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Maximilian Delicious aka Mr. Delicious is a character role-played by Alex Labat, also known as SNLabat.

Background and Personality

Maximilian Delicious is an odd, outgoing individual with a mysterious background. His innocent, soothing voice is juxtaposed with disturbing colloquialisms and strange observations. Mr. Delicious works at Burger Shot but is often and frequently pulled to join his friends on outings and adventures. Initially, Mr. Delicious's background remained a mystery, but recently he has been handing out his resume which has revealed some of his supposed "biographical" information.

Maximilian Delicious can normally be seen wearing a yellow hoodie, unzipped, with a polo shirt accompanied by a gold chain and his signature yellow cheetah-print shorts. While he prefers the color yellow, Mr. Delicious claims to not be affiliated with any known gangs in the Los Santos area.


Maximilian Delicious is currently a full-time employee at Burger Shot as well as a member of their Marketing & Public Relations team. It is here that Mr. Delicious developed a working relationship with Ricardo Perez, which would eventually lead to Mr. Delicious being hired as the "Head of Marketing and Public Relations" for Pitchers after a conversation with Sebastian Ableton.

On January 14th, 2022, after assisting Kiki Chanel obtain her business license and account from judge Nathaniel Greyson, Mr. Delicious was hired as the Assistant Manager of Kiki's Organic Clothing.

Delicious Relations

On January 12th, 2022, acting mayor Emma Gaine approved Mr. Delicious's business license for Delicious Relations. After obtaining his business account from judge Arthur MacNee, Maximilian Delicious obtained a loan from Artorius King to purchase an office space inside of the Cerberus Business Center to begin business operations.

Approved for the loan with his signature yellow Panto as collateral, Mr. Delicious set out creating marketing material for both Burger Shot and Pitchers. It is through these connections and with the generosity of his friends and co-workers that Mr. Delicious was able to raise enough money to pay off the Diamond Hand Credit loan after a single day.

Delicious Relations offers a bevy of different services, from high-resolution headshot portraits to press releases and promotional/marketing material.


On February 19th, 2022, Maximilian Delicious pledged an undying oath of marriage to Patricia Heartstopper.


Mr. Delicious claims to have been raised as a Siamese cat by his parents until he was 7 years old. After his mother brought him to the veterinarian because his baby teeth were falling out, the vet responded with, "You do know this is your son, right?".

Maximilian Delicious is sometimes mistaken for Nosferatu.

Headshot Portrait Gallery

Mr. Delicious took it upon himself to take high-resolution headshot portraits of his fellow Burger Shot coworkers and friends with his smartphone. Those headshot portraits can be seen below.

Played By: SNLabat
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