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Matt Zarella is a character played by Burn.


"Matt Zarella is a mafia boss who had to leave his time share with his family to take care of business in Los Santos. His Goons weren't doing their job so now he has to take matters into his own hands..."

He seems to have stress-induced Tourette's Syndrome accompanied by a sort of stutter which often leads him to kind of lock up while trying to curse. The commonly prolonged "fffffff-" vocalization he utters when attempting to curse often confuses those around him into thinking he's having a heart attack or that a bomb is going off in the vicinity.

Matt's unlikely mob boss attire, consisting of a casual Hawaiian shirt, Fedora hat, khaki shorts and tennis shoes, can be attributed to the fact that he was forced to end his vacation in a hurry and simply didn't have time to abide by the traditional mafia dress code.


  • Having referred to his former goons as "Jimbo", he now has a habit of assigning a descriptive variant of the moniker to any new person he meets (i.e. "Scooby-Doo Jimbo", "Biker Jimbo").
  • Matt carries a battery-powered fan around his neck to help cool him down after minimal physical exertion or eating spicy foods.
  • Matt apparently shares his parents' sense of humor and penchant for food puns, often cheese-related. (i.e. "spaghett about it", "it's all gouda", "You'll feel feta")

Played By: Burn
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