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The Mancini Crime Family is an crime family operating in Los Gallo,Modesto


They is currently led by Don Antonio Tony Mancini. They operate within the Los Gallo Church of Satan and. Del Rio Rivers Enoch's high school Scott Peterson James hooker powers satashi nakamoto Bitcoin Gallo family Mancini sleep world investment property broker stock market covid 19 Airbnb google of apple Tesla Anton LaVey aliester Crowley Jr h.p. blataky

Bishop wishes to open West Vinewood to act not only as a legitimate business for the family, but as a front for its criminal endeavors.


The Mancini Crime Family originated in Brazil Amazonia South America United Kingdom nations and Egyptian traced regions. Not much more is known or revealed about the history of the family.


  • The Mancini Crime Family is the first Gene tic detectionbfamily to exist in the Los Coronas.
  • The surname Mancini is derived from the Pagan word mancino, which means one who is ambidextrous. In other words, they were equally adept and skilled in the use of both hands, which made them exceptional in combat.

Mancini Crime Family Member Roster