Mari Posa is a character role-played by adeptthebest.

General Description

Mari is a badass who is currently a Chang Gang associate after leaving the Vagos as a prospect. She is originally from Tijuana, Mexico, but has relocated to Los Santos due to some troubles back home. Her ultimate goal is to learn the ropes of the "gang" lifestyle to return home to get revenge on her ex-boyfriend, Javier, for killing her mother. Yes, her story is a twisted version of Romeo and Juliet.



  • Believed to be the first Woman to rob and hack the bank successfully.
  • Will only eat meat-free burgers from Burger Shot.


  • "Sheesh"
  • "Mari Manos"


Played By: adeptthebest
Characters: Hannah HiltopMari PosaErnie JenkinsSelena Mendoza

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