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Matthew ''Matt'' Antov is a character role-played by MattEU.

5 years ago[]

Matthew Antov, was well-liked member of the Mandem, stands out for his friendly and approachable personality. He's not just known for his good nature but also for his impressive skills behind the wheel and with a gun. His abilities are further highlighted by his active involvement with the Vendetta, where he demonstrates his driving prowess. He is smarter than a lot of people but uses 0% of his brain 100% of the time. He is a mid shooter nowadays and also a trained helicopter pilot. His jokes are usually cultured and seasoned reflecting his old age and wit.


Vehicle License Plate Description
Matt's Comet


73669419 Bought from Mosley's as Matt's primary Racing Car for $262,000
Matt quad


4N5E46V1 Bought from Mosley's for DLD for $12,000
Matt sultan

Sultan Classic RS

SV8NMDX8 Bought from Mosley's as his first car for $67,000

Photo Address Owner/Clean Person Description
Matt house

Jamestown Street 13

Jamestown Street, Davis, South Los Santos, Map Eli Bought from Patar Bellosh by Matt for $350,000 for him and Tati to have some independence from the gang as well holding some sentimental value to the two of them.

Vehicle Description
Pounder Bought following his promotion to 150 stars for $25,000
Packer Bought following his promotion to 300 stars for $50,000

Vehicle License Plate Description
Matt double t


CKN4UHW1 Bought from Kenny for $100,000 and sold to a tow worker for $127,000

Street Racing[]

Day Car/s used Race Positions Overall Final Postition Reward
Monday 10th June, 2024 Comet & Ignus Race 1 - DNF, Race 2 - 4th, Race 3 - DNF, Race 4 - 1st (IGNUS), Qualifed for the 5th race - 2nd Second Qualified for the final race on Friday 14th June.
Tuesday 11th June, 2024 Comet Race 1 - 2nd, Race 2 - 9th, Race 3 - 2nd, Race 4 - 7th, Qualifed for the 5th race - 8th Eighth $5,000 for completing Zenith bounty on Cayde - Already Qualified for final race on Friday 14th June.
Wednesday 12th June, 2024 Comet Race 1 - DNF, Race 2 - 4th, Race 3 - 6th, Race 4 - Didn't Enter. Didn't Qualify for fifth race None
Thursday 13th June, 2024 Comet Entered as Éire- Race 1 - 9th, Race 2 - 1st, Race 3 - 2nd, Race 4 - Didn't Enter Didnt go to Fifth Race None
Friday 14th June, 2024 Comet Race 1 - 6th, Race 2 - Eliminated Eliminated None

Map Description
Race track created by Ste, Matt and Jay, with the second race creation chip given by Raziel for hosting the first tournament on behalf of Zenith.


  • Organised the first Official race for Raziel on behalf of Zenith.
  • Known as Mandem's little brother, or as Ved's twin (by Dean).
  • Often says "Chilling me bro", which some of the members of Mandem now have taken up.