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Mary Mushkin is a character role-played by kyliebitkin.

General Attributes

General Description

Mary Mushkin is a Business woman and Street racer she owns Mushkin's Motors and is an executive at the Six Star Tuner Shop. She is heavily involved in the illegal street racing scene, under the alias R3dD3vil until her arrest when she changed to Shinigami. She previously was a night-time dancer for the Vanilla Unicorn. Having grown tired of drama surrounding the racing scene, she has since stepped away as one of it's unspoken leaders alongside Eddie Marshall although she is still one of the scenes most respected figures and now focuses on running her own racing crew Yokai.


Mary is a 20 year old female identifiable by her red hair pulled back in a messsy bun and pale skin.

She also has many visible tattoos on her body, including a tattoo of a robotic arm on her right arm, a tattoo of a skull atop a spike wrapped in barbed wire on her left arm, a tattoo of a Japanese koi fish on her back, and a tattoo of a rose on her left thigh.

She also had a microchip, voice box and cybernetic contact installed by Roman Shacks that allows her to use the company computer without opening her laptop. Until the Chip was removed in surgery after it caused an alternate personality to manifest within her


Mary started her time in Los Santos being quite oblivious and naïve and would agree with almost anything, even if she doesn't quite understand. She has a range of public personas depending on the scenario. She used to speak in a very monotone voice, often making it hard to read her emotions, or to know if she feels any emotions at all to those she’s unfamiliar with overtime this changed and now she is much more emotive. When with those she is comfortable she acts in a much sillier and open manner taking enjoyment in poking fun at confusing her close friends . At work she is a ruthless and savvy business woman taking on money making ventures wherever she can find them and creating her own businesses, impressing the richest and most powerful in the city while competing closesly against them. She can also have a cold and ruthless persona as originally apearing under the R3dD3vil alias striking fear into racers and boosters when tasked with enforcing the rules of the Puppet master although it will also appear to those that cross her.

Mary also has an alternative personality inside her called Lil'M a personality that manifested itself from a microchip in her brain absorbing all her negative feelings until it became sentient. Lil'M is a violent and ruthless person who cares for no one, not even Mary, and will stop at nothing until she completes her goal of killing the Puppet Master.


Mary was born in Vice City and moved to Los Santos during her young-adult life, trying to find her own way in the world after being disowned and reported to the FBI by her father for stealing $2M from him via wire fraud, this landed her in federal prison for 6 months and left her with nothing, so she moved to Los Santos to start anew.

She ended up working as a dancer for the Vanilla Unicorn, becoming one of the clubs best entertainers through her method of stripper therapy, earning her way into her own personal poster on the outside of the club.

She eventually managed to gather up enough money to be able to afford her first vehicle, a second-hand old and rusted surfer van. Since Mary only works as a dancer at nights, during the day she can usually be seen driving around the city in her van, looking for various ways to earn a little extra money on the side.


Entering Racing

Mary always had an interest in racing but never new how to start, until Tony Corleone showed her how to steal a car and invited her to race. Since then, Mary has never looked back becoming one of the city’s most successful and infamous racers earning nearly all her money racing. Despite her notoriety she has only been caught once in a controversial arrest where she was identified by Trooper Snow despite being masked due to her tattoos, she took the case to trial however due to her lawyer’s incompetence lost the case and was unable to appeal. Since that day she has a deep distrust of Police and has never been caught since.

The Puppet Master

Due to her success in racing she quickly drew the eyes of the Puppet Master, the mysterious shadow leader of the race scene. Impressed by Mary the puppet master tasked her with enforcing his rules on the race scene and later the boosting scene when it entered the city. Impressed by his power she was enthusiastic to work for him carrying out his tasks with great efficiency. One race she received a call from the PM on the starting line instructing her to win the race which she successfully did as a reward she received a race creation dongle allowing her to create races in the city.

Since being introduced to the PM she has engaged in multiple unbelievable events on his behalf including a death race, a race against a jet and stealing an F1 car for its engine, becoming his "Sweet causer of chaos". For her successfull work she received little in return and grew resentfull this was only enhanced by his threats towards her when demanding GNE payments from the Tuner Shop. and solidified with the death of BigM.

Midnight Club

Her racing also caught the attention of Eddie Marshall the notorious street racer Titanium, together they formed the Midnight Club, a racing club meant to embrace the best the race scene has to offer, together they created the track Midnight initiation and invited select racers into the club. Due to the club’s reputation in the race scene, it became the defacto leader of all racing positioning herself as one of the most powerful racers and people in the city.

The first and only Midnight club event was the Midnight heat a weeklong event organised by Mary and Eddie  where competitors raced for a chance to claim themselves the midnights heats champion along, via multiple daily heats ending with a knockout tournament with a large cash and GNE prize, the winner was Phantom after Titanium crashed a GTR R35 into the dam, after this a wildcard race was held to with best racers of the series to find a racer to  race 1v1 against Big M for the chance to win a vin scratched S15 the winner was Goofy who failed to capitalise and lost the race against Big M.

As the scene grew so did the expectations on the club, despites its intentions never being to manage the race scene that was what it was perceived as, resulting in every minor complaint being directed towards the club. With most members not taking initiative the pressure built on R3d and Titanium and after a 2-day suspension of racing, to decide on the direction to take the race scene, the midnight club was dissolved in favour of a council of clubs via a vote. Following this the track Midnight initiation was deleted as it was no longer needed.  

The Tuner Shop

Mary Mushkin is the Chief Sales Officer at the 6STR Tuner Shop and 4% shareholder after investing $150k. The shop is owned by Eddie Marshall and alongside Tommy Cruizer they make up the 3 heads of the shop. Since the shops opening Mary spends most of her time managing the shop and babysitting her colleagues, resulting in her having little time to race but creating a new reputation as a capable business woman impressing other powerful people in the city like Cerberus.

Remember The Name

Following the opening of the Tuner shop the price of GNE soared to new heights causing a surge of new racers on the scene. In an attempt to reduce the price and chaos in the scene Marlo Stanfield and Big M fully stocked bennies resulting in the crash of the GNE market. Unhappy with this the PM increased the tuner shops GNE quota from 20k to 60k a month. During this conversation Mary realised that she was not as special to the PM as she had once thought and was only a tool for him to use. Later in the day both Big M and Tony were shot by the PM, for their involvement in crashing GNE. Big M and Mary had bonded during their time carrying out the PMs orders and shortly before his death revealed she looks up to him and likes to call herself Lil M due to there matching initials. His death hit her hard and turned her against the PM making Lil M as a new alias to fight back against him. Something that would come back to haunt her later


Following the dissolving of the midnight club Eddie and Mary formed the racing crew Yokai. Yokai refers to Japanese spirits, legends and demons and was chosen due to both of their close relation to the subject, Eddie with Titanium’s Oni mask and Mary with the Alias R3dD3vil. The crew will be identifiable with its use of blacklight neon’s and headlights, marking the first deviation from red since she started racing. Members of Yokai will also claim a specific Yokai as their own. Titanium claimed Oni and Mary Shinigami, the supernatural spirits that invite humans toward death.  

Another change to Marys racing identity came following the death of Big M, in the aftermath she was approached by a mysterious figure later revealed to be Tao Chen who requested her help gathering resources to repair Big Ms mask for Tony in return he created a custom mask for Mary. The mask is a red interpretation of Ms mask with added tears. Initially this was intended to only be used when appearing under the Lil M alias she instead adopted it for R3dD3vil, dropping her signature Bigness mask and helmet, to make it more known in the city.

Mary has since invited Mayumi Himura(Samurai), Fiona Stewart(Silver) and Tommy Cruizer(Slapjack) to join Yokai as the first members. May choose Kitsune, Fiona choose Yuki onna and Tommy choose Ikuchi as their Yokai. Since then yokai has grown larger than Mary ever imagined.

Mayoral Run

After the impeachment and removal from office of Mayor Abdul, Mary decided on a whim to run for Mayor in the December 2021 Election.

Her key policies were:

  • Increased mechanic pay via government subsidies
  • Removal of speed limits on the highways
  • Increased budgets for state departments
  • Decreased personal income tax
  • State impound sales
  • And support for local businesses

Mary was unable to campaign much during the election and received 7% (67) of the votes and came 5th, while Emma Gaine won with 30% (291 votes).

Mary thought about running multiple times since then but never did, however during the election between Bunny and Ramee, Mary ran as deputy mayor for both candidates, and eventually became one of her Deputy Mayors, although the role wasn’t as glamorous as she expected being mostly paperwork and not full of political intrigue.


R3d was finally caught during a street race when Titanium’s car was disabled and surrounded by cops. To destroy the evidence and any links between Eddie and Titanium she used an RPG on the broken R34 killing 6 cops in the process.  Cops opened fire on her Sultan V8 popping several tires. In a last-ditch effort to escape she decided to drive to Paleto to attempt a fix, on the way there her car was fired upon from air-1 eventually being disabled. Cops then proceed to gun her down. AP and others including Eddie, Miguel, Flippy, Aleks, Mario, Phantom attempted to free her from custody. They proceeded to wipe most of the police but all were eventually downed or caught, except Eddie and Phantom, before being able to reach her.

Following her arrest, she was interrogated by Snow, Copper, Fury, Casterman and Espinoz. During the conversation Mary revealed many connections to the Puppet Master and Puppets, including her closeness to Big M and dislike for Earl. She used her position as being a pawn for the PM as a cover up for protecting Titanium, claiming she was ordered to do it and that she received the RPG from Earl not her apartment to avoid a raid however she was raided anyway.

During the raid the PM contacted the police to tell them to return what is his, he then attacked the Police when they were searching the vehicles parked at the tuner shop with drone attack helicopters to prevent the police seizing his GNE. Although he was unsuccessful.

Mushkin's Motors

Mary is the owner of Mushkin’s Motors, a used car dealership and shell company. The company was created as a shell company to own a garage for her racing crew Yokai as a secret storage facility for their cars away from the tuner shop, so as not to draw heat to the shop.  However she also uses the company as officially proposed to enhance her side hustle of buying and selling used cars. Mary hired Bryan Chapman as the head of sales although he was fired/quit shorly after due to disagreements about how the business ran. the business has since become mostly self sustaining after the hiring of multiple driven and talented employees.


Lil’M was originally just an alias created in the grief of BigM’s death with the idea to honour his legacy and avenge him, she used this alias to express her grief, acting more violent and unhinged when hiding behind it. Simultaneously to the alias she adopted a mask inspired by BigM and changed her voice changer to resemble his. Months transpired and with few opportunities to avenge him the Lil’M alias remained just a dongle in a box although hints of her appeared sporadically. During a trip to VAR, a virtual reality heist, Lil’M began to show herself again.

Lil’M had manifested herself within the brain Implant from Roman Shacks, and wants to get out. The experience of VAR activated something within the chip enabling her to appear. This causes Mary to experience massive headaches from the area of the chip, and blackouts when Lil’M takes control, leaving only dream like memories of what happened.  To fight back against this Mary began taking unknown gummies from her Uncle Eddie. Theses pills help numb the pain but have side effects. The Yellow Pills numb the pain and supress the chips influence but have the chance of aggravating the chip causing direct attacks on Mary. Blue Pills massivley numb the pain but sacrifice control to the chip allowing Lil’M to take over.

While Lil’m is in control she acts much more violently and has only disdain for Marys friends and associates. Lil’M revealed to AP when she was in control, that her ultimate goal is to put Mary on the chip and take control fully so she could do what Mary couldn’t and kill the Puppet Master for killing BigM.

Mary kept her struggles secret only telling AP her boyfriend, who became incredibly concerned Even more so after he experienced Lil’M in full control first hand. AP searched everywhere for methods to help but came to no solid solutions. Consulting Roman Shacks, whose solutions made it seem like he had no knowledge of how his own tech worked. Doctors, who had few answers except removing the chip but had no idea what would happen after. After consulting with therapist Quinn Naiper, they were referred to PIllbot, who ran several scans, finding the chip had become encased within a tumour. After runn ing a scan of the chip they found that the chip contained 27Gb of encrypted data believed to be mapping and copying brain data (personalities and memories) to create a brain code.

After much consultation together they decided to operate and remove the chip before Lil’M could take over fully. The surgery was uneventful and successfully removed the chip and the tumour. Marys first comments after the surgery was that she felt empty and not anyone, and appeared to have lost multiple memories including her racing aliases and cars.

During this time, she receiving a call from an unknown number (Razor) following up on a text she sent him which she remembered referred to her asking for the ability to convert VIN scratch cars to compete with other dealers. Following this, some memories returned, although her emotions connected to them didn’t. While others didn’t, like her memory of BigM, or the existence of the chip. After learning of the operation, she became enraged at AP for lobotomising her memories, no longer trusting what he says.

The next day she seemed outwardly mostly back to normal although some memories still evaded her, and she maintained her distrust of AP.

Later on, Mary had a conversion with Fury and it became evident that everything was not OK. Not only were some of her memories missing but new memories had been created. Mary’s behaviour was also erratic, switching between various moods, personalities and body language, at first seemingly at random, however it became evident that various triggers caused momentary switches, even causing Lil’M to appear using her voice changer

After meeting with Tony, it became apparent that there are now multiple personalities living within Mary fighting for control including Lil’M and Mary both with fragmented memories, during this Tony baited Lil’M out and convinced her that she needed Mary for her own survival and to complete her missions avenging BigM and that it was best not to show herself to others especially AP.

Mary and the Winter Soldier

After seeing his friend V in a motorcycle gang with a katana, Dean Watson became jealous and wanted to fit in, he wanted to obtain one of his own. Dean approached Mary asking to borrow hers however she denied him, not knowing the importance the katana held to her, with it now containing a USB of the chip she had in her brain containing all her lost memories.

Unused to being told no, Dean was now even more determined to obtain her katana, and tasked Bucky to obtain it from her. Bucky normally just a mute also has an alter ego, the winter soldier, only unlocked by code speakers, of which Dean is one. The winter soldier is a super soldier with incredible skills in combat and stealth.

Mary first became aware of this when she was shot down by Bucky getting into her car, however she was saved by AP who managed to down Bucky. With the help of Goofy and Kitty(who is also a code speaker) they interrogated the winter soldier placing him in his Soldat state discovering his Plan operation Red Blade to steal her Katana although the who sent him remained unknown. In attempt to deprogram Bucky they took him to Pillbox however they were attacked by an unknown assailant who tranquilised them and extracted Bucky.

The found Bucky again spying on them disguised as a bugstars worker. finding his second report and again, tried interrogating him.  Fed up with being on edge constantly watching her back, Mary wanted to kill bucky, but others didn’t as they knew and were friends with Bucky the man not the winter soldier. In an attempt to discover who sent him, AP activated LlM to fill in any gaps in Mary’s memories. The only hint she gave was that Dean had asked to borrow the Katana before. This combined with Dean’s fascination of the katanas on the wall in their house convinced AP that dean was the man behind it all. however, Mary remained sceptical convinced that the target was not the katana but the chip inside it.

Some time later Bucky managed to kidnap AP and held him hostage in attempt to trade him for the Katana. He was being held hostage tied to 11.4kilos of C4 that would explode if she didn’t hand the Katana over in 2 hours. Mary however managed to locate AP held within the ATC tower of Fort Zancudo with the help of Jesus, together they enlisted the help of Freddy Fastfingers in an attempt to defuse the bomb and not hand over the Chip to Bucky together agreeing the chip was too important to give up.

Freddy failed, and the bomb detonated causing AP to be admitted to the ICU. She then spoke with Fury and Pond and let them know that Bucky Barnes, the Winter Soldier, was responsible for the bombing and that he wanted the AI chip. Mary then met up with dean to explain what had just happened and what the katana meant, what it held, and what it meant to her and AP. She explained to him that AP believed Dean was responsible for hiring Bucky although she remained unconvinced.

Sometime later Bucky contacted Mary asking to meetup after he awoke alone in the quarry wanting to put an end to the whole affair, disgusted at the things he’d been told he’s done. During their meeting it was revealed that Bucky also has suspicions of Dean and that he was the last person to contact him. Bucky challenged Mary to activate his Soldat persona. Mary tried the usual trigger words and even dressed in her full Yokai gear, Katana and all, to draw him out. All these attempts failed. In a last attempt to draw him out she even handed him the Katana. Not even this could activate him. This finally convinced Mary that the mission had been deactivated and Bucky was no longer hunting her or her Katana. Allowing her finally to live in peace again without watching her back.

Mary Vs PD

During a random encounter and conversation with Oliver Fury and Olivia Copper and Dean Watson, the conversation transitioned to Mary bragging and believing that the PD would never be able to catch her in a chase, (because she's such a bad driver) and challenged them to try. In return Fury claimed he could catch her alone, Mary doubtful, accepted this challenge and proceeded to make a mockery of Fury escaping him effortlessly multiple times without the use of NOS and with Dean as a passenger weighing her down. Following this Mary claimed that not even the whole PD bringing everything they have would be able to catch her. Together with Dean's assistance they proposed to make this an event. Pitching the idea to the mayor for funding and legality. Emma Gaine loved the idea and accepted. The PD can bring whatever they want and have an hour to catch Mary. If successful the officer who catches her receives $100k for their department and $50k to them. While Mary recipes $1k for every minute she evades and a further $100k for making the full hour. There were a few clauses, no spikes for the first 10m, free refuels and repairs for everyone at the same time, and one free "scuff bwo". During the chase the PD brought all their interceptors, multiple chargers, 2 helicopters, a jet and a few CVPIs. Manned by some of their best drivers including, Jim Underwood, Alex Casterman and Jackie Snow. While Mary was in her sultan, repainted with its anime livery. Throughout the chase Mary faced little challenge in being caught, maintaining a large distance to the following cars, and breaking visual on multiple occasions, however the large number of participants and 2 helicopters allowed them to regain eyes. At the 57th minute of the chase Mary took a detour off-road after spotting potential spikes ahead. While off-road she had a spin out allowing the PD to catch up, giving Casterman the opportunity to pit, he landed a lucky shot, that caused Mary's Sultan to flip on its head rendering it immobile and the chase over just a few minutes before the end.

The Michael Simone incident

During a visit to the tuner shop to refill his NOS bottle off duty cop Mathew Espinoz spotted wanted super-terrorist Michael Simone who was subsequently arrested. Due to Micks connections with the criminal underground, Eddie, Dean Watson, and Rudi Rinson assembled a team to extract him from police custody during his prison transport. The team included Mikey Mersion, Miguel Almerian, Wayne Biggz, AP, Ray Romanov, Dougie, Yaeger, Mario, Finlay and a reluctant Mary who only tagged along to protect her uncle. The rescue was a success and Mick was extracted however Ray and AP were gunned down, captured by the police, and sent to prison on 24 hour holds. Being unable to contact AP, Mary feared the worst so removed his keys from her house to protect herself, later on she received a call from Ranger Mineo informing her of his arrest and charges, terrorism and treason, fearing association Mary and Eddie fired Ap from his jobs at the Tuner Shop and Mushkin’s Motors. This didn’t help and the police raided the tuner shop and, in the process, arrested both Mary and Eddie for Disobeying a Peace Officer and Obstruction of Justice for their resistance to the raid. Feeling their civil rights were abused both remained silent and refused questioning and were ultimately sent to prison on a 24 hour hold and their properties locked down while police looked for links between them and the attack on the transport. The following day they were both released and Mary’s properties unlocked however Eddies remained on lockdown as the PD attamed to piece together evidence to obtain a link between him and Simone, and therefore the ability to raid his properties. Although facing massive charges if raided Eddie only cared about one thing, his Titanium dongle and alias being exposed to the PD. Eddie and his friends stayed up night and day, as the lockdown got extended, ready to strike if the time came for a raid. An hour before the deadline given to the police to complete their warrant or unlock Eddie's property by Judge Crane, Mary was in Paleto to keep an eye (and ear) on what the police were doing. She overheard muffled conversation inside the police department, and ultimately decided to call Judge Crane for an update on the situation. He told her that he hoped Eddie was as clean a businessman as he appears to be. Mary called Eddie with this information, and they determined that if the police were going to come to his house in force, it was as a bait to draw out a response to get the raid on his property they wanted. Eddie called off the attack on the police and they retreated to H&O to watch the situation through cameras they had hidden at his house. This turned out to be the correct call. The police were only approved by Judge Crane to perform a sweep of the premises The raid was completed without issue, and Eddie's properties were unlocked without discovering anything however Eddie and Mary were incredibly frustrated that despite their innocent front the PD still treated them as a hardened criminal with links to terrorism resulting in both of them losing any respect they had for the PD and plotting on ways for revenge. One avenue of revenge Mary decide on was to accept the role of deputy mayor she had been offered by Bunny, an offer she was undecided upon before this, and destabilise the PD legally.

A Family Divided

Since its inception the Tuner Shop had been using VLC to sell its trade in cars, a deal that not many except Eddie saw the benefit of however especially Mary who believed it would be much better to keep in house, both for the simplicity and to make extra money for the mechanics. After Months of dealing with Ramee on behalf of the Tuner Shop, being fed up of his antics and scamming and having to act as an in-between as Eddies mouthpiece, Mary arranged a meeting between Ramee and Eddie after Ramee withheld money in an attempt to renegotiate the profit split of the deal. Just a week after he was caught scamming them for $0.5m. During the business meeting between the Tuner Shop and VLC about their contract, Eddie believed Ramees recounting of the events and shouted at Mary in front of everyone claiming she was manipulating him to dissolve the deal. Upset with this Mary left the meeting in tears. Heartbroken that Eddie, a person she considered Family, would so publicly humiliate her, and believe the word of a person that has proven to be untrustworthy over her. After being comforted by Tommy, she returned to talk to Eddie however the conversation went poorly and Mary left, looking for comfort and advice, she confided with many of her friends including Lang Buddha, AP, May, Miguel, James Haze and some more. Word of this got back to Eddie and he came annoyed that Mary was talking about family business behind his back and bad mouthing him to others. Eddie also felt irritated that people were holding things people (Mary) had done for him over his head, believing that they only did it to gain favours from him. This caused Eddie to vow to never owe anyone anything leading him to pay of all his depts including returning a Lamborghini Huracan he was gifted for his birthday and selling his house. In an attempt to try and save any business relations she had with Ramee, she contacted him to explain her side, however it was evident that Ramee no longer trusted or wanted to do business with her. It also came out that Eddie had decided to end the VLC deal anyway without informing anyone else. After another conversation with Tommy where he strongly urged her to talk to Eddie, she and Eddie met up at the end of the tuner shop docks where they had a long, heartfelt conversation and laid out exactly how they felt and what their point of view of the situation was. Eddie told Mary they could continue to do business together, but when she asked if they could still be friends, he said he wasn't sure. Feeling out of place at the Tuner Shop she contacted Dean Watson to talk about what had happened and about potential opportunities at Cerberus. Dean was very receptive and let her know that there was always a place for her in Cerberus however felt that they had nothing to offer that would be worthy of her and her skills. During a conversation with Finlay about what had happened she learns from Finlay that Eddie intends to leave Yokai. Mary reassures Finlay that Yokai is not going to break up, and that the crew was more than just one person and more than just a simple group of people that want to race together, and that she would love to continue to have him as a member if he still wanted to join. Soon after Eddie calls Mary, and they agree to meet on the pier where Midnight Rivals starts, where the Midnight Club was dissolved. Eddie tells Mary he is leaving Yokai, handing her his jacket and Katana, and asks that it be given to Finlay. Eddie also informed her that he was going solo and would turn down any help to save him. Mary tells Eddie that she will respect his wishes if he ever finds himself in trouble she will stay away, though she would want to help him. Following this Mary contacted Fury as Shinigami giving him a burned Oni card inforoming him he was out of Yokai and would no longer be receiving their help she also presented Titanium’s sword and told Fury that the stained blood on the blade was Titanium’s, and that was the fate of all who betray the Yokai.


When the opportunity arose for civilians in Los Santos to produce oil in the city, Mary jumped at the chance. Aiming to create an oil empire. She worked tirelessly for days establishing herself, becoming known around the city as the person to go to for info on oil. Although initially sales were slow, picking up deliveries only here and there. She eventually secured herself an exclusive deal with the UK oil gas station ensuring they never ran dry. To further grow in the oil industry and secure its future if Mary ever got arrested, Mary decided to create a business and structure to operate without her, Procyon industries. To keep the company as clean as possible she selected Jenny Hall, a cop and oiler to be its CEO and James Haze as a board member. She also created Procyon as a mother Company. This meant that if she was arrested and her pumps taken away Procyon industries could remain operational while funnelling funds through Procyon to still make Mary money.

Yokai reborn

Following the departure of Eddie, Mary was worried that Yokai would fall apart worried people were only there for him, however none did. Instead, multiple more members joined and the crew’s activity picked up no longer as constrained by the fears keeping Titanium’s identity hidden As a restructure Mary appointed Fiona as second in command and gave the crew ranks based of the Yakuza, with Mary being the Oyabun. New members included Finlay, Izzy, Dean and Summer.

Hail Mary

During the MRL season 2 play off finals, Mary reached the final 2. During the Final series of races a best of 5 between herself and Goofy, Shinigami was focused on by the police while she had an orange engine light and after a short chase she struck a local, the car was disabled, and it was secured by the police. Shinigami was picked up by new member of the Yokai, Onryo, who evaded the police before also coming close to being fully disabled by an impact, causing Shinigami to be handed off to Orochi who eventually escaped from the police. Fearing her alias as Shinigami was burnt, with a car under her name being caught, she called Fury. spinning an elaborate tale about how she had been kidnapped by puppets who stole her car because of its resemblance to BigM's Huracan, and how they were planning to harm him. She then told Fury that the Puppets were forcing her to race in an effort to draw Fury into the open where she would be forced to pipe bomb him. But she couldn't tell him to avoid the races, because she was told to race until he responded. The story was enhanced by the Puppets being around and also making calls to Fury echoing a similar story, leading to Fury and Trooper Copper potentially believing her. Due to her now unsettled mental state and no longer able to access her best performing car Mary lost the final 3-1. Following the tournament Mary reached back out to Fury and let him know that the Puppets were not happy with her, and that if she disappeared it was their fault. Despite Fury’s outward acceptance of her story Mary wad unsure if her story worked, however there was nothing more she could do but pray it worked.

Criminal Record

Currently Mary has an almost clean record with only a single monir traffic infraction

Mary had a singular street racing charge on her record before her first expungement (or sponge bath as she calls it) by Judge Crane. A charge for which she has repeatedly claimed she was framed, despite committing the act in question, due the nature of her arrest.

Followng her capture as R3dD3vil she recieved the following charges:

  • 5x Attempted murder of a government employee
  • Reckless evading
  • Vehicle registration fraud
  • Criminal possession of a class 3
  • Possession of stolen property in the third degree
  • Criminal possession of a class 2
  • Criminal use of explosives
  • Tampering of evidence
  • Street Racing
  • Felony obstruction of justice
  • 4x destruction of government property

Totalling 261 months and $48,950 in fines. Time was reduced to 1 month due to the extensive time served in interrogation and on raids. She received the following the possession charges, 2 weeks after the raid for the contents resulting from the raid:

  • 4x Criminal Possession of a Firearm (Class 2)
  • 6x Criminal Possession of a Firearm (Class 1)
  • 3x Possession of a Silencer/ Suppressor

Totalling 49 months and $14,250 in fines, however they decided on no jail time. Both Fury and Snow also forgot to bill her.

On January 31st she began her second expungement pending 2 weeks of no arrests, she was also granted back her weapons license. On Febuary 17th she finalised her second expungement, once again having a clean record


  • "That’s cringe bwo"
  • "Psssh"
  • "Bikes are cringe"
  • "Lissen"
  • "Yuh"


  • Her Penumbra is possessed by a demon named Celer



Taunting cops

Racers bomb the PD


Break she’s got an RPG

Sacrifice the Queen

PM attacks

Ankles broken

Denzel wins Mayor

Battling for first

Winning the Tuner lawsuit

Toying with the cops

Jet race start

Jet Race

Winning the Jet Race

Lil m is Born

Saving T

Always ready for business


Taking the win

Scratching the VIN

Driving her first VIN

Nothing that big

Goofy got got

Heart to heart with BigM

Flip to escape

Why not

Uncles interrogating AP

PM Attack at the tuner shop

Bow before royalty

GNE returned

Death line

Grind the rail

Intended line

First Drive in the fully upgraded FF

Receiving a racoon

Close racing

Interceptors arrive


Saving the f1 car

F1 car fix

F1 car escape

Earl destroys the GNE


Chill Drifting

Hurricane drifting pt1

Hurricane drifting pt 2

Hurricane drifting pt3

A whole chase

U turn


Death race starts

Clean lines

Massive air

Jedi power


Chasing planes

The full force

Must have been the wind


Holy Wicked



Climbing the ranks

Get a job you bum


Played By: KylieBitkin
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