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MDM Records is a British record label based in Los Santos.


MDM Records had always been a long-time dream for Dwayne Flores since moving to the city of Los Santos, which he shared with his family, The Mandem. It became a legal business on 17th November, 2021 with Dwayne Flores setting up a business account and obtaining a business license. He appointed Molly Rollin as the COO of the Label, later changing her role to Co-Owner, giving her the ability to work freely, also Mark Vegas was brought into Mandem Records by Dwayne as their first Executive Producer who would later be joined by Ethan Ross.

The Mandem had a meeting with Chang Gang to discuss the creation of MDM Records along with the fact that the Mandem members that were signed to Wu-Chang Records (Tommy, Dwayne and Eli Porter) would be leaving along with Molly Rollin. Esho and long time friend of Dwayne was the first artist to be signed to the label (from outside of the Mandem), the second artist signed to MDM Records, was Alex Söderberg a.k.a Lil Cap, after he stepped down from his own record label, Downbad Records because he had little to no control over his own label.

  • MDM Records released its first ever single on December 18th 2021 which was Dwayne's disstrack aimed at Wu-Chang called Wagyu Flow.

Rival Record Labels

Released Songs

Artists who receive 40K plays earn a Gold Record, artists that receive 100K plays earn a Platinum Record, and artists who receive 1M plays earn a Diamond Record. (Collective stream numbers are gathered from Spotify and Soundcloud)

Released Songs

Cover Title Artist Release Year Plays Certification
Stay Right There Black N White September 16, 2021 29K
Big Bands Black N White Remix Lil Cap, P Money, Black N White December 9, 2021 23K
Wagyu Flow Wiked December 18, 2021 103K
Osiris Lil Cap,Saint BaLenci January 5, 2022 96K
Voddy Big Toe, Wiked January 14, 2022 16K

Released EP's

EP Name Cover Included Songs Artist Release Date
The Ket Chronicles
Big Toe December 16, 2021


  • Mandem Records was founded on November 17th 2021.
  • Lana Valentine designed and decorated the interior for the studio.
  • Jiggity Studios are the official filming company used by Mandem Records.
  • The first ever track published under MDM Records was Dwayne Flores' song "Wagyu Flow".
  • A record name "Jump Out Gang" by Eli Porter was to be released, but unfortunately the beat was bought out by another artist after Eli played a preview. It was played at the MDM launch event.