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Matt Damon was a character role-played by Kyle.


Matt Damon met a woman and a man she called Bucky at the apartments, who gave him a ride to the vault. A man named Dimitri then gave Matt a ride to the car rental place.

Matt rented a car, but was upset with how driving a car would damage the environment. He drove to PDM in order to protest the pollution caused by the cars sold there. A man named Jordan happened to be at the car rental place and tagged along.

At PDM, Matt convinced a redheaded man who was browsing cars to join with his cause. Matt also attempted to convince a gray-haired man, but was unsuccessful. Matt then attempted to get Jordan and the redhaired man to jump the gray-haired man, but they didn't go for it, and Matt punched the man himself. The man chased, so Matt ran back to his car, but the man got into the car and pointed a gun at him. After a brief drive, the man told Matt to drive into an alley. Fearing death in an alley, Matt jumped out of the car.

Matt returned to PDM to try and convince the people there to drive electric cars, and talked about why he protests:

"What I wanna do is save the environment, because I have nothing else going for me and I'm severely unhappy. So I take all my angers and frustrations out on people around me that have nothing to do with my problems because I am a coward! And I can't deal head on with my own issues, so I latch onto whatever I can, to give myself some worth and value, but it's all fugazzi [fake], cause I still wake up every night, with two guys double teaming my wife!"

With a sympathetic small group of people, they went to MRPD to protest. When one of the dispatchers said "Fuck the Earth", Matt started kicking the front desk. Some punches were thrown around, and they left after an officer showed up.

He then drove to Pillbox to protest, making his argument to two medical workers, and punching one of them. Matt tried to get the others to jump one of the doctors, but they were hesitant. One person left and another apologized to the doctor.

While driving around, Matt gathered more people and returned to the lobby of MRPD. Other people, such as Eugene, happened to be there and joined in. The media, Ursula Leichenberg, also showed up. A large number of people had gathered. Matt contemplated the idea of storming MRPD.

Counter protestors appeared outside, and Matt punched one of them, actually inciting a fight. After winning the fight, the group ran to the side entrance of MRPD, by the motor pool, in a futile attempt to storm in (the doors were locked). Jenny Hall ordered them to back away and return to the front lobby. Someone in their group mentioned that other officers had shown up. Lydia Vale, Oliver Fury, and Yuu Gondai arrived at the motor pool with ARs in hand.


Matt Damon said, "You think you can stop all of us? Let me tell you something - you may be able to stop my physical body, but you can't stop what I stand for!" before he punched Officer Lydia Vale, who then opened fire on him.[1] Shalisa Licious, (played by Jmart26x) also punched Oliver Fury before she was promptly shot by Vale. The rest of the group dispersed. Jenny attempted CPR on Matt, before Shalisa and Matt were brought inside of MRPD. PillBot was also unable to resuscitate Matt. Matt Damon was declared dead at the hospital due to multiple bullets through the chest.

Reference[] - Matt Damon - nopixel - 07/04/21

Played By: Kyle

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