Matthew Espinoz is a character role-played by Hotted89


Matthew Espinoz is a Deputy of the BCSO. Badge #389

On October 3, 2019, Espinoz was promoted to full deputy.

Fun Facts

  • Enjoys telling everyone he meets that he's in the task force, btw.
  • Remarkably, despite his expert spy skills he has revealed himself while attempting surveillance/unmarked work 99% of the time. Whether it be from falling off a roof (refer below), crashing his vehicle, or trailing a perp a distance of three feet.
  • With his expert covert operating skills he has managed to reveal every raid he has conducted often to the individual being raided, various associates, or any criminals within his general vicinity.
  • Known for his usual radio comms that involves him getting shot and saying "on my 20" without ever giving his location.
  • Noted for his talent of falling off roofs at key moments (during raids, unmarked task force btw work, etc.). No matter the situation, no matter the assignment, Essential Oil (refer to aliases) will fall off that roof.
  • Has a strong love of placing spike traps no matter the situation. High speed street race? Spike strips. Motorcycle chase? Spike strips. Foot chase? Spike strips. Shoot out? Spike strips.
  • While he has a propensity for flanking, he has never succeeded in a flank. His zero percent success rate is in itself a statistical impossibility that should be studied.
  • Was cucked by Bodean Tucker after attempting to woo Bambii Byrd. He immediately moved on to Bailey Jade, who upon receiving his advances decided it would be a good time to take time to herself and be single. Correlation can neither be confirmed nor denied.
  • Has about 28 nicknames, a majority beginning with E.


"On my 20!" - Espinoz in panic

"Where is your 20?" - other officers

*sounds of Espinoz getting shot*

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