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Matthew Graves is a character role-played by Sacae


Matthew Graves was a Paramedic for the Emergency Medical Services, with call-sign Papa-5.


Matthew is a quiet and stoic former police officer from Minnesota.  He served on the police force for about a year before being critically injured by a gunshot to the neck during a hostage situation gone wrong. The suspect and his neighbor had a disagreement a few days prior and he was now holding the man hostage in his own home. Officers negotiated with the man and came to an agreement that would have him surrender and release the hostage unharmed. As the two men were exiting the building, he spotted Matthew moving in his peripheral vision. Spooked, the suspect proceeded to raise his pistol and fire, killing the hostage and hitting Matthew in the neck before being promptly shot and killed by police. Matthew suffered severe blood loss and was hospitalized for a week. Following his discharge from the hospital, he was put on medical leave to recover both physically and psychologically. 

Having eventually fully recovered physically, he attempted to reenter the police force, but he was turned down due to psychological trauma causing him to hesitate under stress. Wanting a fresh start, he moved across the country to Los Santos. With his desire to protect people still intact, he began searching for a new outlet to do so. After a few months in the city, he settled on applying for EMS.