Mary Mushkin is roleplayed by KylieBitkin

Description Edit

Like every other person in Los Santos Mary Mushkin has a backstory, and her backstory consists of Abuse, Mental issues, and surprisingly Instagram! Not what you expected from a dangerous, criminal scum that likes to wear a raccoon mask, aye?

Mary was disowned by her own father for wanting to pursue an Instagram career, which ensued into him not believing she was capable of putting any energy into the "family business" so he kicked her out of the family for good.

When Mary was 18 she moved to Los Santos to start her own "business" to prove to her father she was worthy of the family name.

All the years of abuse from her father sent her a little mental. When she wears the raccoon mask she tends to act like her over-hyperactive brother Kayne Mushkin and when the mask is off she acts like her depressed, sociopathic, dull voiced sister Wednesday Mushkin, but she speaks at more of a formal tone than when she is acting like a crackoon.

Also Mary Mushkin is an idiot.

Notes Edit

  • Shiny things will attract her attention.
  • She stores most of her goodies in the trash inside the Pink Cage Motel's parking lot.
  • Mary Mushkin is an idiot.
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