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Mando Thompson is a character role-played by ItsSammyP.


Mando Thompson, is a former OG of the Ballas, the revived and reformed South Side Ballas/East Side Ballas gang and is currently a soldado of the Vagos. Growing up on Grove St. made Mando the ruthless and emotional individual he is today. He is the son of Tyrone "Big T" Thompson. His mother is unknown.

Mando possesses great charisma and uses his South Side charm to his advantage. He makes quick judgements of character and can either be a great friend to have ... or your worst enemy.

He is known for holding down Grove Street for the Ballas and keeping their name alive with little to no help for 8 months(Feb-Oct). Held of NBC when they wanted to take it over and become a SS gang.

Major Events

Meth in the South Side

Meth in the South Side

Mando Thompson laid the groundwork for Ballas meth operations. For a detailed overview read here.

Grove St Arcade - The Digital Den

Grove St Arcade - The Digital Den

After forming a business relationship through conversations and small business transactions, Jacob Harth took a great interest in Mando and offered a deal to purchase the Grove St Arcade. He aimed to complete the deal in March-April 2021 with the promise of reselling it to the Ballas in exchange for a share of the Company's Profits. The deal has since fallen through.

Grove St Gas Station

Grove St Gas Station

In Mando's attempts to breathe life into the South Side, he got in contact with Andi Jones, the Mayor at the time. He submitted a proposal to buy the Grove St Gas Station with plans of construction to help improve the quality of life for the community.

While this initially proved difficult due to Mando's extensive criminal record, the ownership and legal operations of the business was entrusted to Raymond Delprince. This has helped facilitate the acquiring of the business while allowing Mando to remain in the background.

The Gas Station currently awaits government approval for renovation.

Leaving the Ballas and joining the Vagos

Leaving The Ballas

On 28th October 2021 Mando confirmed that he had left the Ballas. This is due to being overthrown by the rest of the gang and being thrown out by the new leader. Months after, Mando runs into Miguel Guerrero who asks him if he feels like he still belongs in the Southside. After being told yes, he jokingly says that he should start hanging with the Vagos. Over the course of a few months Mando starts spending time with all of the Vagos, fights with them in shootouts, buys a house in the Barrio and is let in on gang secrets. On the 25th of January 2022 Mando is blooded into the Vagos through a ritual that required a lot of alcohol, blood of a virgin (Arush Patel Santana), blood of a slut (Santiago Madrid) and the blood of a pure blooded vago (Arturo Ortiz).

Character Traits

Positives +Dominance, +Determination, +Charisma, +Loyalty, +Bravery

Negatives -Bossy, -Cruelty, -Vengeful, -Deception

Other Flirty with the ladies, Deep voice, Well spoken, Lacks self control, Intolerance with incompetence, Addictive personality


  • Addresses attractive ladies with 'Miss' followed by their first name.
  • Once sold upwards of $65,000 worth of Wu Chang tickets in a single day.
  • Claims he carried a single Desert Eagle through a gang war with the Vagos that had at least 30 bodies on it.


Lukey Deep-All the girls in the city ft Mando


Played By: ItsSammyP
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