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Luke Webb is a character role-played by Brad_1511.


Luke Webb is a 24 year old man, originally from London. He tried to live a reasonably simple life back home, but unfortunatley lost his father at a young age due to an alcohol addiction. When Luke was 3 years old, his dad went for a drive whilst steaming drunk and ended up dying in a car crash. This had a major effect on Lukes upbringing as a child and a lot of people bullied him in school for not having a dad.

When he was 18, he decided to use the inheritance money from his late father to achieve his dreams of travelling the world. Initially he wanted to travel around every state in America, however that journey was immediatley cut short. After a few weeks in Dallas, he had ended up speanding all of his money in the clubs, drinking, smoking and paying for strippers. He then made a terrible decision to take his remaining money to a Casino to try and double it so he could continue his travels. He knew that he would need to find a way to make money and would have to be staying in a motel for a while.

After a couple of years of working in Dallas, he had managed to overcome his gambling and drinking addiction, and saved up enough money to travel to Los Santos...

Current Story in Los Santos

  • Luke first arrived in the city on May 19th 2021. Like many others, he spent his first month in the city grinding to save up as much money as possible. He met Abdul on his first day in the city and after watching Abdul drive customers around for an hour or so, was immediatley drawn to the idea of becoming a taxi driver. He liked the thought of meeting lots of new people and making some cash on the side.
  • On June 14th 2021, Luke purchased his first vehicle, a Dilliettante Taxi. From this point on, he was officially an employee for Abduls Taxi Service He went to Benny's Original Motorworks, resprayed it and purchased some custom wheels for it. Luke currently drives his grey taxi and tells his customers that he has the best looking cab in town.
  • On July 7th 2021, Luke lost $6,000 in the Diamond Casino in 30 minutes.
  • On July 12th 2021, Luke made $55,000 in the Diamond Casino in 30 minutes. After already being $5,000 up andchoosing to make one more spin on the big wheel, it landed on $50,000. With this, Luke was able to pay off the last 4 payments of his loan.
  • On August 3rd, Luke got a job at Mojito Inn working the booth at Farmers Market.
  • On September 9th 2021, Luke purchased his first personal car. He bought a Karuma for $130,000 after eyeing it up for a few weeks.
  • On December 1st 2021, Luke moved into his friend Axwell's House in Mirror Park.
  • On December 24th, Luke started working at the Rooster's Rest.
  • On February 1st 2022, Luke asked Budtholemew Williams if he would adopt him as his son.
  • On February 8th 2022, Luke met Lena Holmes. After his wing-man/father introduced them to eachother, they started chatting and exchanged numbers.
  • On February 9th 2022, Luke took Lena out on their first date to Maldinis and then to Dean World.
  • On March 22nd 2022, Luke became a member of the criminal organisation/family Sessanta Nove


  • "Fam!"
  • "Don't be a Pleb, ride with Luke Webb!"
  • "Come onnnnn"
  • "Suck your mum!"
  • "These fucking stupid dumb cunt fucking locals"
  • "The fuck you gonna do about it?"
  • "Happy Birthday"
  • "What the fuuuuuuuuuuck"
  • "Say less"


  • Luke's favourite colour is Grey. This matches the colour of his Taxi and most of his Wardrobe.
  • Luke never cared about football back at home, but will support England during any major football events.
  • Luke has incredibly bad luck with the wheel in the casino and will easily loose thousands in minutes.
  • Luke hates locals and blames them for his frequent visits to repair shops.
  • Luke smokes 20 a day and has done since he was 14.
  • Luke's favourite artists in the city are Wiked, Lil Cap and Jackon Creed.
  • Luke will forget everyones name, unless they are saved in his phone.
  • Like his adopted father Buddy, Luke has Titanium rods in his legs after an incident of being thrown out of the 9th floor of the Ceberus Building. Luke speant several days in ICU after the surgery.


  • Kaylan Rich - Luke first met Kaylan in Texas a few years prior to both moving to Los Santos. They started up their own towing company and it quickly became the most succesful towing company in central Dallas. After 3 years, they decided they wanted to expand their company to San Andreas. However, after realising they would not be able to keep up with the Impound Workers, they now are thinking of other buisness opportunities to make money.
  • Alex Datum - Luke met Alex on one of his first days in the city. At first Luke was slightly spooked by Alex's appearance. He had never seen someone have so many different colors on one outfit with the bright anime pants. However, Luke and Alex soon became good friends and would frequently Fish together in order to save up money. Luke still sells his Materials to Alex for Ottos and occasionally still fish together.
  • Grace Daniels - Luke met Grace during a fishing trip and the two instantly became friends. Luke and Grace would fish and do Sanitation runs every day. He promsied her that one day he would buy a ticket and take part in a Riddle me Dead event, however has still not taken up the offer. Grace has also become Luke's personal Cigarette vendor to help his smoking addiction any time of day.
  • Abdul AlRahim - Luke met Abdul on his second day in the city when he needed a taxi ride around town to do some errands. Luke took a shine to Abdul's personality and the life of a taxi driver after sitting with him for an hour or so. Abdul eventually offered Luke a job, providing he could buy his own taxi. When the time came for Luke to purchase the taxi, he had a quick 1 question Interview about the job to make sure Luke had listened and understood all the rules. "Don't rob the customer, don't kidnap the customer, but it might be okay sometimes to scam them a little bit". Abdul immediatley welcomed Luke to the buisness and that started his employement. Since then, Luke only see's Abdul around occasionally but always has a quick catchup about how buisness is going.
  • Ricky Rouse - Luke met Ricky a few weeks into being a Taxi Driver. On the day that Ricky was promoted to Manager in Abdul's Taxi Services, Luke was asked to come and sign a new contract to protect him and the company. Luke and Ricky quickly started coming up with new ideas for the development of the company such as selling different types of merchandise for the customers.
  • Budtholemew Williams - Luke first met Bud when he thought he was just another customer looking for a taxi. After charging him full price for a ride, Luke shortly realised that Bud was a fellow Taxii Driver and immediatley felt bad for charging him. For most of the week, Luke and Bud were the only Taxi Drivers on duty so they quickly became good friends.They often compete to try and win Employee of the Week in the hopes to get a nice little bonus. Luke and Bud speant a lot of time together whilst waiting for customers, visiting different parts of the city, attending events and wasting money in the casino. They also wish a random person Happy Birthday every day, on the off chance that it might actually be their Birthday. On February 1st 2022, Luke asked Buddy if he would be his adopted father since he never had a father figure growing up.
  • Mina Rocket - Like most people, Luke met Mina at Hayes. Luke went one day for a quick touch up on his taxi and was greeted by one of the most cheerful mechanics he had ever encountered. He immediatley took a shine to her constant positive vibe and had quickly established who his favourite mechanic was and even tipped her after the quick repair. A few days later, Luke went to Burger Shot with Alex to do a food delivery for Otto's. After Alex had purchased almost all of the food, Luke went to buy his meal. Luke and Mina both recognised eachother from the previous encounter at Hayes and became friends.

Owned Vehicles

Photo Name Description Plate
GreyTaxi2.png Karin Dilliettante Taxi (Abdul's Taxi Service) Grey Taxi, purchased at the PDM on 06/14/21. The vehicle has no performance mods but has tinted windows and imported wheels. Original -3604H41K

Custom - LUKE ATS

Caracara 4x4 Purchased from PDM on 4/3/22. Fully upgraded, white primary with black secondary. 574SEIY5
Luke Lectro.png
Lectro White Lectro, Fully upgraded. Purched from Yong Li at PDM on 8/5/22 H855OL6R