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Max Speed is a character role-played by ScourgeYT.


Max lives up to his name everything he does is taken to the extreme, he dedicates himself off of his competitive spirit never giving up in his quest to be the best at everything. He will act very humble when he wins or gets his way although in his heart is nothing but anger and lust for more, which he does not show. Although typically very friendly trying to get along with everybody he has a limit and can snap when pushed too far, if this happens side effects include: Being roasted, getting knocked out, and waking up in ditches.

Max is trying to be successful in the city to make his father proud by any means, waiving on the edge of his moral compass after being denied from the Department of Corrections by Wynona Fontaine for claiming he would take an opportunity to join the Los Santos Police Department if it presented itself. Being full of anger, feeling as if he was disrespected in his ability, he began using his sharp intelligence to outwit the police and make some quick cash.

One day Max wishes to own a RX-8 to prove himself to the racing community that is he a serious competitor who wishes to disrupt the racing scene by outperforming all other drivers. Although he understands circumstantially you can't always win, he will never give up.


When max first came to the city, the first person he met was Abdul. The fast service and enthusiastic nature of Abdul inspired him to save up enough to buy his own taxi and work under the Abdul's Taxi Service banner. Max's favourite employee's other than himself and Abdul AlRahim include Tommy Tate and Luigi Falsatini.

Max is very proud of his accomplishment achieving 1st place in the first official Abdul's Taxi Racing League event (ATRL) especially after being told multiple times Abdul would be an unconquerable opponent. The race ended after two laps of the track "Rags to Riches" with his taxi in a time of 13:41 followed by Abdul AlRahim finishing at 14:29

After Mike Block was struck by a car that since fled the scene Max noticed him lying on the ground and dragged him into the back of his taxi. He talked to the man about how he wanted to open his own underground medical center. Not knowing it was the infamous Mike Block leader of the Block Gang he drove towards pillbox when Mike refused and told him to go to a specific location. After arriving and bringing mike inside he was able to stabilise Mike where he was than given the honorary title of Voodo Block Doctor.