Mary Mushkin is a character role-played by kyliebitkin.

General Description

Mary Mushkin is a night-time dancer for the Vanilla Unicorn. She is also more recently a active illegal street racer, and is considered one of the best if not the best female racer.

Physical Description

Mary is a 18-year-old female with red hair that is usually pulled up in a bun.

Mary has several tattoos on her body, including a tattoo of a robotic arm on her right arm, a tattoo of a skull atop a spike wrapped in barbed wire on her left arm, a tattoo of a Japanese koi fish on her back, and a tattoo of a rose on her left thigh.


Mary is quite oblivious and naïve and will agree with almost anything, even if she doesn't quite understand. She speaks in a very monotone voice, often making it hard to read her emotions, or even knowing if she feels any emotions at all.

Background Information

Mary was born in Vice City and moved to Los Santos during her young-adult life, trying to find her own way in the world. She ended up working as a dancer for the Vanilla Unicorn, earning her way into her own personal poster on the outside of the club.

She eventually managed to gather up enough money to be able to afford her first vehicle, a second-hand old and rusted surfer van. Since Mary only works as a dancer at nights, during the day she can usually be seen driving around the city in her van, looking for various ways to earn a little extra money on the side.


Familial Relationships

Biological Family

Kanye Mushkin - Brother 

Kanye Mushkin is Mary's biological other brother, Kanye is very loyal and protective over Mary, which is also why he ended up following Mary to Los Santos after she decided to move there during her young-adult life.

Working Relationships

Vanilla Unicorn Strip Club

Jessie Jugg - Security 

Jessie Jugg is the head of security at Mary's place of business, the Vanilla Unicorn, and outside of running security she also seems to help out as a sort of general manager, so whenever Mary runs into problems at the club, she can always count on Jessie to be there to back her up as muscle, or help her out as a manager.

Outside of a workplace relationship, the two seem to get along well as friends and can often be seen hanging around the club together whenever there is some downtime during their work.




  • Has her own poster on the outside of the Vanilla Unicorn.
  • Her Penumbra is possessed by a demon named Celer




Mary Mushkin is a character role-played by kyliebitkin.

General Description

Mary Mushkin is a former mechanic at QuickFix, an instructor for the Overboost Drift School, a dancer at the Vanilla Unicorn Strip Club, and a host for the LS Underground Racing Scene.

Though she used to be more active in bank robberies and shootouts, recently she has taken a more quiet approach to crime, making most of her money from mechanic work, racing, teaching at the drift school, and selling tuner chips. She will occasionally participate in robberies but prefers to keep them a rare occurrence.

She was previously a member of the Crimson Boomers before they fizzled out.

She was previously a member of the HOA but was removed by Denzel Williams.

Physical Description

Mary is a 20-year-old female with red hair that is usually pulled up in a bun. She speaks in a monotone, emotionless way.

Mary has several tattoos on her body, including a tattoo of a robotic arm on her right arm, a tattoo of multiple skeletons on her left arm, a tattoo of a rose on her left thigh, and a tattoo of a carp on her back.

Mary can usually be seen wearing a red "Bigness" bandana when she is trying to hide her identity.

She used to speak like her overly hyperactive brother Kanye Mushkin, but more recently she has been speaking like her depressed, sociopathic, dull-voiced sister, Wednesday Mushkin.


  • A red leather jacket with jean shorts and leggings.
  • A white dress shirt with a green tie and skirt.
  • A black "güffy" sweater with jean shorts and leggings.
  • A red Overboost Drift School top and Adidas sweat pants.
  • A black jacket with leggings with a green and blue stripe.
  • A black leather jacket and shorts.
  • A white crop top, bow tie, and skirt.

Background Information

Mary Mushkin has a backstory consisting of abuse, mental issues, and surprisingly Instagram!

Mary was disowned by her own father, Azeban Mushkin, for wanting to pursue an Instagram career. This led Azeban to believe that she was incapable of putting any energy into the "family business", so she was kicked out of the family.

When Mary was 18 years old she moved to Los Santos to start her own "business", hoping to prove to her father she was worthy of the family name.


Familial Relationships

Biological Family

Azeban Mushkin - Father

Azeban Mushkin is Mary's biological father, although they do not see each other often Mary still respects and fears him.

He has met with Mary on multiple different occasions, the first being an initial meeting of chance, and the second being a more in-depth conversation about the family business and its operations in San Andreas. Azeban offered his skills as a Doctor and a Surgeon to Mary and her criminal accomplices in the future once he is cleared of residency and no longer under a microscope at Pillbox Medical Center. Azeban tasked Mary with finding someone she trusts that can find a way to smuggle medical supplies, organs, and other illegal items on and off the island of San Andreas discretely and find a nice, safe, sterile working environment in which he could operate once he was free to do so.

When asked if she had made any progress on the task Azeban had given her, Mary replied that she had been too busy racing and striping.

On April 7th, 2020, Mary texted Azeban and was told that they had a lot to talk about, and needed to meet soon. Azeban told Mary that he would head to QuickFix and have her repair his vehicle as a cover for their conversation. Before Azeban arrived, Mary spoke briefly to her brother, Kanye, about possibly purchasing Mikey Mersion's house for their fathers operation. Kanye then leaves as soon as Azeban arrives leading to Azeban remarking that Kanye doesn't seem to have a conversation with. Azeban then asks Mary about her previous text to him, regarding her spending all her time on racing and stripping. Mary tells Azeban that she became a stripper at the Vanilla Unicorn, and that she's getting married to the owner, Alabaster Slim. Azeban questions Mary on why she's getting married to Slim, and Mary responds that he loves her so much that he even put her on a poster on the outside of the Vanilla Unicorn. Azeban then tells Mary about an underground fighting ring near the Vanilla Unicorn, that he's been hired there as a doctor by Luther Caine, and as payment, he would be allowed to keep any dead bodies that happened to come out of the place. Azeban says that, although they have the collection down, they still need a way to deliver the organs, and then asks Mary if QuickFix is more then it seems, and why Mary decided to work at QuickFix, of all places. Mary tells him that she's loyal to QuickFix and the people there have helped her a lot. Azeban asks again, if QuickFix is just a mechanic shop, or if there's something more to it. Mary admits that it's indeed, more than just a mechanic shop. Azeban asks why Summer Mersion is investigating him and asks Mary to pass along a message to her.

"We have found our method of collection, now we need a method of distribution and delivery. If this place is more then just a mechanic shop, then by Ms. Mersions inquisitive nature, I assume that she's trying to find everything out about you, then let's invite her to that information. Let's tell her what the Mushkins do, and see if she's interested in it." - Azeban to Mary about bringing Summer into the fold.[1]

Mary asks Azeban how he knows about Summer, and he tells her that she's been snooping around Pillbox Medical, asking about "doctors with daughters". Azeban also remarks that he knows that Summer works at QuickFix, as does Mary. Azeban says that if QuickFix is more than just a mechanic shop, then it is valuable and is capable of moving things for them, however, if QuickFix is nothing more then a simple mechanic shop, that Mary doesn't tell Summer or anyone else at QuickFix about who he truly is, or does. Azeban repeats to Mary that he still needs a sterile location for his work, and Mary tells him that she has her eye on a house in Paleto. Azeban tells Mary to talk to her sister, as he has given her funds to help with their current goals. Azeban tells Mary that, as long as she stays aligned to their current goals, he shouldn't have to "re-educate" her, that Mary was scaring him for a second, and that he would hate to waste his time, and hers, teaching a lesson that's unneeded. Mary promises Azeban that she doesn't need to be "taught" anything. Azeban tells Mary that he needs to get back to Pillbox soon, and requests that she fixes his car. While repairing his car, Mary accidentally refers to him as "Father", causing Azeban to get angry towards her.

"You were taught better then this. You're inching towards a line, and I don't think you like that line, as much as I don't like that line, sweet Mary." - Azeban, after Mary accidentally called him "Father" at QuickFix.

Azeban then pays Mary for the repairs, and heads back to Pillbox Medical.

Wednesday Mushkin - Sister

Mary and Wednesday Mushkin were both apart of the Crimson Boomers, and together they manipulated and stabbed LSPD Officer, Lance Malton.

Jolene Mushkin - Sister

Mary and Jolene Mushkin occasionally race against each other. Mary also talked to Summer Mersion about getting Jolene a job at QuickFix before she got hired at the Tuner Shop

Kanye Mushkin - Brother

Mary and Kanye Mushkin occasionally race against each other. Mary was initially upset at Kanye when he was ordered by his boss, Lang Buddha, to kick Mary out of the taco shop. The two later spoke and reconciled while Mary was racing, and Kanye regularly rides passenger with Mary when she's racing.

On June 12th, 2020, Kanye approached Mary and offered to sell her large amounts of Cocaine if she was ever interested in selling it.

Adoptive Family

Eddie Marshall - Adoptive Father

Eddie Marshall is Mary's adoptive father, and the two frequently race against each other.

On February 10th, 2020, in an effort to stop Tommy Cruizer from claiming that they were dating, Eddie adopted Mary.

Eddie sold Mary her Sultan RS on February 12th, 2020.

On April 6th, 2020, Mary alongside her brother, Kanye Mushkin, assisted Eddie in transporting several expensive vehicles from the docks to Fast Lane Imports.

On April 9th, 2020, Mary and Eddie raced in a 1v1 format, with Mary winning the first race, losing the second, and ultimately losing the tie-breaker. As a result of losing the 1v1, Mary dropped from second to tied in third place on the LS Underground leaderboard. After racing for a couple more hours, Mary was given permission by Eddie to design her own tracks.

Luther Caine - Adoptive Father

Luther Caine is Mary's adoptive father. He adopted her after he got married to Mary's adoptive mother, Violet van Housen. Luther has since then adopted Mary's brother and sisters as well. They have a good relationship, and enjoy hanging out together; be it racing against each other, doing jobs, or just driving around and bantering.

On December 20th, 2019, Luther invited Mary into the HOA.[2]


Mary is a mechanic for QuickFix and can often be seen hanging around there in her free time. She has also been invited along to a couple of QuickFix's gun deals.

On December 21st, 2019, Mary was hired as a mechanic.

Summer Mersion

Mary can often be seen hanging out with Summer Mersion, whether it be the both of them working at QuickFix, or working down at the Overboost Drift School. Summer has taken Mary along with her on a few QuickFix gun deals. Summer is one of the few people that Mary has said that she loves.

On March 2nd, 2020, Summer was shot and robbed of her tuner chip by the Leanbois. When Mary was informed of this she instantly came to her aid and went hunting for the people responsible. After finding what she thought to be them, she shot one of them down before fleeing.[3]

Mary and Summer were partners for Sun Moon's 1,000,000$ race, they only participated in the first three days and, as a result of that, did not qualify for the final day. Their placements for the first three days were as following.

  • Day 1 - 2nd / 3rd Place
  • Day 2 - CANCELED
  • Day 3 - 4th Place

Vanilla Unicorn

Alabaster Slim

Mary works for Alabaster Slim as a dancer at the Vanilla Unicorn Strip Club. Slim seems interested in her and has spoken about possibly getting her involved in the more underground side of the Vanilla Unicorn.

Slim first met Mary on January 21st, 2020, outside of Premium Deluxe Motorsport. During this encounter he invited her, and her adoptive mother Violet van Housen, to dance for him at the Vanilla Unicorn.[4]

On January 30th, 2020, Mary made her debut appearance at the Vanilla Unicorn, she made over $20,000 from her first day working there. After Slim decided to close the Vanilla Unicorn for the day he offered Mary a ride to the bank to make sure she got there safely to deposit her earnings. During the ride to the bank Slim offered to officially hire Mary for the Vanilla Unicorn and supply her with a key to the establishment if she was interested, Mary responded that she would very much like that. Mary then complained to Slim about the way Deandre “DJ” Jackson acted towards her new career as a stripper for the Vanilla Unicorn, Slim told her that she should just forget about DJ and that she has Slim instead of him. He then followed up by saying that Mary should consider Slim to be her boyfriend, Mary agreed with him and happily exclaimed "I have a boyfriend now", which officially started their relationship.

On January 31st, 2020, Mary met up with Slim in his office at the Vanilla Unicorn. Slim wanted to confirm with Mary that she is actually his girlfriend, Mary once again confirmed that she was indeed his girlfriend and gave him a hug. Slim then proceeded to give Mary a key to the Vanilla Unicorn like he said he would. Mary and Slim continued to talk a bit about their relationship, Slim told Mary he would always take care of her, which led Mary to ask that if she were to ever be at risk of going to jail if Slim would be there to help her. Slim promised her that he would definitely be there for her, however the question made Slim realize that Mary did not know too much about his criminal history so he decided to tell Mary a bit about his criminal past. Mary then confessed to Slim that she never actually had anybody love her before, to which Slim responded that she does now and that nobody would care about her as much as he does. Slim proceeded to warn Mary that people would try to convince her that Slim doesn't care about her, Mary explained that people had already come up to her to warn her that Slim is only using her, but that she had already told them that they were wrong about him. Before Mary left the office she reassured Slim that she believes that he genuinely cares about her.

On February 5th, 2020, When Mary arrived at the Vanilla Unicorn to work for the day she informed Slim that she just got done killing numerous police officers, which took Slim by surprise as he didn't realize Mary was down for that. Slim then commented on the coincidence as he confessed that he had just paid multiple people to kill police officers for him, and excitedly told Mary that the two of them would get along incredibly well. While Mary was dancing and talking to Erin Cox, Slim walked up to both of them and told Mary that if Erin ever gave her any problems she should "beat the shit out of her". Slim then went on to introduce Mary as his girlfriend to Erin, Erin being Slim's ex-wife got overly upset and angry upon hearing that. Sometime later Slim proudly announced Mary to be his girlfriend to everyone present at the Vanilla Unicorn, introducing her as "the perfect girlfriend". Erin, still upset about the news of their relationship dejectedly told Mary, "I thought we were best friends Mary, how could you date my ex-husband". Upon hearing that Slim asked Mary if she remembered what he told her she should do to Erin, if she wanted to. Mary replied that she should kill Erin, which caused Erin to yell out in shock, Mary then corrected herself saying that she should beat Erin instead of killing her. Shortly before closing the Vanilla Unicorn, Slim pulled Mary aside and told her to keep all the money she made without the club taking any cut because he really appreciated her being there, he then went on to say that Mary means more to him than Erin ever did and that Mary is his favorite girl. Mary replied that she really appreciated that and gave him a hug. Slim then instructed Mary to beat Erin for causing a scene in the club, Mary gladly accepted and told the bouncer to bring Erin outside. Once outside Mary swiftly beat down Erin while repeatedly telling her to stay away from her boyfriend.[5] Shortly afterwards, Slim proposed to Mary in front of her adoptive mother, Violet van Housen. Mary accepted, which officially started their engagement.

On February 17th, 2020, Mary was driving outside of garage Q when she ran into Slim, who was driving around with Matthew Payne. After some casual conversation Slim informed Mary that they had to get married within five days otherwise Slim would either lose his title of Arch-Duke of Davis or be forced to get remarried to Erin Cox. Mary replied that they should take care of the marriage soon to prevent Slim from having to get married to Erin. (These terms were later thrown out by a judge, so they no longer had to get married within five days). The marriage conversation caused Payne to speak up and ask Slim, "I thought you didn't like her anymore?" referring to Mary. Mary replied with a surprised and slightly saddened "Wait, what?" but before she could say much else Slim spoke up telling Payne that he loves Mary and that she's his favorite, Slim then furiously told Payne, "Don't you fucking lie about my favorite bitch". Payne then nervously tried to explain himself saying that he thought Slim was in love with the girl on the poster at the Vanilla Unicorn, referring to the poster of Mary. Both Mary and Slim informed Payne that Mary is the one on the poster and Mary immediately introduced herself, Payne quickly apologized saying that he got confused. Slim invited Mary to join them for a bit, which she gladly did after parking her car at the garage. They drove around for a while talking about all kinds of topics whilst looking for a helicopter, after a long time of searching they were unable to locate one and Mary stated that she had to leave, Slim then brought her back to the garage where he picked her up from. Before Slim drove off he told Mary that he loves her and Mary replied that she loves him too.

On March 5th, 2020, Mary received a call from Slim informing her that he was currently driving around with Erin Cox, he explained to Mary that Erin confessed to him that she instigated a fight with Mary the other day. Mary confirmed that Erin punched her and that Mary almost stabbed her for it.[6] Slim asked Mary if she wanted to get revenge for what Erin did by "beating the shit out of her" but told Mary not to stab Erin, Mary happily agreed to get her revenge on Erin. Slim informed Mary that he would be waiting with Erin at the Benny's and Mary started making her way there. As soon as Mary arrived Erin let out a worried "Oh no!". Whilst Mary and Slim were having a friendly chat about how they were doing Erin continued to speak in the background asking them upsettingly "Are we really doing this right now?" followed by a saddened "Alabaster, Alabaster, Alabaster". Slim spoke up and asked Erin what she was upset about, explaining to her that Mary is his trophy wife thereby suggesting that Erin shouldn't have hurt Mary. Slim continued speaking with Mary and she gave Slim a quick hug before Slim's attention went back to Erin informing her that Mary was not happy with what Erin did to her and giving Erin the opportunity to apologize for what she did. Erin refused to apologize explaining that she is upset that Mary, who was supposed to be her best friend is in love with her ex-husband. Mary then walked around toward the side of the car that Erin was sitting in and instructed her to get out of the car. Mary and Erin then got into an argument about Slim, Erin tried to convince Mary that Slim isn't in love with Mary, but Mary didn't believe any of what she was saying informing Erin that Mary and Slim truly do love each other. Erin then decided to change tactics and try to convince Mary that Slim was already with another girl that was neither Mary nor Erin. Mary started to get irritated with Erin telling her that Slim would never do that to Mary. Erin persisted that the both of them had competition from other girls when it came to Slim and that they should work together to take out the competition, Mary replied that she understood what Erin was saying and followed it up by saying "Well, I atleast know some of the competition". Erin happily told Mary "Yeah, we need to take out ALL of the competition!", Mary replied "I agree" and then started beating up Erin until she was incapacitated, whilst beating up Erin, Mary instructed her to stay the fuck away from Slim. While Erin was laying on the ground Mary told her that if she didn't stay away from Slim she would beat her up again. Slim apologized to Mary for having to beat up Erin and told Mary that she's the best. Before Slim left to drive Erin to the hospital he told Mary that he loves her and Mary replied that she loves him too, Slim then invited Mary to come with him but Mary was worried about leaving her drift car at the Benny's. Before finally leaving, Mary and Slim agreed to talk more later. A couple minutes later Mary received a text from Slim saying "ur the best".

On April 26th, 2020, after Mary asked him about his "Slim Diesel Arc", Slim declared Mary as his "Letty".

Gioconda Coppola

Gioconda Coppola taught Mary how to strip on her first day of working at the Vanilla Unicorn.[7]


Curtis Swoleroid

When Mary first came back to the city she did a couple of jobs with Curtis Swoleroid. Mary used to call him "Daddy", but stopped after she got engaged to Alabaster Slim. Curtis often macks on Mary and she doesn’t seem to be opposed to.

Mary has also assisted Curtis in a special heist to get him his "demon" car, where they, alongside others, stole cars and stripped them for parts.

When Summer Mersion was shot and robbed of her tuner chip by Curtis and other members of the Leanbois, Mary instantly came to her aid and went hunting for the people responsible, after finding them, she shot Curtis down before fleeing.[3] After a short while, Mary and Curtis spoke and came to a deal where the Leanbois would forgive Mary for shooting them, and, in return, she would give them 20 thermite. The deal went smoothly with Mary giving Curtis the thermite personally and inviting him along to a special heist.

Although Curtis doesn't hold a grudge against Mary for shooting him, Mary has stated to other people that as a result of what happened she only trusts Curtis, but not other members of the Leanbois.

Denzel Williams

Denzel Williams removed Mary from the HOA after Mary unknowingly called the cops on him and other members of the Leanbois when they attacked the Overboost Drift School.


Mary is a host for the LS Underground Racing Scene, as well as a custom track designer. She often hosts races when she is around the city and is highly skilled, sporting an impressive record and making the majority of her money from winning.

Mary's alias while racing is "Zoomer" and she has raced a large number of vehicles, including her normal Karin Sultan, her Declasse Tampa, a Porche 911 Turbo S lent to her by Juan Carlos Hernandez, a Bravado Banshee lent to her by Eddie Marshall, and her signature Sultan RS.

On January 20th, 2020, Mary became a host for the LS Underground Racing Scene.

On April 9th, 2020, Mary was permitted to create tracks by Eddie Marshall.

Track Creation

Season Three Tracks

Season Three Tracks

On April 13th, 2020, Mary made two race tracks. The first one is called Pacific Ridge. The track starts on Bay City Ave, heads up Great Ocean Highway, and loops back around Rockford before ultimately coming back to Bay City Ave. The second is called Ride or Die and loops around Paleto and the nearby lumberyard.

On April 16th, 2020, Mary made another race track titled Russian Roulette. The track starts at the docks off of Buccaneer Way, heads to the docks off of Abattoir Ave, heads up El Rancho Boulevard towards Fudge Lane before finally heading straight down Popular St back into the initial starting point. Later that day she made another track titled San Andreas Sand Lot that is based around the Sandy Shores and Grapeseed area.

Season Four Tracks

Season Four Tracks

On April 27th, 2020, before the official start of the fourth season of LS Underground Racing Scene, Mary created three races titled: F8 Rivalry, Inch or a Mile, and F8 of the Furious.

F8 Rivalry is a circuit race that starts southbound on Dorset Dr, turns eastbound on Boulevard Del Perro, continues eastbound as it merges onto Hawick Ave, turns northbound onto Glory Way, turns eastbound onto Mirror Park Blvd, continues southbound as the road merges onto El Rancho Blvd, continues westbound as the road merges onto El Rancho Blvd, continues southbound as the road merges onto Dutch London St, continues northbound as the road merges onto South Rockford Dr, turns westbound onto Palomino Ave, turns northbound onto Bay City Ave, merges eastbound onto West Eclipse Blvd, and returns to the starting location.

Inch or a MIle is a sprint that starts at the Observatory, loops around East Galileo Ave, heads northbound up Baytree Canyon Rd, merges southbound on Senora Rd, turns northbound on Marlowe Dr, merges northbound up Mount Haan Rd, turns southbound down Baytree Canyon Rd, turns westbound down Whispymound Dr, turns northbound Milton Rd where it merges onto Mount Vinewood Dr, continues northbound as it merges onto Zancudo Grande Valley, turns westbound onto Route 68, turns southbound onto Tongva Drive, turns northbound onto Zancudo Rd, turns back westbound onto Route 68 again, turns southbound onto Buen Vino Rd, makes a westbound turn onto Banham Canyon Dr, turns northbound on Great Ocean Highway, turns eastbound back onto Route 68, turns southbound back onto Zancudo Rd, merges southbound on Tongva Dr, merges southbound on North Rockford Dr, turns westbound onto Boulevard Del Perro, turns southbound on Bay City Ave, and finally turns westbound onto Red Desert Ave where it finishes at the start of the pier.

F8 of the Furious is a circuit race that starts northbound on Grapeseed Main St, turns eastbound onto Union Rd, crosses over Senora Fwy continuing eastbound, crosses over Grapeseed Ave continuing southbound, merges westbound onto East Joshua Rd, turns eastbound onto Panorama Dr, continues eastbound merging onto Senora Way, takes a southbound turn onto Palomino Fwy, makes a U-turn at the Gas Station and heads northbound Palomino Fwy, continues northbound merging onto Senora Fwy, makes a westbound turn back onto East Joshua Rd, makes a westbound turn onto Seaview Rd, continues northbound and merges back onto Grapeseed Main St.

Season Three Events

Mary was a frequent racer for the third official season of the LS Underground Racing Scene. With her coming in third place overall on the leaderboard. During the third season, she mainly drove her signature Sultan RS colored either in white or in red.

The $200,000 Dollar Races

On April 5th, 2020, Mary participated in two high-value races, coming first in both of them and winning nearly $200,000.

First Race Placings

  1. Mary Mushkin
  2. Tony Corleone
  3. Al Saab

Second Race Placings

  1. Mary Mushkin
  2. Charles Johnson
  3. Al Saab
Zoomer V Titanium

On April 8th, 2020, Mary was challenged to a 1v1 race by Eddie Marshall, where they would both choose one track to race, and, if the score was even after the first two races participate in a game of cat and mouse to determine the winner.

On April 9th, 2020, the 1v1 happened with Mary choosing Rush Hour and Eddie choosing Vinewood Togue. Mary won the first race, with Eddie winning the second, leading to a game of cat and mouse being needed to even the score. The cat and mouse game started with Mary winning the first one, losing the second, winning the third, losing the fourth, and losing the fifth and final round of cat and mouse, ultimately losing the 1v1 and dropping from second to third on the LS Underground leaderboard.

Season Four Events


Major Events

Vinewood PD Heist
On March 5th, 2020, Mary was spoken to about a heist involving raiding Vinewood PD by Raja Bahadur. The heist hasn't happened yet but she has recruited Curtis Swoleroid and Kanye Mushkin to the job, if it ever does happen.
Leanbois Conflict

On March 2nd, 2020, Summer Mersion was shot and robbed of her tuner chip by four masked individuals, later identified as Lang Buddha, Curtis Swoleroid, Ellie Dono, and Tony Corleone. After getting out of the hospital, Summer informed Mary about what happened, and Mary instantly set out to hunt for the people responsible. After a couple of minutes of searching for them, Mary found four masked individuals all resembling the description that Summer gave her outside of a clothing store on San Vitus Blvd, as she pulled up she thought that one of their voices resembled Curtis and asked if it was Curtis, the masked individual replied that it wasn't and Mary shot him down before fleeing. Buddha, Tony, and Ellie all shot at Mary as she was leaving, causing the PD to roll up on them, and after a chase, they were all captured and sent to prison. After they were sent to prison, Mary and Summer went up there to have a conversation with them. The conversation did not go well leading to Summer leaving mid-conversation.

On March 9th, 2020, Mary contacted Curtis looking for a way to stop the conflict, they eventually decided that Mary needed to give them twenty thermite and then there would be no hard feelings. The deal went smoothly with Mary giving Curtis the thermite personally and inviting him along to special heist.

Demon Car Heist

On January 12th, 2020, Mary alongside Curtis Swoleroid, Tony Corleone, and Juan Carlos Hernandez were tasked with stealing two cars imported from Asia, stripping them of their parts, and delivering said parts to a location. Unfortunately, they were unable to complete the mission with Arush Patel Santana, Boris Ivanov, Emmanuel Biggs, and Jax Hernandez finding the vehicles first, and blowing them up.

They attempted the heist again on January 25th, 2020, with the same crew, and successfully completed the mission.

Overboost Drift School

Mary is an instructor for the Overboost Drift School and was one of the main people teaching at it when it was active.

On January 9th, 2020, Mary was hired as a drift instructor.[8]

On January 19th, 2020, Mary got her civilian drift license.

On January 24th, 2020, Mary purchased her 1/1 Custom Drift Sultan RS from the Tuner Shop.

PD Evidence Transport Heist

On January 3rd, 2020, Mary alongside Curtis Swoleroid, Juan Carlos Hernandez, and Boris Ivanov participated in a heist where they intercepted an armored truck carrying large amounts of illegal items. They successfully stole the truck from the guards guarding it but were gunned down by the police during a shootout in Paleto. They were stripped of their illegal items and let go by the police following a discussion.


Vehicle Status Date Purchased
Declasse Tampa Fully Paid Off. June 20th, 2019
Karin Sultan Fully Paid Off. December 31st, 2019
Custom Drift Sultan RS Fully Paid Off. January 24th, 2020
Sultan RS Fully Paid Off. February 12th, 2020


  • "Are you an organ donor?"
  • "blelelelele"
  • "I'm just a mechanic."
  • "I understand."
  • "What do you mean?"


  • She is the leader of the "Crimson Zoomers".
  • She always has her hair in a bun, even on jobs.
  • Mary has at least one nipple.
  • Her best friend is Kermy Fulker.
  • She has multiple daddies.
  • Is on one of the posters on the outside of the Vanilla Unicorn Strip Club.
  • was previously living with Al Saab in a different county.


Old Clips

(Credit to TonyTheTired for the Mary Highlights.)




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