Matthew Payne is a character role-played by thaCOOP.

Background Edit

Matthew Payne is a senior realtor and one of the most successful men in the city of Los Santos.

He owns numerous properties around the city and is the owner of Payne Real Estate. He is on good terms with Los Santos Police Department and gives the police a discount on housing in Mirror Park and Vinewood.

Payne Real Estate Edit

Payne Real Estate is a realty company founded and managed by Matthew. He sells properties across Los Santos to everyone. Police and criminals are some of his best clients. He often rents properties to south side gangs which has recently caught the attention of police.

Homeowners Association Edit

The HOA was contracted by Payne to lower the crime rate and raise the property values in Mirror Park and Vinewood neighbourhoods. Homes in these areas have a high value and were often subject to break ins and theft. The HOA works to secure and protect Payne's properties. Their methods are often questionable but Payne is willing to look the other way to ensure his properties are secure.

Warehouse storage Edit

Payne has expanded his personal business, providing off-the-grid warehouse storage to 'worthy' clients. These facilities provide valuable space, from 2500 to 3500 weight with vehicle access, and very flexible custom locations. The expansion is not part of Payne Real Estate. Payne is involving his trusted business partners to help vet potential clients. These currently include Alablaster Slim and Vinny Pistone.

Lang Buddha is one of the few clients who has been sold a warehouse personally by Payne, and therefore knows of Payne's warehouse endeavor.

Exposure of warehouses Edit

Payne works closely with his partners to ensure he is not linked easily to his warehouse storage. The warehouses were planned for over a year, with the original storage concept discussed with Nino Chavez.

However the knowledge of Payne's involvement spiraled out of control, after Buck Colton followed Eugene Zuckerberg and discovered a pin code storage. Buck shocked Payne with secret knowledge that he had worked with Nino, heard of storage, and that Nino was a gun connect. Being a gun connect was a highly kept secret Nino had even kept from Payne. Payne knew Nino's Cousin would be interested in this leak. Sharing this secret went against a promise Buck had made to Nino, thereby calling into effect a Perma contract.

Payne, along with business partners Slim and Vinny, enlisted Lang to help capture Buck. Referred tongue-in-cheek as the Payne Gang, they kidnapped Buck, with Buck's crew (the 404) failing the attempt to save him. Payne gave the order to kill Buck at the bunker location . Payne Gang moved onto tying up 'loose ends' beginning with the 404 crew. However before dying, Dragon exposed a note leading to further loose ends that Payne needs to worry about. Payne Gang later learned the contents of Dragon's note. FYI, Payne has perma contracts with Lang, Slim and Vinny.

Although originally caught up in the moment (the 'new Payne') after being forced to kill, Payne's anxiety level and mood have been negatively effected, as he wavers between civilian and criminal.

Talon Edit

In Feb 2020, Payne received a private call (from Shadow/Talon) informing him of a secret organisation. Late March, after bringing Lang Buddha into the Warehouse operation and showing him the RPG, Payne and Lang made a perma contract. With trust from Payne, Lang opened up and Payne and Slim met Shadow (Lang's Talon persona). They were also shown Shadow's secret Talon headquarters.

Relationships Edit

Siz Fulker Edit

Payne and Siz's relationship goes far beyond the means of just an employee and working relationship. Payne has a genuine fondness of Siz and it goes vice-versa with respect from Siz. After finding that criminals were obsessed with robbing houses all over the Vinewood area, the HOA were officially hired to help assist in lowering the rates of crime. Since then, the HOA has had unruly members who have tarnished the name and put heat on Payne, causing a rupture within their relationship until it was recently fixed with the proposal of dissolving the HOA from Payne Real Estate until home robberies become more prevalent. Payne liking the idea has since shown his happiness and satisfaction towards Siz showing him "The Sizzy-Wizzy he knows", effectively repairing their relationship. Payne has since said that he is planning on giving Siz a warehouse.

Fun Facts Edit


Payne acquired weaponry including an RPG after foreclosing on Ed's property (Monkey Man, the old weapon dealer).

  • Matthew Payne is a supporter of law enforcement
  • Sells stash houses to criminals including gangs
  • Has signed safety contracts with gang leaders
  • Sold properties to judges in the Barrio territory
  • He has an ongoing rivalry with Jordan Steele
  • Love/hate relationship with Brenda Pancake aka 'The Pancake'
  • Often hires known criminals to provide security
  • Cassie Cupcakes aka "Jessica Payne" is his stalker
  • He prefers to avoid being involved in criminal activity
  • Commissioned a Payne Real Estate car livery for his employees
  • Reddit voted him #1 'Civilian of the Year' in Best of 2019 Awards
  • Payne doesn't recognize he makes a tongue POP sound
  • Has possession of the only rocket-propelled grenade (RPG)

Quotes Edit

  • "I have reason to believe that I’m currently under attack."
  • "DRIVE BY!"
  • "Protect your Realtor."
  • "Hug your Realtor."
  • "Tell me - do you have a lot of money? No? Have a good day."
  • *Tongue POP*
  • #Paynenoises *lip smacks, whimpering, high pitched scream, random noises*

 Clips Edit

  1. Payne holds the rocket-propelled grenade (RPG)
  2. Coop experiences hot mic on Payne
  3. Payne gets a hug out of a very reluctant Speedy
  4. Siz brings Payne to a drug deal
  5. Payne calls in a Nuke against Brav'O Six
  6. Payne gets attacked by his stalker Cassie Cupcakes
  7. Payne talks to Nino about his own possible business expansion (warehouses)
  8. Payne gets attacked by NPC Park Ranger Jessica w/ Ramee
  9. Bayo domes Payne (before Tsunami) w/ Snow
  10. Jordan & Payne arguing - Clip and Full version
  11. thaCOOP memes joining CG - I can replace Ramee
  12. Payne asks Lauren Forcer about her financial situation
  13. Payne gets a lap dance from Fiona
  14. The idea of a 'Payne Gang' is formed
  15. Payne requests a perma contract between him and Slim
  16. Payne and Slim both hold the RPG
  17. Shadow (Talon) calls Payne for the first time
  18. Buck tells Payne he knows about Nino, guns, and warehouses
  19. Payne/Slim/Vinny/Lang perma Buck after he exposes the warehouses
  20. Payne and Buddha perma contract
  21. Slim and Payne meet Talon
  22. Payne/Slim/Buddha learn Dragon has a note
  23. After being forced to kill, a 'new Payne' emerges

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