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Marie Ortiz is a character role-played by TrashedPotatoPie.


Marie is generally a nice criminal where she always try to be nice or flirt out of her way from the charges she gets. On top of that, Marie also a person doesn't like heat argument or having fight of her friends against each other. This where she always stood up and wanna clear up the tension with all her might.

Marie used to be a Stable Hand for The Stable before members from within The Stable along with outside pressure due to their antics lead to the group being disbanded in order to save the reputations of the members involved that had not been causing trouble around the city. Recently (around the start of 2022) Marie and her boyfriend Meelo Graves have become Mandem hang arounds, with both of them expressing their desire to become MDMA in the future.

Trademark & Outfits

Marie's every outfit she has always comes with different hair style.

However her hair colour still maintain the same

Marie’s Outfits

Asset and Property

Asset Weekly Payment Total Picture
Beachside Avenue 28 16,000 Dollar 450,000 Dollar TBA
Brioso 15,000 Dollar 170,000 Dollar

Usual carry item

Marie usually carry this box around and show to people and says "Dewewory" (Delivery is UwU tune) where she says the box contain her heart. This usually melt people's heart when Marie does it.

  • Crowbar

Marie carry a crowbar every time as a self defence weapon and also use to joking around with her friends


  • Frog - She bought it for herself
  • Pet Rock - For Lea Nova
  • Scorpion - For Elizabeth Byrne
  • Snoopy the dog - Brought for herself

Played By: TrashedPotatoPie
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