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March Fooze is a character role-played by Burn.


March Has natural red hair like his sister, April Fooze, but he had it dyed green to go with his Sprunk sponsorship. Although his sponsor Sprunk asked to have his mustache dyed green, he refused and kept it red to remind him of his sister April, who he has a love/hate relationship with.


March is the younger brother of April Fooze. He bought a plane ticket to Los Santos to visit April and make vlog content with her.


Fooze Sibling Reunion
February 2022 - March arrives in Los Santos
It's Just a Prank
To be written
Big Toe Concert
To be written
Family Therapy
To be written
Uwu Cafe Roof Prank
To be written
Serial Killer Arc
April 2022 - The Joe Goldberg Saga
To be written
Stolen Identity
To be written
The Bridge
To be written
One Last Prank
To be written






  • March's state ID is 33104.
  • March's natural hair color is Red


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Played By: Burn
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