Lydia Zephyr is a character role-played by Sammy_Sama

Description Edit

Lydia Zephyr is a doctor employed by Pillbox Medical Center.

Backstory Edit

Lydia is from Liberty City, The Broker borough (same as LSPD Sergeant Brittany Angel to note) and her father owned a butcher shop. Her father died by falling into an industrial meat grinder by accident in front of Lydia, which prompted her to pursue medicine in order to save lives. She attended medical school in Liberty City and has started her residency in Los Santos.

Quotes Edit

  • "I'm a doctor in training... I'm a resident... You think I'm supposed be out there just kinda twiddling my thumbs waiting for shit to happen? You make shit happen."
  • "I'm from Liberty City! I'll kick you in the dick!"
  • "I swauh tuh gawd! Imma bop sumbuddy!"
  • "Beep, beep!"
  • "Blease!"
  • "I'm uncomfortable."

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