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Lydia Vale is a character role-played by CathFawr.

General Description

Lydia Vale is a Corporal for the Los Santos Police Department, Badge #460.

She is co-leader of the High Value Target Unit alongside Owen Svensen and also a manager of the San Andreas Scouts, which she helped create.


Vale knows how to do her police work as she is a former VCPD Officer, she also knows how to handle her gun like a pro. She is a natural leader, who will take the initiative and wrest control of a situation if it's appropriate, and the opportunity presents itself. She is respectful to authority, but will make her opinion known if she feels it has value or will increase the chance of success.

Background Information

Vale is a former VCPD Officer who worked in the SWAT Division. She moved to the state of San Andreas, by recommendation of her former partner of the VCPD Ellis Pinzon who did the same, after she was put on indefinite administrative leave from the VCPD due to pressure from Senior Floridian Senator Herman Alvarez. This occured after a raid was performed regarding the Forelli Crime Family and the San Angelo Cartel distributing drugs from a property. During the raid 4 LEOs and 12 suspects along with Enrique Alvarez died. Enrique Alvarez was the son of Herman Alvarez. It was extremely likely that he was involved in the operations of the Forelli Crime Family.[1]

Momentous Dates within the PD

Rank Insignia Note Date
Hired; Badge #560 April 21st, 2021
Passed Academy May 16th, 2021
Solo Cadet
Solo Certified; Badge #660 May 24th, 2021
Promoted to Officer; Badge #460 June 20th, 2021
Senior Officer
Promoted to Senior Officer August 31st, 2021
Promoted to Corporal December 10th, 2021
Certification Legend Rank Note Date
Air-1 Pilot
Air Cert.png
Officer Air Certified July 5th, 2021
High Value Target Unit
HVTU Cert.png
Senior Officer Appointed as Unit Lead in the HVTU September 2nd, 2021
Interceptor Driver
Interceptor Cert.png
Senior Officer Interceptor Certified September 29th, 2021
Street Racing Unit
SRU Cert.png
Senior Officer Appointed as Pursuit Driver in the SRU October 15th, 2021
Air-1 Pilot
Air Cert.png
Senior Officer Flight FTO October 21st, 2021
SWAT Cert.png
Senior Officer SWAT Certified October 29th, 2021
Field Training Officer
FTO Cert.png
Senior Officer FTO Certified October 30th, 2021
Jet Cert.png
Corporal Jet Certified + Flight FTO December 13th, 2021


  • Is incredibly gay and will talk dirty with women, especially if they're embarrassed about it.
  • Has a sizable collection of dongles that she has taken from racers.[2]
  • Is a solado Vago, battle pass Balla and Shadow GSF.[3]



Played By: CathFawr
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