Mary Mushkin is a character role-played by kyliebitkin.

Background Information Edit

Mary Mushkin has a backstory consisting of abuse, mental issues, and surprisingly Instagram! Not what you expected from a dangerous, criminal scum that likes to wear a raccoon mask, aye?

Mary was disowned by her own father, Azeban Mushkin ("George Halloway"), for wanting to pursue an Instagram career. This led Azeban to believe that she was incapable of putting any energy into the "family business", so she was kicked out of the family.

General Description Edit

When Mary was 18 years old she moved to Los Santos to start her own "business", hoping to prove to her father she was worthy of the family name.

However, the years of abuse from her father made Mary a little mentally unstable. While wearing her Mushkin trademark Raccoon Mask, she tends to act like her overly hyperactive brother Kanye Mushkin. When she removes the mask, she acts like her depressed, sociopathic, dull-voiced sister, Wednesday Mushkin; speaking in more of a formal tone.

Quotes Edit

  • "aRe You An ORGan doNor?"
  • "I'm just a mechanic."
  • "I understand."

Fun Facts Edit

  • She is the leader of the "Crimson Zoomers".
  • Shiny things will attract her attention.
  • Stores most of her "goodies" in the dumpster located in The Pink Cage Motel parking lot.
  • She always has her hair in a bun, even on jobs.
  • Mary has at least one nipple.
  • Her best friend is Kermy Fulker.
  • She calls Curtis her "Daddy", even though he is her Adoptive Uncle.
  • She charges $3,000 for one hour.
  • She has multiple daddies.

Highlights Edit

(Credit to TonyTheTired for the Mary Highlights.)

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