Mando Thompson is a character role-played by ItsSammyP.


Mando Thompson, is the current OG and leader of the Ballas, which is the revived and reformed South Side Ballas/East Side Ballas gang. Growing up on Grove St. made Mando was made into a emotional and ruthless individual. At this point in time, Mando is very unknown. What we do know thus far is that he is the son of the Ruthless Fake/Yellow Page Balla Killer Tyrone "Big T" Thompson.

Mando has two sides to him. he can either be your best friend.. or your worst enemy, there is really no in-between with him.

He's known as one of the best shooters in the city

At this point in time It is currently unknown who the mother is of Mando Thompson is but in due course I am sure we will find out...

Current Events

Southside Meth Market

Mando Thompson is currently the only distributor of Los Santos top shelf product Raven-7 to the South Side Dark Markets involving Methamphetamine, The product known to the streets and Locals is the Diamond Hands Product raging through the streets known only as Raven-7. at a 99% Purity. Cooked by the organisation revolving around Cleanbois and there building of the criminal foundation. Mando is currently in close connection with Nino Chavez and his alter ego The Joker. Which Mando refers to as "The Meth Man"

On 21/03/2021 Nino Chavez and "The Joker" made the first transaction for the Raven-7 Product.

On 22/03/2021 Nino Chavez and "The Joker" made a second transaction for the Raven-7 Product

The Drops have now been continuing for the past few weeks with Ballas purchasing large batches of 200-300 Bags of Meth once every 2 or 3 days.

The Purity of the Meth has now reached 99% and Mando is attempting to clear out the large investment that Nino Sanchez has made of roughly $500,000 to ensure that nobody has taken a loss on this business plan and that profits are lucrative and extortionate in the future and the connection that has been built between the two characters is strong.

More to follow as this story develops...

The Digital Den - Grove St Arcade.

Mando Thompson is currently also working with Jacob Harth through his business known ass The Digital Den, After conversations and small business transactions Jacob Harth took a great interest in Mando Thompson and has currently offered him a deal to purchase the Grove St Arcade, Jacob made a deal with The reignited South Side Ballas/East Side Ballas and promised them that by the End of March 21/Start of April 21 he would purchase the Arcade on Grove St which is currently priced at $440,000 and we will resell it to them for $220,000 in exchange for 1% of the Company's Profits.

Mando is waiting on Jacob to purchase the arcade and has been following up when possible to ensure that this business proposal goes ahead.

More to follow as this story develops.

Ballas Assemble

Mando Thompson is currently on a drive to find and recruit Balla's, seeing as the group is currently low on number's compared to competitor's East Side Vagos, Mando over the course of the past 8 months has recruited over 8 new potential Balla's with a few of these being made into Hang around's due to showing there commitment over the past month and earning there symbolic Purple Converse High Tops, which essentially grants them the title of Hang around for the Ballas (South Side Ballas / East Side Ballas).

Grove St Gas Station

Mando Thompson is currently attempting to purchase the Grove St Gas Station and has been in contact with Andi Jones, he has begun to find that this has proven more difficult than it seems due to the criminal record that our young entrepreneur has on his record. Mando has since applied one of his trusted Balla's Raymond Delprince to ensure that he keeps a clean slate and record to achieve ownership of the Gas Station, but ultimately it is handled and seen to by Mando Thompson. Andi Jones has now since guaranteed via a phone call that this is possible and we are awaiting to see what shall happen with this in the next few days.

Character Traits

Positives +Dominance , +Determined , +Loyal +Decisive, +Brave

Negatives -Bossy, -Cruel, -Vengeful, -Deception, -Greedy

Other -Lack of Self Control, Lack of Tolerance, Addictive Personality, Unforgiving


Played By: ItsSammyP
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