Matt Rhodes is roleplayed by curvyelephant.

Description Edit

Matt Rhodes is a Deputy of the Blaine County Sheriff's Office. Badge #320.

He cares about the environment and only drives electric or hybrid cars unless he's on duty. He is best friends with Tessa Lamb, who worked closely with him at the Recycling Center before it went public. 

Background Edit

Before joining the police force, Matt Rhodes was the owner of the Recycling Center, the only source of materials in the city at that time. Despite being a civilian, Matt always found himself in trouble with some of the most high-profile criminals of Los Santos, and became extremely paranoid as multiple attempts on his life would be made daily. 

Matt went on a long business trip as the Recycling Center went public and no longer required an owner.

Blaine County Sheriff's Office Edit

Rhodes has a strong understanding of case law, to the point where Bobby Smith's feedback on Rhodes during academy was "He was a lawyer, now he's a cop. He's a lawyer cop, he can fight the lawyers in Mission Row." Matt is also one of the better drivers in the BCSO, and the police force in general.

Matt Rhodes has been promoted to Deputy as of September 18th, 2019.

For some reason, people often ask him to call Kevin Shaw when he asks if they want a lawyer. Kevin never picks up.

Quotes Edit

  • "...traffic is clear, weather is light."
  • "Look, I wanna be you, Ziggy, but...without the crashing."
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