Lydia Vale is a character role-played by CathFawr.


Lydia Vale is a Corrections Captain at the Department of Corrections, Badge #767. 

Background Edit

A former UK Soldier, Lydia now lives in the US and worked for a time on the vintage firearms circuit out of Nevada. She served two tours in Afghanistan, and a third tour that she doesn't discuss. 

Personality Edit

Vale experienced the brutal true nature of humanity when serving the British Army abroad. She's reluctant to disclose the full extent of her experiences, but it's clear they've had a lasting effect on her. She is a natural leader, who will take the initiative and wrest control of a situation if it's appropriate, and the opportunity presents itself. She is respectful to authority, but will make her opinion known if she feels it has value or will increase the chance of success.

It's unclear as to whether she feels correctional facilities actually serve any purpose, or whether people who commit the kinds of acts that result in long term incarceration can even ever be reformed.

Trivia Edit

  • Aspires to join the LSPD.

  • She was trained by DOC officer Willow Wolfhart

  • Became DOC FTO in two days.

  • is gay and will talk dirty with women; especially if they're embarrassed about it.

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