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Malakai Anderson is a character role-played by Realzman.

General description

Malakai can usually be found along side Riley Carter when ever he is roaming the streets of Los Santos or hanging outside of the apartments. He is also known as The Lemon Head, as he wears the lemon mask at races and other activities.



Vehicle Status Date Purchased
2015 Mustang Gt not fully paid off June 27th, 2021


"Wow Wiwey"

Fan Art

Malakai Anderson.png.png Malakai in a stolen car Made By @PKSlap from twitter


Screen Shot malakai.pngBBMC Malakai made by @PKSlap on twitter

Screen Shot Malakai suit.pngMalakai in suit made by @PKSlap on twitter

Screen Shot 2021-07-02 at 6.51.02 PM.png

Malakai and Riley made by

@PKSlap on twitter

Played By: Realzman
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