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Max Moody is a character role-played by Gnomey_au.


Max Moody was born in 1988 to a single mother. Overprotective and overbearing, she instilled a fear of the world into him at an early age, eventually leading to the development of several mild to moderate phobias and anxiety disorders including (but not limited to) a fear of enclosed spaces, heights, germs, crowds, public speaking and personal contact with others. Home schooled throughout his youth, he spent little time around others and to this day feels anxious and uncomfortable around people, most notably strangers.

After the passing of his mother, his therapist recommended he take an overseas holiday as a form of exposure therapy. Feeling optimistic at the opportunity to finally make progress with his condition, Max spent most of his money traveling to Los Santos, only to discover on the way that he also had an undiagnosed fear of flying and was too scared to return to Australia.

He does not commit crime, having only ever been given one driving ticket, and is staunchly anti-violence, a trait which puts him at odds with most people in Los Santos.







  • He once interviewed to become a Corrections Officer with the Department of Corrections, but decided not to proceed with an application after being told the inmates would likely spit on him given the opportunity.