don't wanna live that kind of life. The kind of life where I can't differentiate between - where I can't feel empathy for other people. Although, I'm pretty sure I do feel empathy, which means I'm not a sociopath. But, I haven't really figured it out yet." - Yung Dab, in response to Jenny Hall

First Session

Yung Dab partook in two therapy session with his psychologist, Kizzy Neveah, during his time in Los Santos. During these sessions, Yung Dab communicated his hatred towards the police department and its officers. He included his ultimate goal to tear down the oppressive regime, despite never directly confessing to Kizzy about his future plans, or about being The Gnome. Yung Dab delved rather deeply into his philosophy about society, and how people should behave in a free world without an overruling authority. He claimed that individuals decide their own fate, and act on their own free will; even if violence is necessary to achieve their goals. Yung Dab also expressed his internal conflict regarding his terrorist ideals, and his love for Jenny Hall.

Yung Dab's adventures in therapy began at Pillbox Medical Center. He entered the hospital, and demanded for Brenda Pancake to schedule an appointment with Kizzy Neveah for him; threatening to call her boss if she were to refuse. The interaction between him and Brenda ended with her begrudgingly calling Kizzy. Yung Dab thanked Brenda for performing her job, and calling her a "bitch" in the same sentence. After several minutes passed, Kizzy arrived in front of Pillbox, and met with Yung Dab, where he was in middle of hot-wiring Matthew Payne's car. Yung Dab requested an evaluation, and impromptu therapy session from Kizzy. She agreed, and led Yung Dab upstairs to the private doctor's office. After exchanging brief pleasantries, Yung Dab told Kizzy about his day, involving him shooting four men who tried to assault him with a shotgun. Kizzy replied, "...And, did you enjoy yourself?"

They entered the private office, and Yung Dab sat on the couch. The session kicked off with Kizzy asking Yung Dab regarding the reasoning for him seeking therapy; and he revealed that he didn't really have anyone to talk to about "general life stuff." When asked about his goals and ambitions in life, Yung Dab began ranting about his mission to destroy the unjust police state. He spoke on his fears about innocent people, and himself, randomly being shot by the police. The conversation took a 180 when Yung Dab asked Kizzy if she has ever been in love. He pried into Kizzy's past love life, and her opinion about marriage and polyamory. Yung Dab then confessed his love for the detective, Jenny Hall. He explained that, despite his criminal record, and the negative views he receives from other cops; Jenny recognizes that there is potential good within Yung Dab, and treats him differently than her colleagues. Yung Dab confronted the internal conflict that he felt regarding his love for Jenny, his hatred for the "assault rifle wielding Nazis of the police state," and the fact that he was still currently married to his "bitch wife", Susan.

The topic shifted towards Yung Dab's sour relationship with his wife, and the divorce proceedings that he must face in the future. Yung Dab states that, even if Jenny shared the same feelings for him, that she would never understand his desire to commit crime. His intention was not to hurt people, but to spite the police state, and give money back to the people in need. He claimed to be like "Jesus Christ, [or the] Robin Hood of crime." Yung Dab agreed with Kizzy's conjecture if he wished to be free from his love for Jenny. Yung Dab recalled on the time when he shot Jenny in an ambush at the jewelry store; feeling distressed about doing so, despite believing that most, if not all, cops are bad people. Kizzy recommended that Yung Dab should work towards humanizing all police officers, like he is able to do with Jenny, and Yung Dab approved of this idea. The session ended with Yung Dab begging for Kizzy to not to tell Jenny about anything he said; thanking her for the therapy, and then exiting the office.

Second Session

The second session with Kizzy occurred three days later, when Yung Dab ran into her at Pillbox. Kizzy led Yung Dab down the street to her car, so that they could drive to the psych office in Vinewood. While walking down the sidewalk towards the garage, Yung Dab inquired if Kizzy had some kind of metric test, or experiment, to determine if he was psychopath. She assured him that she didn't think he was, considering that he had expressed guilt and shame for shooting Jenny Hall. Yung Dab raised the possible concern that perhaps he was just simply lying about those feeling, in some kind of subconscious defense that is out of his control. The discussion of this notion was postponed by Kizzy until after they reached the office.

During the car ride, Yung Dab asked Kizzy to once again to explain the conditions and limits of the "HIPAA" laws that she abides by. He was cautious, and reluctant, in telling her about kidnapping Jenny Hall earlier that same day. Yung Dab then performed an impromptu "word-to-color association test" on Kizzy, where she answered "blue" for every word; leading him to believe that she is actually the psychopath. Once they arrived at the psych office, they began the session with an offer of an "association test" by Kizzy. She wanted to analyze some kind of mental health standard for Yung Dab, which he agreed to. Kizzy threw out dozens of various verbs, nouns, objects, and concepts for Yung Dab to respond to.

Notable responses

  • "Tec-9" for the word "Part"
  • "The Police" for the word "Despise"
  • "Me" for the word "Sad"
  • "Redhead" for the word "Sweetheart"
  • "My Dick" for the word "Long"

After the test was complete, Kizzy reported that beyond the signs of narcissism and egotism, Yung Dab appeared to be a perfectly sane individual, although possibly depressed. Yung Dab seemed annoyed and unsatisfied with the results, asking for any positive qualities that would have been noted by the test. Kizzy asked why would she need to find Yung Dab's good qualities? He stated that he needed to make it evident that he is more than just "an empty void of violence and thievery," before boastfully revealing his good deed of saving a police officer, Jenny Hall, from being executed earlier in the day. After being congratulated for committing such an generous act, Yung Dab acknowledged that it was more of a decision in a time of weakness, than one of charity. He once again brought up his concerns about Kizzy reporting his crimes to the police. He considered his feelings about killing people, before affirming and justifying that he only gained enjoyment in killing those who pose a threat to him, or his "vision." Kizzy interjected, saying that it made sense that a "celebrity like Yung Dab" would want his fans and followers to see a better side of him, than what he felt he had created for himself. Yung Dab admitted that his pursuit and dream to be a rapper was one fueled solely by a desire for monetary gain. However, it ultimately didn't matter to him anymore, as wealth is not evidence of goodness.

The discussion turned to Kizzy asking Yung Dab what drove him. He warned Kizzy that if he were to speak truthfully, she would have to report him to the police. She asked him to put it in words that would not require her to inform the authorities. "I want people to be free, or... to feel like they can do whatever they want, whenever they want to," Yung Dab replied. He explained that "true freedom", or the "essence of being an American", is about the ability and right to do whatever an individual wishes; without the limitations or rules of an overarching authority. Kizzy brought up the concept of the "pursuit of happiness", and that she believed that everyone should do what makes them happy, within reason. Yung Dab challenged this statement, claiming that "reason is not only subjective, but inconsistent across multiple individuals. Might and power can be the only true determinants of what should be considered right or wrong." Kizzy interjected by saying that "only in a perfect world and scenario, would a leader with the authority of might, not counteract the freedom of everyone else." Yung Dab agreed that the philosophy is basic, if not juvenile.

Yung Dab and Kizzy discussed whether freedom (with or without regard to reason) would be beneficial or harmful to the actual freedom and happiness of the individual. Yung Dab believed that he would not kill an innocent person; but he also agreed with the use of violence to reach the point of achieving such a utopia where violence would no longer need to exist. Yung Dab asked Kizzy her opinion about living in a militant/rebellious phase of society on the road to utopia. Kizzy replied that, due to her own past history, she could not bare to exist in such a state of unhappiness and violence, and would rather choose to die. Yung Dab related the idea to the concept of burning a old forest, so that new growth may take place, and a more lush forest may "rise from the ashes". He voiced his total disagreement with her outlook, and Kizzy passively accepted.

Yung Dab ended the session by saying he felt much better about the whole situation. However, he also admitted that he still did not know why he chose to save someone (Jenny Hall) that he normally would have done harm to. Kizzy suggested that part of being human is our ability to make decisions, and even mistakes, so that we can later reflect back on. These are viable means to discover what kind of person we really are on the inside, and the world we live in. Yung Dab and Kizzy both agreed that "the world is shit" and "fucking awful", before they exited the office. In the car ride back to the garage, Kizzy told Dab that she rated the therapy session a "10/10", as she had not been threatened (like other past sessions gone wrong). Yung Dab expressed to Kizzy that he would not be able to genuinely threaten her, even to accomplish a goal. Yung Dab considered inviting Kizzy to partake in his upcoming "bus tour", but firmly opposed the idea after some thought. Yung Dab shared one last piece of insight with Kizzy, before they said their goodbyes:

"I just think that people need to make sacrifices in order to achieve a better world [...] Well, I think that these people don't know what needs to be leveraged, y'know? I think that it's fine for them to have someone decide that for them. And I think that, in the end, they would be happy to know that they were part of the greater good; even if at the moment, they probably don't feel like that." - Yung Dab, to Kizzy Neveah

Final Days

Marked by five specific dates, Yung Dab's "Final Days" took place over the span of one week. During this week, Yung Dab resumed his criminal life relatively normally; save for key terrorist events, and conversations alluding to his end.

The Bus Tour

On day 2 of 5, The Gnome conducted his bus tour hostage bombing. This was carried out with the help of Mr. Wang Chang, Gomer Colton, Jacob Harth, and Siz Fulker. The Gnome's initial plan was to "hijack" Siz's trivia bus tour, and plant C4 on the bus itself. He was then going to force one of the hostages to drive around a track, while he negotiated terms with the police and judges. The negotiation was to clear the financial debt of any criminal over $50,000, or the hostages on the bus would be killed in cold blood. The Gnome was fully aware that there would be no complying with terrorists, and ultimately wanted to prove that the government cared more for "imaginary money" than it did for innocent human lives.

Unfortunately for The Gnome, his plan was thrown into chaos when a series of unfortunate circumstances occurred, as well as a premature detonation of the C4 by his own doing (injuring only Mr. Chang in the process). The other casualties of the night were Siz Fulker and Merlin Edmondstoune, after being gunned down by The Gnome's AK-47. Tessa Lamb was also injured when she was accidentally run over by the bus, due to a police officer crashing their vehicle into it. All of the "Gnomes" managed to escape the scene of the crime successfully through the use of a car, by foot, and by helicopter. Although the situation did not go 100% according to plan, The Gnome was confident in his ability to use this incident in a fear-mongering Weazel News article within the following days.

Yung Dab was confronted by Tony Corleone afterwards. Tony's (at the time) wife was one of the hostages on the bus tour, and was facing possible trauma/PTSD from the event. Tony demanded an apology, and a sum of money from Yung Dab for the damages done. This demand irritated Yung Dab, though he ultimately complied with Tony's monetary demands. Yung Dab wired the money to Tony's wife, Tori Bologna; not because he felt any remorse or guilt for his actions and said consequences, but to simply dismiss Tony.

"I'm not afraid. [Not] of anybody. [Laughter] Not in the least!" - Yung Dab, to Gomer Colton

The Will

Due to his increased terrorist activity, Yung Dab sensed his own imminent death, or a life sentence in prison, approaching quickly. He sought out his trusted friend and lawyer, Kevin Shaw, and asked Kevin to help in writing his Will. However, Kevin refused, stating that the last time he wrote one, the subject of said Will died two days later. This decline for help would be the final conversation between Yung Dab and Kevin Shaw.

Fleeca Bank Shootout

On day 4.5 of 5, Yung Dab was accompanied by Alabaster Slim, Eugene Zuckerberg, and Ramee El-Rahman in a Fleeca bank heist, resulting in two hour shootout. The bank, located across the street from the Pink Cage Motel, was held down by the four criminals. Yung Dab was adamant in holding down the situation; determined to extract revenge after a failed bank heist the day prior. The initial shootout was successful for the criminals, due to Alabaster Slim's sharpshooting. Slim was able to down the majority of the police officers, before himself and Yung Dab were shot down by the remaining officer's shotgun. Eugene panicked, smoked a crack rock, and quickly fled the bank scene. He returned shortly in a stolen car to flank the one remaining officer, and pick up the severely wounded Slim and Yung Dab. They were able to flee the scene in the stolen car, where Eugene had Slim and Yung Dab treated at Grandma's House. This would be the last time that Yung Dab would see Eugene or Slim, before his incarceration.

"[Laughter] Yung Dab, you're such a prick. Remind me to never do anything criminal with you, ever again." - Eugene, to Yung Dab (as Yung Dab casually danced during a high-stakes situation)

The Last Dab

Beginning of the End

Yung Dab's final day began normally, but quickly fell into chaos after the police engaged Yung Dab in a car chase; responding in full-force with several police units and a helicopter. Yung Dab escaped, and met with Melbert Rickenbacker at the Tuner Shop. Mel jumped into his Lamborghini, just as the police began surrounding the area. Yung Dab and Mel fled from the scene, escaping to Eugene's house, where they met with Siz and Gomer. As Yung Dab spoke to Gomer in regards to this being his last night in Los Santos, Al Saab stopped by quickly to hug Yung Dab good-bye. After Saab left, the group continued their meeting on the sidewalk, discussing the plans for later that day.

Officer AJ Hunter was the first to arrive on scene; pulling up next to the group. AJ attempted to communicate to the group, but was threatened when Yung Dab pulled the AK-47, and aimed at him. A local man saw the gun aimed at the officer, and shot at the police vehicle. Siz and Gomer fled to their cars, and Mel went into a panic, running to a safe distance from the situation. Yung Dab demanded for AJ to keep moving, which he abided by. As AJ was leaving the scene, he notified his enroute backup officers that he had an AK-47 aimed at him upon finding the suspects.

SASP Trooper Kael Soze and BCSO Cadet Bobby Smith arrived within seconds, Yung Dab fled the area by means of rooftop, jumping out of eyesight and taking cover in Eugene's backyard. With visible and audible confirmation that Mel was providing a distraction on the rooftop above him, Yung Dab pushed against the house, towards the narrow alleyway that lead to the street. With the police having limited view of his location, Yung Dab used the cover of the wall to listen for the sound of the approaching officer, and quickly took down Bobby Smith. However, Bobby had successfully landed a few gun shots to Yung Dab's chest, during his panicked response gunfire. Yung Dab ran back to his hiding location, and away from the downed officer. Realizing the severity of his wounds, he made his way inside the back entryway to Eugene's house. Yung Dab called Mel to make him aware of his location, and then fell unconscious due to his injuries.

Final Job as The Gnome

It took some time before Yung Dab's group was able to escape the heat from the cops, and return to the scene of the crime to gather him up. Once the group returned to Eugene's house, Yung Dab was taken to Grandma's House, where CPR was administered to revive him. When Yung Dab was in a stable enough condition, they finished planning their final criminal job with The Gnome.

Their first plan was an attempt to hit one of the smaller Fleeca banks; but upon discovering almost every Fleeca was closed off, they decided to hit Vangelico's Fine Jewelry. Instead of taking a civilian as a hostage, the plan was for Siz Fulker to drive his Brawler by the entrance of the store, and ram the cops during negotiation, in hopes of escalating a shootout. Yung Dab dressed fully as The Gnome, and gathered his heaviest firepower. The Gnome staked out one of the roofs across the street from the Vangelico's Fine Jewelry, and Siz downed several cops with his vehicle driveby. When the stronger police response began arriving, The Gnome attempted to shoot down a circling police helicopter. The attempt was only semi-successful, as the helicopter was forced to land, but did not crash.

While The Gnome was applying new body armor, he lost sight of where the cops had relocated, following the helicopter landing. The Gnome was then gunned down by Owen Svensen, who had re-positioned himself on the roof across the street from his location. Melbert Rickenbacker and Gomer Colton ran from the jewelry store, but did not get far before getting gunned down by a confused Siz (thinking that the police were still up, and standing outside of the store). Siz drove off after taking returned shots from local security officers. Severely injured, Siz attempted to drive to a nearby 24/7 to grab bandages, but fell unconscious. He was found and rescued by Zelda Harth.

After bleeding out on the roof where he was stationed, The Gnome was taken into police custody, and given on-site medical treatment. The Gnome threatened the doctor who was treating him, declaring that once he was free, that he would find the doctor, and kill him.

The Gnome's Confession


  • YouTube VOD Timestamp, until completed: HERE.

Max Security

Yung Dab serving his life sentence

Previously held in Bolingbroke's Max Security cells on a life sentence; it was said by visitors that Yung Dab just sat and stared, silent and unresponsive*. This demeanor was reported by various officers and Kevin Shaw when they were delivering him food daily (at the previous MRPD location). This was confirmed again, even after Yung Dab was moved to Bolingbroke; as vouched for by Mia Mersion.

*Yung Dab's "silence and unresponsiveness" was due to MOONMOON not being present to roleplay. The NoPixel role-players (both cop and criminal side) respect the character/streamer/storyline, and react accordingly in-game, acting as though Yung Dab is always there. Police have threatened criminals, taking them down to the Max Sec cells, and "leaving them alone with Yung Dab". The police did this in order to "scare" criminals from going down the same path.

Dab Escapes

Escape and Reunion with Lang
"...What's up?"
"Dab, is that ACTUALLY you...?"
"Uhhhh... yes?"
"It's fuckin' Lang!"
"You sound a little older, Buddha."
"Yeah, I'm old as shit now, motherfucker! I'm an old bitch! How the fuck are you still alive!?"
"I mean... It's only been, what, a couple years?"
― Dab and Buddha reunite

In the early hours of June 21st, 2021 after using Yeagar to get close to the DoC Lang Buddha, with the help of The Guild, broke Yung Dab out of prison during transport to off-site therapy. Yeagar was left behind as they made their escape to maintain his cover. After reuniting with the somewhat confused Dab, Buddha took him to Rooster's Rest and brought him up to speed with his life over the past couple years. Already planning his old tricks Dab confirmed that he had a list of people he needed to go through as Lang took him into the hidden rooms of Rooster's Rest and gave him a bedroom. Tired, hungry, and knowing that he needed to lay low Dab told Lang they'd talk more after he got some sleep and a proper meal before going to bed in his new abode.

On The Run
  • currently editing*



Kevin Shaw

Kevin Shaw is Yung Dab's lawyer, one of his best friends, and part of the "homies" in Yung Dab's "Inner Circle". Yung Dab was the catalyst to Kevin's gambling addiction, and a big factor in Kevin's popularity as a lawyer. Although Yung Dab constantly teased and poked fun at Kevin (calling him a "pussa bitch" or hijacking his car); Yung Dab was a loud and proud advocate of Kevin's work. He declared that Kevin Shaw was "the most handsome lawyer in all of Los Santos". Yung Dab also argued against anyone who tried to claim that Murphy Braun as a better attorney. In addition to this, Yung Dab also convinced Chang Gang to keep Kevin off of their hit-list; vouching that Kevin was not a snitch, and that he trusted him completely.

Yung Dab's long-term personal goal was to convert Kevin to the side of crime. He wanted to recruit Kevin as his getaway driver; something he mentioned to Kevin and others a handful of times. Yung Dab/The Gnome is also responsible for desensitizing, and aligning Kevin with his owns ideals that he created as The Gnome, over the span of roughly three months.

"I'm slowly corrupting him (Kevin Shaw) by outright telling him all the illegal shit that I do, so that I, like, normalize him, right? Then I don't have to worry about him snitching, ever. It's a long con." - Yung Dab, to Happy D'Klown and Alabaster Slim

Kevin was one of the very first people to learn of The Gnome's true identity, and was in immediate support. He never actively assisted in any of Yung Dab's crimes or terrorist plans, he is a self proclaimed Gnome. Kevin often gave Yung Dab advice for criminal jobs, often under the guise of what he would do in a hypothetical scenario. Kevin could not often help Yung Dab when he was behind bars, as Yung Dab was a notorious self-snitch, and often left incriminating evidence behind as leads for the police. Regardless, Yung Dab still always called Kevin when he was in need of legal representation.

"He (Kevin Shaw) gets angry when I don't call him, okay?!" - Yung Dab, to Jenny Hall

Because of Yung Dab's charismatic nature, he was easily able to convert the lawful Kevin Shaw to the side of a terrorist organization. Near Yung Dab's final days, Kevin was fully aware of The Gnome's plan to perform a massacre, and take several innocent lives. However, Kevin did nothing to stop him; he only sighed in disapproval, and offered to help in the event that Yung Dab was caught.

Following Yung Dab's imprisonment, Kevin fell into a deep depression for days. He felt pushed aside by Yung Dab, and is still visibly saddened at the mention of him. For the first few weeks after Yung Dab's sentencing, Kevin brought him some water, a meal containing his favorite burgers, and a personal note, every day. Following government funding being put into place in order to serve Yung Dab quality food in prison, Kevin halted his daily deliveries.

Cop Killa Records


Alabaster Slim

Alabaster "Pimp" Slim is Yung Dab's best friend, and one of the "homies" in Yung Dab's "Inner Circle". When they first met, Slim insisted on getting Yung Dab on to the corner, and "putting his face tattoo to work". In an attempt to show that he had talent beyond prostitution, Yung Dab freestyled a less-than-mediocre rap verse. The freestyle did not impress Slim, and he responded with his infamous baby powder slap down. Yung Dab called Slim a "bitch" and ran away, before jumping in a vehicle with Eugene Zuckerberg. Yung Dab and Eugene returned to the area, and drove by while calling out that Slim was a bitch multiple times. Yung Dab was an insecure and timid newcomer at this point in time, and immediately wanted to leave the area, screaming in fear of being met with violence by Slim. This initial meeting began a short period where Yung Dab feared " Pimp ", and would cower at the sight of him.

"Well, I gotta good idea for ya, muh'fuckah. How 'bout you come get that ass on the corner, we put that face tattoo of you's to work?" - Slim, attempting to make Yung Dab his "he-bitch"

Yung Dab's life sentence caused Slim to become rather emotional; openly crying at the mere mention of Yung Dab's name.* Slim took most of his grief out on Outto-Tune Tyrone, in the form of physical and verbal abuse (cursing, degrading, yelling, and slapping).

"Yung Dab... a legend. Everybody gonna remember Yung Dab... for the fuckin'... cold-blooded murderer he was." - Alabaster Slim, to Evita "Mother" Nimm

  • Kyle has often expressed his frustration, and regret, regarding his absence during "The Last Dab". He was unable to make it through the server's queue, due to being a volunteer helper for Sun Moon's Million Dollar Race on a dedicated server earlier in the day. It can be assumed that Alabaster Slim holds the same level of regret about not being there for Yung Dab "when it mattered". Kyle has indicated that Slim's ultimate goal is to one day reunite with his best friend. Slim will occasionally repeat the phrase "when we break Yung Dab out..." during relevant conversations.

Outto-Tune Tyrone ("OTT")

While Yung Dab is rather petty in regards to other singers/rappers, he showed a fair amount of kindness to OTT. Unlike Alabaster Slim, Yung Dab never put OTT down, or humiliated him. Yung Dab treated OTT with greater respect, and was the one who promoted OTT to the official title of Senior Artist of Cop Killa Records. OTT aspired to be like Yung Dab, believing he would never live up to the legacy that Yung Dab left behind. OTT vowed to keep Cop Killa Records going, even after Yung Dab's incarceration.

Yung Dab's impact on OTT aided in his development as a criminal and gangster. OTT did his first successful bank robbery with Yung Dab, at the Paleto Bank. He served as the lookout for the crew, and called out when the police were approaching. In Yung Dab's remembrance, OTT released a song titled "It’s Been A Long Dab", as well as a music video.

Prune Gang

Eugene Zuckerberg

Eugene Zuckerberg is one of Yung Dab's "grandfather" figures, a fellow member of Prune Gang, and one of the "homies" in Yung Dab's Inner Circle. Eugene is also the co-founder and member of The Gnomes, being one of Yung Dab's main enablers for illegal activities. Yung Dab referred to Eugene as his crime mentor, and thanked him several times for showing him the ropes of the city. When contemplating who to bring alongside him on a job, Yung Dab brought Eugene along for a majority of the time.

Melbert Rickenbacker

Mel has been classified as "fucking insane" by Yung Dab. He was one of the "go-to" criminals when Yung Dab needed someone who was willing to do literally anything. In their official first introduction, Mel and Yung Dab shared a moment of acknowledging each other’s clout. Mel's criminal record gained Yung Dab’s respect, as both a Prune Gang superior, and fellow gangster. Mel's contact information in Yung Dab's phone was listed as "Melina", as this is what Yung Dab called him when he first arrived in Los Santos.

Gladys Berry

Just like with Eugene, Yung Dab found Gladys as a wise elder, and superior Prune Gang member. Gladys was insistent upon not being referred to as "Grandma", as she still had a sex life similar to a youthful woman. However, she eventually accepted the title, as their relationship grew. Before they were close, Gladys and Yung Dab went through a period of hostility and petty violence towards one another. Gladys' anger towards Yung Dab was provoked by him rigging a rap battle in his favor, and essentially robbing her of the $500 prize winnings. Yung Dab avoided paying Gladys the prize money when she confronted him about it the next day, and was beaten down with a bat when he tried to run. This attack caused Yung Dab to fear Gladys for a period of time, and flee at the very sight of her.

The Colton Brothers

Gomer Colton

Gomer Colton is one of Yung Dab's best friends, his go-to mechanic, and one of the "homies" in Yung Dab's Inner Circle.

Buck Colton

Los Santos Police Department

Jackie Snow

Jenny Hall

Jenny Hall was both an enemy, and object of desire for Yung Dab. Jenny saw Yung Dab as a friend whom she wanted to help reform and heal, often referring to him as "Max", instead of Yung Dab. However, she was also scared of Yung Dab, and was determined to eventually unmask and expose him as The Gnome. Yung Dab claimed to love Jenny ("because she got a phat ass"), even sending her a text saying "LOVE YOU TOO ;)" after Jenny texted him a request to "please stay safe, Max." Yung Dab also claimed to only like Jenny "a little bit", and also declared her as his enemy, as she was a part of the police force. While Yung Dab's true feelings towards Jenny were unclear most of the time, he made it very clear that he wanted to sleep with her. Ultimately, Yung Dab was using Jenny as his own personal entertainment, and as a key piece in the puzzle to further his terrorist plans. In a case of cruel irony, Jenny Hall was the first officer that Yung Dab ever shot.

Although Yung Dab found joy in tormenting and manipulating Jenny, he also showed her mercy, and flirted with her during every interaction they had. The affection towards Jenny was a mixed bag of genuine feelings for her, and Yung Dab's long term plan of getting close to her, in order to take advantage of Jenny's bias towards him in regards to legal matters. After the Chang Gang kidnapped Jenny, and The Gnome threatened her, Jenny texted Yung Dab to make it clear that she wanted some space, shaken by the event. Though never verbally confirmed, Yung Dab took actions to make it obvious to Jenny that he was The Gnome.

Despite Yung Dab's plans for its release, his song I'm in Love With a Cop (She Got a Phat Ass Tho) was never created, nor performed.

"I think I'm insane. Yeah. I can't - but, I think - I think I'm a psychopath. [...] I mean, it's not like a love thing, really. I mean, a little bit. [...] But also, she might know that I'm a terrorist, and that I saved her life as the terrorist. [...] Look man, I'm a bad person. I deserve whatever happens to me." - Yung Dab, to Sun Moon, in reference to Jenny Hall

Korean Mafia (Sun Clan)

Tim Lee

Tim Lee is one of Yung Dab’s earliest crime enablers, introducing Yung Dab to the Korean Mafia, and his underground connections. Shortly after first meeting, Tim Lee drove Yung Dab out to the Vinewood sign and forced him to smoke crack at gun point, to prove that Yung Dab wasn’t a cop (or a bitch). Yung Dab happily complied with Tim’s demands, having been searching for drugs to take since he arrived in Los Santos. Tim Lee and Yung Dab got along easily from this point forward, working together often during Yung Dab’s first month in Los Santos.

Sun Moon

Marlowe Vineyard

Otto Delmar

Joe Caine


Al Saab

Al Saab is one of Yung Dab's closest "homies", and go-to criminal partners. They befriended one another on Yung Dab's second night in the city.

Tony Corleone

Tony Corleone and Yung Dab often worked together on crimes, especially bank robberies that required a skilled getaway driver. They were fairly acquainted, but tension often sparked between them, due to Tony’s quickness in jumping to hostility. In these cases, Yung Dab would pay Tony to get him off his back; less concerned about mending their relationship, and more so to stop Tony’s nagging, as Yung Dab found it annoying.

Tony's first major interaction with Yung Dab, following their initial meeting, was destroying Yung Dab in the rap battle at the Vanilla Unicorn. They had a rocky start, as Tony threatened Yung Dab over not being immediately paid for purposely losing. Once the money was given to Tony, his hostility was satiated, and he accepted his staged defeat.

When Tony got married, Yung Dab performed a song for him with Outto-Tune Tyrone.

Lang Buddha

Yung Dab's first interaction with Lang Buddha was under "scuffed" circumstances on Buddha's part; perfectly summing up the majority of their interactions from that point onward.

The Watchers

Jacob Harth

Yung Dab is very good friends with Jacob. Jacob had often giving him aide in his terrorist actions.

Evita "Mother" Nimm

Of all the women Yung Dab flirted with in Los Santos, Mother was the one he pursued to the greatest degree, and seemingly held the most care for. His feelings towards her were mostly sexual, but he also sought to inspire her, and provide her security in her times of paranoia and weakness. Because of her tight-lipped nature, Yung Dab was inclined to nag her for any bit of information; insistent that he couldn't help her unless she trusted him with her secrets. Despite her refusal to reveal information to him, Yung Dab told her many of his plans and secrets anyways.

Mother and Yung Dab went on a number of dates, and Yung Dab even bought a limousine just to impress her (and in the hopes of having sex in the back of said limousine). To outsiders, their chemistry was convincing enough to have Mother's "children" believe that they were an official item for quite some time. Mother and Yung Dab often sent one another flirty texts, as well.

Rumors of their sexual relationship began floating around the city, as pointed out by Mother's adopted son, Siz Fulker. Such as the rumor of Mother "pegging" Yung Dab, or that they have indeed had sex. Mother, for Yung Dab's sake, confirmed the rumor of them sleeping together (despite this being a lie). In regards to the pegging rumor, Yung Dab confirmed it to be false, but wishes it were true.

Ironically, as it was Mother who connected them, Yung Dab once threatened Mother over Siz's safety. This occurred when Yung Dab misunderstood Mother's intentions, and believed her to have murderous intent towards their son. Protective of his new protege, Yung Dab threatened to harm, or potentially even kill, Mother. This was quickly cleared up when Mother hastily explained she had no ill intent towards Siz, but was just a bit fed up with him at the time.

After the events of the bus tour, communication fell off between the two, as Yung Dab was too entangled in his terrorist agenda. Although their relationship was cut short due to their criminal lives being so contrasting in style, they never ended up on bad terms, and remained flirtatious friends until the end. Following Yung Dab's sentencing, Mother was saddened by the news, and regretted not spending more time with him. She confided in Alabaster Slim that she had sent Yung Dab photos of her titties, and mournfully confessed that she hoped he'd received them, and been pleased by them.

"It's, uh, funny, um- one of the last things that Yung Dab said to me was that I was capable of doing something. That I need to stop being so scared." - Mother, to Alabaster Slim

Siz Fulker

Siz Fulker is Yung Dab's adopted step-son and official apprentice, intended to be the next on the throne as "The Gnome". When they first met, Yung Dab laughed at Siz's injured face; giving him five dollars as charity, and setting their relationship off on the wrong foot. Later that day, before Yung Dab's date with Mother, he took Siz on a car ride and explained to him in great detail how he planned to have sex with her. Yung Dab needed Siz's full compliance in order to do so, even going so far as to threaten to kill Siz if he refused to help Yung Dab "get it in". Despite calling Siz a number of insults and roasting him to his core, he took on the role of "Step Dab", and gave Siz advice on being more confident and hitting on women. At the end of the date, Yung Dab gave Siz a SNS pistol, and declared him an honorary Gnome. Yung Dab assigned Siz with the task of taking down the Chief of Police, Jackie Snow, for a $50,000 reward.

From this point on, Siz looked to Yung Dab as a source of guidance and role model for his own behavior, even adopting one of Yung Dab's catchphrases: "Boom, bitch." After the events of The Gnome's Bus Tour, Siz was invited to Yung Dab's Inner Circle. Because of this, Siz was introduced to a world of criminal connections, such as Eugene Zuckerberg, Alabaster Slim, Gomer Colton, and Al Saab.

After Yung Dab's imprisonment, Siz grew notably hostile towards the police. His desire to be a high-tier criminal strengthened. Siz stepped up as a guns dealer, and actively sought out crime in order to both gain clout on the Dark Web's bounty board, and to have fun at the expense of the police. Furthermore, a month or so later when Siz had gotten to the point of financial and social stability he also began to emulate Yung Dab's treatment towards him (when was still new to crime). Siz would often make an effort to get new criminals he encountered into their first high stakes job. (At the time, robbing Fleeca Banks was relatively easy to prepare for and potentially quite profitable.)

Griselda "Zelda" Harth

Siz asked Yung Dab if he could ask Zelda out on a date for him, and Yung Dab obliged. Siz and Zelda are still together. Yung Dab said that Zelda was kind of like Jacob (her brother).

Uchiha Jones

Yung Dab hated Uchiha, simply because he believed Uchiha to be a "freak", and found his chicken anatomy to be repulsive. Yung Dab's dislike of Uchiha turned into tolerance when Uchiha accompanied him on some of his heists. If anything, Yung Dab saw Uchiha as a joke of a being, and was humored by his pathetic existence.

Uchiha was one of the hostages used in The Gnome's scavenger hunt, and was the only casualty. Yung Dab felt no remorse for shooting Uchiha, as he was a robot, and his parts were replaceable.

"Some people just deserve to die." - Yung Dab, to Mother about Uchiha

While visiting Mr. Chang in prison, Uchiha gave Yung Dab his first two rounds of AK gun ammo, for a price of $8k. Yung Dab often teased Mr. Chang and Uchiha for the amount of sexual tension between them.

Chang Gang

Mr. Wang Chang

Mr. Chang is one of the "homies" in Yung Dab's Inner Circle. They often committed high-stakes crimes together, such as taking down cops at the Power Plant, or robbing the City Bank's Vault, with a high success rate. They had a flirty, playful relationship, that did not often breach serious or dramatic territory.

"You are one handsome man." - Yung Dab's first words to Mr. Chang

A major factor of why Mr. Chang and Yung Dab connected so well was due to Mr. Chang sharing a similar affinity to committing extremely high risk crime, for little to no reward. In their eyes, the reward was committing the crime itself. This mindset was why Mr. Chang was present for many of Yung Dab's attempts at taking down the Power Plant, and during all of The Gnome related terrorist operations.


Cheryl Smith

Cheryl was Yung Dab's first consistent love interest, as he spent many of his "clout chasing" days by her side. She was very discouraging of his rap career, often trashing his poor rap skills and appearance. He rarely ever called Cheryl by her actual name, instead calling her "Sheila" and "Shirley".

Cheryl, along with Yung Dab, regularly rolled with Jaclyn "Jackie" Hyde and Otto Delmar. On March 23rd, 2019, the Leanbois murdered Jackie, and shot Cheryl, putting her in the ICU. After this incident, Yung Dab lost most contact with Cheryl, and they only greeted one another in passing.


  • "Boom."
  • "You know what I'm sayin'?"
  • "You like that? You like that? You like that?"
  • “Hey.”
  • "Lissen."
  • “You smell nice.”
  • "I'm finna smoke some weed, biiiitch!"
  • "Lil Erf's a bitch.”
  • "But damn, she got a fat ass, tho!"
  • "Lil pussa biiiiitch!"
  • "Uhhhhh..."
  • "Suck a diiiiiiick!"
  • "Gangstaaaaa!"
  • "Playa playa playaaaaa!"
  • "BLAP BLAP!"
  • "Hee hee! Hoo hoo!"
  • "Boom bop boom."
  • "Don't be a pussy/bitch."
  • "KEVIN."
  • "Hang on, one sec!"
  • "Glug glug glug glug."
  • "Think about it."
  • "I've got cottonmouth like a mother fucker."
  • "Yo."
  • "I'm a man of the people."
  • "I'm gonna go jerk off in a bush."

Episode List

# Title/VOD Key Events
1 Yung Dab - !EU (03/11/2019) Yung Dab arrives in Los Santos.

Boba Stone teaches him how to dab and is declared his son.

Yung Dab calls Sun Moon, and asks for cocaine.

Sunny shows Yung Dab the city.

Yung Dab meets and flirts with Scarlett Winters, then Ziggy Buggs, making them unofficial boyfriends.

Yung Dab gets his iconic tattoos.

2 Yung Dab buys a car


Yung Dab dawns his first iconic rapper outfit.

Yung Dab meets Senior Detective, Jenny Hall, for the first time.

Compliments the Chief of Police, Jackie Snow, on his wig.

Yung Dab meets Eugene, deems him his new grandpa, learns of his history, and Prune Gang.

Alabaster Slim tries to get Yung Dab on the corner and pimp slaps him.

Buys his very first car for only $2,500.

3 Yung Dab, an aspiring, clout chasing rapper


Yung Dab meets Jack Ripley, Joe Caine, Otto Delmar, Al Saab, Tony Corleone, Ricky Robins, Cheryl Smith, Oola Kingston, Gladys Berry, Dexx "Get Money" Martin, and Georgina "Windsong" Williams.

Organizes a rap battle in the Vanilla Unicorn's parking lot.

Befriends Melbert Rickenbacker, completing his introduction to Prune Gang.

Declares Kelly Smith to be the coolest guy in the world.

Yung Dab wins his (rigged) rap battle.

Nino Chavez lends Yung Dab his bike.

Tim Lee initiates Yung Dab by making him smoke crack.

4 Yung Dab Sells Crack


Yung Dab is beaten by Gladys via bat.

Meets Lang Buddha, and is scammed into buying overpriced cocaine from the Leanbois.

Gordon Parks robs Yung Dab of his ID and belongings.

Yung Dab learns how to obtain oxy.

Yung Dab meets and fights alongside Bogg Dann.

Gladys beats Yung Dab down yet again with her bat, and she and Gordon Parks shit on him in the middle of the road.

5 NoPixel RP - Yung Dab Joins a Gang (03/14/2019) Otto assigns Yung Dab the mission of finding a sawed off shotgun in two hours, under the threat that he will skin him alive if he is to fail.

Dab meets Dale Morris and Mr. Chang and freestyles for them.

Al Saab, Cheryl, and Yung Dab attempt to set up an ambush for Otto. He does not show up. They end up meeting at PDM where Yung Dab is taken by Trooper Emma Dupont for questioning.

Yung Dab proceeds to snitch on Otto and Gladys to the police.

Meets Murphy Braun, and engages in a rap battle.

6 Yung Dab Joins a Gang - pt. 2 (03/15/2019) Yung Dab sells cocaine to James Tinklebottom, who proceeds to kidnap him, and frame him for Weazel News.

Meets Kiki Chanel.

Raps the Prune Gang song, and is initiated into Prune Gang by Eugene, after beating up local Vagos members.

Punches Lil Loco into oncoming traffic. Is threatened by him minutes later in the same ambulance.

Yung Dab purposely is apprehended by an officer so as to get arrested for the bag of cocaine on his person, thus increasing his clout.

7 NoPixel RP - Yung Dab Joins a Gang pt. 3


Snorts cocaine off the trunk of Alabaster Slim’s car in the casino parking lot. They later sniff more coke off the trunk, Lady and the Tramp style. Mel, Slim, and Yung Dab attend a Vinewood Bowl fight club together. Otto runs off with the entry/prize money.

The gang tries to hunt down Otto. Mel shoots Windsong, and they take Jaclyn "Jackie" Hyde hostage.

Al Saab and Ricky show up to pay for Jackie’s freedom, right before Otto rolls up with Chang Gang. The exchange ends in a shootout where Chang Gang is victorious. They rob Yung Dab and the gang and then leave.

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# Title/VOD Key Events
1 Next stream Monday @ 3PM PDT ish :)


2 escaped from maximum security, yung dab


3 on the run, yung dab


4 a brand new identity, yung dab


5 finalizing the plan, yung dab


6 conversations, with yung dab


7 then dinner date with Lang & Siz | NoPixel WL


Dab starts at timestamp 2:15:15 in part 1


  1. Super Saiyan
  2. New Era
  3. My Pants Are Full Of Surprises
  4. S A D B O I Z 2
  5. Fuk Tha Police (feat. Alabaster Slim)
  6. Titty Grabber (feat. Al Saab)
  7. The Beef Is Over (feat. Lil Erf)
  9. Dragon Slayin' (Fuck Lil' Erf) (feat. Biggie C, Burger Bitch & Hep B)
  10. S A D B O I Z
  11. Big Cock (feat. Frank)
  12. Dabbing With Angels (feat. Peggy)
  13. Blap Blap (F.L.E.)
  14. Dab Daddy
  15. Prune Gang (litty version)
  16. Ur Sister Is A Thot
  17. Dab Devil
  18. Yung Dab - THE GOAT
  19. Jail Clout (Music Version)
  20. Hospital
  21. Women
  22. Jail Clout
  23. Kiki's Dancing Sucks
  24. Eugene
  25. Prune Gang
  26. Inspired
  27. Murphy 4
  28. Murphy 3
  29. Murphy 2
  30. Murphy
  31. Fuck Tha Police (sample)
  32. Rap Battle Vs Kelly
  33. Spanish Ho
  34. On The Road (OTR)
  35. Lame Cop
  36. NoNumber
  37. Lactation
  38. Supergay
  39. Ambulance
  40. KilledUrWife(Freestyle)
  41. Fat Dale
  42. Cocaine

Criminal Record

Drugs and Alcohol.png
  • Assault with Deadly Firearm x2
  • Criminal Possession of a Firearm [Class 1] x6
  • Criminal Possession of a Firearm [Class 2] x8
  • Criminal Use of a Firearm x2
  • Disobeying a Peace Officer x1
  • Driving on a Suspended/Revoked License x5
  • Evading x1
  • Failure to Obey Traffic Control Devices x1
  • Felony Trespassing x5
  • First Degree Robbery x3
  • First Degree Speeding x1
  • Illegal Passing x1
  • Joyriding x14
  • Kidnapping x2
  • Misdemeanor Possession of Cocaine x3
  • Misdemeanor Possession of Controlled Dangerous x5
  • Misdemeanor Possession of Crack x2
  • Negligent Driving x1
  • Non-functional Vehicle x1
  • Reckless Driving x1
  • Reckless Evading x13
  • Removed Weapons License x1
  • Resisting Arrest x14
  • Robbery x9
  • Tampering with a Vehicle x2
  • Terrorism x1
  • Third Degree Speeding x2
  • Trespassing x1
  • Unlawful Imprisonment x1
  • Vandalism of Government Property x2


  1. The Gnome strikes again.
  2. Yung Dab needs an appointment.
  3. Yung Dab gets the life sentence.
  5. Jebaited LMFAOO


  • LeBron James listened to Yung Dab's tracks on his Instagram story.
  • Moon had the option of expunging Dab and playing him as a normal crim in 3.0, but decided to keep him as a prisoner in max sec
  • His favorite color to wear is brown, and his favorite color over all is orange.
  • His favorite music genre is actually country.
  • Despite being a heavy chain-smoker with a damaged sense of smell, Yung Dab had a habit of complimenting people on how they smell.
  • He is the eldest sibling of five. He has three younger sisters and one younger brother.
  • After deciding to chase his rapper career, he lost contact with his siblings and parents. However, before every prison sentence he claimed that he needed to call his children.
  • He did not allow his children to listen to his songs, because they have "bad words" in them.
  • His children are unaware that he is the famous SoundCloud rapper, Yung Dab.
  • He is very open with sharing his sexual preferences. He does not eat ass, do butt-stuff, perform cunnilingus, and does not enjoy receiving blowjobs. He has, however, bragged about how good he is at sucking dick, and how much he's done it in the past. He likes getting pegged (despite saying he doesn't do butt-stuff) by strong women, then resting his head on their chest post-coitus.
  • Trended higher than Post Malone on SoundCloud.
  • Despite claiming that he is straight, he flirted with men just as much as women. He claimed to be heterosexual, because being a gay rapper would just expose him to homophobia, and would decrease his clout.
  • When questioned by Kevin Shaw, Yung Dab said that his children's ages were nine and 11. He could not, however, name the years in which they were born, until given several days to ponder it.
  • He is actually the third Maximilian Thoroughbred in a line of rich white old men. This is the main source of his income, supposedly.
  • He did not have a good relationship with his father.
  • Yung Dab does not pre-write any of his rhymes, because "ghost writers are for pussies." (REZZUREKTION being the only exception to this rule.)
  • When Siz claimed Kevin Shaw was his best friend, Yung Dab said "I thought Kevin was my ' best friend!" They then decided to share their best friend, as father and son.
  • He hates hippies.
  • He was top 500 every season in Overwatch, and mains tanks. (This is from a conversation with Tony Corleone, where MOONMOON was sharing OOC information in the form of Yung Dab lore.)
  • The only way he can "get off" is if he's degraded, or someone steps on his balls hard enough to potentially pop them.


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