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The Marabunta Grande, are an El Salvadorian based street gang operating out of Fudge Lane, in the El Burro Heights area.

Members are known for wearing a Royal Blue color to identify themselves.

General Description

The Marabunta Grande was founded by Sergio Lopez, "El Jefe".

The Marabunta Grande were affiliated with the Los Zulus based on Roy Lowenstein. Sergio Lopez asked his members if they would be down to merge with Los Zulus and bring Wilmer "Azul" Guzman and his clika across to Marabunta Grande. Both gangs later decided to merge as one and Azul became Vice El Jefe of Marabunta Grande.

Marabunta Grande continue to fight the battle of rival gangs/groups selling product in their area El Burrio Heights, It has been a constant battle throughout so far and it seems it will continue on for some time until Marabunta Grande can grow and show more force around the clock to prevent rivals selling meth to their people on the block.

The gang does not currently have any legal or illegal businesses but are actively making connections and looking to establish themselves.

Marabunta Grande formed an alliance with the Vagos on March 30, 2022.


Territory Comparison to other Gangs, Groups, & Motor Clubs

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Inactive Members

Former Members

  • Raul Martinez - flew back to El Salvador
  • Trigger - flew back to El Salvador
  • Ava Martinez - left the familia because of certain issues with the chain of command
  • Gabriella Cortez - left the familia because of certan issues with the chain of command
  • Machete Cortez - decapitated by Azul for betraying the familia by shooting down Sergio Lopez

Marabunta Grande Roster