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Mari McKay is a character role-played by ChandraViperdae

General Description

Mari McKay grew in leaps and bounds after moving to Los Santos. When she first stepped foot into the country, and city - she lacked 'street smarts's. She grew up in a small country fishing town in Australia so had little experience with big city life. Now, she embraces it. Having experienced first hand how harsh it can be. She once believed in the good of everyone, and trusted too easily. Now she's bubbly and kind to all, but trusts very few.

On the outside Mari is usually bright, cheerful, and always down for something fun. She works hard at everything she does and her chipper personality draws people in - however she seems to exhibit strange sociopath tendencies. Randomly saying things like 'wouldn't it be fun to feel someones neck crushed between your hands' and commenting on 'I hear the palms of a person are meant to be tasty' These are seemingly harmless as Mari prefers non-violent approaches to things but she has been known to become violent if necessary. Especially when it comes to her friends and loved ones.

Mari can be quite insightful when it comes to various different topics. Especially that of death and grieving. Mari is ferociously loyal to those who do her good, and would never betray them.

Mari has an addictive personality and can easily find herself addicted to various substances and activities in Los Santos if she is not careful.

She does her best to be independent but also hopelessly clings to those she cares about. Even displaying an extreme, often violent or psychotic, level of devotion to a loved one.

Background Information

Mari lived in a rural fishing town in Australia. With her mother. grandmother, and youngest sister. An unremarkable and boring life for most of her time but there a few key events that stand out.

At age 15- Mari was on a trip with school friends in the wilderness. They, in a cruel joke, drove off and left her there. Mari was lost and spent three days surviving on her own. She had to kill, cook, and eat native fauna and flora and describes the time as 'literally shitty' due to this, Mari doesn't shy away from interesting foods - and even developed a curiosity for what all kinds of meats taste like. She also learned that not everyone is her friend.

At age 18 - Her family went on an overnight fishing trip, a usual occurrence for them - they were caught in a flash storm. Her and her youngest sister (Nellie- Age 5) went overboard. Mari was rescued but her sister was lost. Mari blames herself for this, and wishes that she was taken by the sea instead. Mari is wracked by guilt of being saved over someone so young. Mari used a mixture of Alcohol, codeine, oxy, and prescription drugs, and reckless behavior to cope with this.

Her mother had remarried and Mari, along with her new family moved to the United States. However, feeling displaced, Mari chose to move to a different city, Los Santos. She wanted a complete change of scenery and a fresh start to help her move on from tragic events.




Mari recently moved to Los Santos but has already had a few significant events during her stay in the city. Primarily meeting up with Benji; and being a person who takes people at face value, she thought she found a new friend, and despite accidentally falling from a helicopter she remained in good spirits until she was kidnapped and shot by Mari Posa. Being warned to stay away from Benji. Mari is still confused as to why she was kidnapped and subsequently shot in the legs for hanging out with someone, and wishes to know the reasons why - but is too afraid to approach Benji herself. She has vowed that if he approaches her, she will tentatively try to talk it out with him. Despite it being months, she has yet to do this.

Mari also frequents 'The Tavern' and can be seen drinking there often. She is looking to be hired by Hayes, as she has mechanic experience. Due to an influx of applications she was not able to get a job there, and ended being hired by Kian Mercer at the Mirror Park Tavern Mari was promoted after just one day from Temp Bartender to Full-Time Bartender.

Mari flourished at the Tavern, and loved her job and the friends she was making within the HOA. However there were issues which had caused her to take her leave. The first, was when she helped a friend out, unknowingly taking part in something that would have angered another MC (The Lost) And despite her being the only one in the group to completely conceal her identity she was put on probation for two weeks.

After coming off of probation Mari was keen to work again but a crackhead had stolen her bike; and when Mari tried to follow him in a taxi - the taxi driver went AWOL and ran into him at Hayes. The Crackhead, for reasons still unknown assumed Mari was the taxi driver and went on a vendetta against her for two weeks. Telling every single person he met 'Do you know a redhead bitch Australian named Mari? she works at the Tavern.'

Mari tried to explain to Kian that this was completely out of her control but he stated that 'She should know how to control the people around her' and told her she may loose her job after this. Mari was once again, not allowed to work.

She appreciated the help that Kian, and other members of the HOA gave her in putting the Meth addict in her place, bu the frustration she had from being blamed for it caused her to leave the Tavern. the parting was amicable, and Kian had stated she was always welcomed back.


Children Of The Lilly

*"'Luka has approached her with some concerning news talking about a strange group of people dressed in white suits and masks and told her that they are also targeting other notable people he hangs out with, including a close friend of Mari's, James Brown. This group is known as the Children of the Lillies

Since the initial conversations Mari has woken up to find the bear that Luka and James had given her stolen from her apartment. A little unnerved Mari spoke to Luka about this. After speaking to Leo she was called on an anonymous number and told to come to Chamos Pier alone at 6pm or her friends would be hurt. Terrified of what could happen to them - she agreed. Mari met with a man who Luka told her was called Anatoliy Deshev and he told her he was a 'ghost' she claimed she couldn't help because she isn't good with criminal activity, and could barely point a gun at someone without fucking it up.

The strange man told him that is exactly what she is useful for; being un-corrupted and refusing to give into temptation of illicit activities. the man gave her a book called 'The first child of the Lilly' and returned her bear to her. He told her they would be in contact in the future, before taking a cyanide pill and leaving Mari crying, alone, and confused, bequeathing a knife and mask to her. Mari called EMS, but left the scene in tears and does not know if he made it or not.

Later that day Mari finally managed to meet up with Luka and James again; upon telling them what happened they were more cavalier about the whole affair which upset Mari. Mari feels upset, and confused - seeing those closest to her seemingly making light off a situation that had severely affected her. She brushed it off and laughed with them, claiming that it probably wasn't that big of a deal - but it still got to her.

Mari felt confused, frustrated, and closed off from those she is closest to. After talking to Kian, as she was worried about the Mirror Park Tavern, he told her she could potentially loose her job with this. As she could not have ties to criminal activity - and if they start coming after the bar - or its staff, she would have to be let go. So as Kian had said it, she has been put between a rock and a hard place.

Ever since the initial confrontation and reaction - the 'Children of the Lilly' have been completely silent.


Lizards In Los Santos

MLIZARDS IN LOS SANTOS - A strange man kidnapped Mari's friend and co-worker Blanden Haster. Claiming to be Lizard people they set up a series of games and clues. Targeting members of Mirror Park Tavern, the HOA and their associates. Mari teamed up with Freddy Fastfingers, and Ash Katchup and attempted to help find him during 'Game 3'. Mari was directly targeted by the lizard people - with various visual clues pointing to them wanting to capture her. Mari kept people around her at all points in time. There was a split 30 seconds where her coworkers Kylie and Kellog drove off; leaving her alone. it was at that point she was captured by the lizard people. Drugged and tortured Mari became an unwitting sleeper agent. Helping him with his games, without even realizing it.

Blanden was 'returned' at the end of Game 4; and many people are happy with this. Mari has her suspicions, and doesn't trust that 'Blanden' is back. All the while being unaware she is helping the enemy.

Ever suspicious Mari never really let her guard down around Blanden. She kept talking to Kian about it - and her concerns. Kian finally admitted they had proof that it was not the real Blanden. Mari confronted 'Blanden' and they had a discussion about how the creature posing as Blanden wanted to turn a new leaf. He apologized for attacking and targeting Mari - and turning her into a sleeper agent. They are currently figuring out a way to save the real Blanden.

The real Blanden was saved, and the 'lizard Blanden' apologized to Mari, freeing her of her sleeper agent status. He now considers the HOA and their associates his friend. No one knows what happened to Lizard Blanden after he got lost trying to find answers to why Blanden, and the others within and around the HOA were targeted.



Return to the HOA Freddy and Mari bought a house in the Mirror Park Cul De Sac. Mari supports Freddy in his endevours within the HOA, but often feels left out, always being on the fringe of the group. She knows a lot about what they do, sell, and who their members are - and what they work with but she keeps silent. Saying simply that she is not HOA nor is it her place to be involved.

UwU Cafe

UwU About 3 weeks before the cafe opened Ash asked Mari if she wanted a job, Mari said sure - and worked hard at the booth for a few weeks. When the cafe opened, Mari stepped up her game and took charge, quickly seeing what needed to be done and sorted, then did it. Because of that she was promoted to Floor Manager. Mari is usually seen at UwU Cafe, and hangs around many of the Seaside members.


Freddy Fastfingers fiance/husband

Mari's Fiance- Someone Mari didn't ever expect to see in a light beyond 'that crazy lunatic who kidnapped me in a bank heist once' they since became fast friends - and it wasn't till recently, when Freddy asked her on a date that Mari originally reluctantly agreed to go on that she realized how much fun she had with him, and how much she liked him.

Since then this madman has been overly protective of what he sees as a fragile Mari but rarely listens to her when she is trying to talk to him due to his crippling ACDC, which causes nothing but troubles to very serious topics.

They moved into a small house in Vespucci near the Billabong which is under Mari's name. Purchasing this house with help from Freddy's habits of non stop grinding money when he needs and loan. Repaying this is no problem for the mischief maker.

Freddy proposed to Mari during a discussion on his future between BBMC and HOA - Mari told him she'd always be by his side and Freddy proposed. Stating she was the only person he could trust with everything, and anything.




  • Mari is loyal to a fault. Often at her own detriment. In the past it has cost her friendships, and substantial monetary gain. Mari is a strong believer that her word is the strongest thing she can give.
  • Mari is incredibly afraid of drowning. It is her biggest fear
  • She wears gloves because she states that she doesn't like things touching the palm of her hands.
  • Mari is possibly a Yandere


Heist Summary

Type Total Success Failed
Fleeca 2 2 0
Paleto 1 1 0

Heist Details

No. Type Date Team Outcome
1 Fleeca 24/08/2021 Success Everyone managed to escape with the loot.
2 Fleeca 01/09/2021 Success Everyone managed to escape with the loot.
3 Paleto 15/03/2022 Success Everyone managed to escape with the loot.

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