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Malcom 'Sly' Jenkens is a character roleplayed by 3piccsauce.

General Information[]

Malcolm Jenkens, known as Sly, is the co-leader of Black Lotus.


Malcolm 'Sly' Jenkins was a former second-in-command of the Brouge Street Kingz (BSK) and former Project Manager of The Company.

After BSK disbanded 5 years ago, Sly came back to Los Santos to search for a new purpose in his life. Currently, he lives with a majority of former BSK members in a house on Fudge Lane. Sly and his housemates still have a close relationship with their former leader, Outto-Tune Tyrone, because in all their minds, they're still a family deep down. However, OTT didn't want to bind them to him, allowing them to pursue their own paths.

Although not much is known about Sly's past, there are rumors of dark secrets surrounding his name. He is fiercely protective of his privacy and does not take kindly to the use of his government name. Despite this, Sly is known for his chill and laid-back persona, rarely letting anything ruffle his feathers.

In his free time, Sly enjoys racing and spending time with his family. He is also passionate about the cultivation of marijuana and is known for his expertise in this area. Despite his involvement in the criminal underworld, Sly is a man of honor who values loyalty and respect above all else.

During Sly's time in BSK, he has gained recognition for his exceptional ability to provide for the gang. Whether it's through his resourcefulness in securing necessary supplies, his adeptness in handling conflicts within the group, or his willingness to lend a helping hand to his fellow members, since Sly has consistently shown his loyalty to the gang and his commitment to ensuring their well-being he has become a trusted OG and a valued member of the gang.

In the five years away from the city Sly’s long-term relationship with Tiene Koski broke down.