Matthew Payne is a character role-played by thaCOOP.

Background Edit

Matthew Payne is a senior realtor and one of the most successful men in the city of Los Santos. He owns numerous properties around the city and is the owner of Payne Real Estate. He is on good terms with Los Santos Police Department and gives the police a discount on housing in Mirror Park and Vinewood.

Payne Real Estate Edit

Payne Real Estate is a realty company founded and managed by Matthew. He sells properties across Los Santos to everyone. Police and criminals are some of his best clients. He often rents properties to south side gangs which has recently caught the attention of police.

Homeowners Association Edit

The HOA was contracted by Payne to lower the crime rate and raise the property values in Mirror Park and Vinewood neighborhoods. Homes in these areas have a high value and were often subject to break ins and theft. The HOA works to secure and protect Payne's properties. Their methods are often questionable but Payne is willing to look the other way to insure his properties are secure.

Fun Facts Edit

  • Matthew Payne is a supporter of law enforcement
  • Sells stash houses to criminals including gangs
  • Has signed safety contracts with gang leaders
  • Sold properties to judges in the Barrio territory
  • He has an ongoing rivalry with Officer Jordan Steele
  • Often hires known criminals to provide security
  • Cassie Cupcakes aka "Jessica Payne" is his stalker
  • He prefers to avoid being involved in criminal activity
  • Milton Pointdexter is his nephew

Quotes Edit

  • "I have reason to believe that I’m currently under attack."
  • "DRIVE BY!"
  • "Protect your Realtor."

Gallery Edit

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