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Marlo Stanfield is a character role-played by Lucky_RP.


Marlo Stanfield works at Diamond Casino and Resort as Security, manages Diamond Hand Credit and PCA. He was formerly a G of The Families but was blooded out.


Marlo assisted the Vanilla Unicorn with their day-to-day operations which included acquiring ingredients for drinks, bartending, and providing security during events.

Marlo is currently working for the Diamond Casino and Resort. He was originally hired for security but has quickly become the go-to employee for anything Otto Delmar and Dean Watson need.

Marlo runs the BJ Smith Recreation Center and Park. The Rec Center is a non-profit organization aimed at getting the drug-addled children off the street by giving them a helpful place to spend their day. Marlo is currently working on fundraising for the Rec Center. He is planning on running a variety of public and private classes for people in Los Santos to attend.


Michael Oxlong

  • On February 28, 2021, Otto, Dean, Cassie, Gomer, and Marlo took Michael to the Dam after the group began to distrust and dislike his work at the Casino. After a discussion with Michael, Otto pulled the group aside without Michael and placed Michael's own gun on the ground stating that whoever picks it up will shoot Michael. A few moments pass, Marlo takes the gun and shoots Michael in the head then Michael is thrown off the Dam by Otto. Michael ended up passing away from the gunshot wound.


  • Marlo has no relation to Cedric Stanfield
  • Marlo invests a lot of money into Shungite. He often inflates how much he has invested when others ask.


  • "Names Marlo, but keep it on the low"
  • "I got a memory like an elephant, they never forget shit"
  • "I tried to get you a dolphin and I was looking in the ocean for panthers for you! Everybody is looking in the god damn mountains and shit and they ain't finding them so maybe nobody looked in the ocean. I'm just covering our bases."


Played By: Lucky_RP
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