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Malakai Anderson is a character role-played by Realzman.

General description

Malakai Anderson is a man in his mid twenties often seen sporting aviator sunglasses with spiked, frosted hair. He is very personable, easily making friends with most people and is a skilled salesman/swindler despite his noticeable speech impediment. He is often seen alongside Riley Carter, who he is unyieldingly loyal and infatuated with.

Under his alias Lemonhead, Malakai was one of the OGs of the racing scene after the economic collapse. He was often a regular sight at races hosted by Headeyes before the racing app was created. Malakai was previously a member of Bondi Boys MC, joining as a patched member on the recommendation of Riley Carter. He works as a senior salesman and mechanic at Ottos Auto as well as a loan officer for Diamond Hand Credit. As a member of the racing crew Redline, Malakai holds a high standing in the racing scene as well as two quarter-final finishes in the MRL.


Photo Vehicle Plate Description
Lemonhead Mustang.png Mustang GT 2015 ZXCW71BE Purchased from Premium Deluxe Motorsport on June 27th, 2021. Was purchased upon the urging of Riley Carter to get back in the racing scene and has since become his signature vehicle. The vehicle is fully upgraded and painted matte black.
- Yosemite Rancher QTURUZ79 -
- Sandking N27FTFUT -
- Paradise UCP7484G Usually parked at Ottos Autos and primarily used for storage. The vehicle has a rotating livery.
- Tropic S5SQXSTA Bought on February 6th, 2022 as a precaution after rumors of the end of days spread around Los Santos. The boat is painted black.
- Sultan MKII LB12ECEH VIN scratched.
- G63 1EZ1HG6D VIN scratched.
- GT86 BJTJWQ14 Scratched for Riley Carter on April 26, 2022 with help from Redline, Mickey S, and Phantom. It was later converted by H&O Exports and is currently still under his name. The vehicle is fully upgraded and painted black with an ice white pearlescent.


Photo Address Description
- North Rockford Drive 19 Purchased with a loan for a total $1.5M on March 12th, 2022. It was revealed as surprise for Riley Carter on April 17, 2022 and was previously owned by the duo prior to the economic collapse. The interior was decorated by Carmella Corset.

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Played By: Realzman
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