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Marcus "Big M" Mathers was a character role-played by GTAWiseGuy.

General Information

Marcus, often referred to as Big M, was a puppet within the underground racing scene. He was known to ride around in his white Lamborghini and wear a black/orange mask to hide his true identity. Although he has been seen in multiple other cars, including a grey R35, blue R34 and a red McLaren Senna.

He was originally the seventh puppet and had the tagline Las Venturas lucky number seven on the spoiler of his Huracan. He was knocked down to 8th puppet after loosing a race to Razor but kept the spoiler.

Art by @207_1042 on Twitter.

Art by @207_1042 on Twitter.


Big M met his fateful end on the 22nd September 2021 while attempting to tell Tony Corleone, his one established acquaintance, information on the Puppet Master and his antics. However, before he could reveal the information he was shot with a sniper rifle weilded by Earl and Shurai on the command of the Puppet Master. Despite EMS and the doctors attempt to find a pulse, Marcus Mathers passed away on scene.

"Once was bound, but now I'm free. There are no strings on me."
-Marcus Mathers


  • Marcus Mathers had narcolepsy and would often fall asleep while talking to people.
  • Darius, his close friend and fellow puppet, was killed by Hutch on the command of the PM.
  • He betrayed the PM after refusing to complete a hit on Tony Corleone.
  • He only told those close to him his real name, including Mary Mushkin and Tony Corleone.
  • He was the 8th puppet.
  • Big M's theme song.


Played By: GTAWiseGuy
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