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Luis Fernandez is a character roleplayed by SpekCypher.

Lives by the Motto " Money & God"


Luis Fernandez Is a Latino male that primarily worked at the Mirror Park Tavern. Upon arriving to San Andreas he received a job at the Mirror Park Tavern where he gained the title of "temp bartender" after having "one of the worst interviews ever" quoted by Dante Thomas along with Kian Mercer. He worked at the establishment until its closure.

Life in the City

Within the first two months of working, Luis had gotten himself in quite a bit of trouble with the HoA, more specifically Fiona Stewart after Joey Toes, a fellow employee, convinced Luis into doing a variety of questionable activity's around Mirror Park like holding the Mirror Park Gas Station down from robbers after both of them noticed the gas station being chain robbed. Being on the brink of being fired Luis began to straighten up and helped the tavern as much as possible, at the same time ended up helping the HoA out with various criminal activity's including participating in a store robbery alongside Freddy Fastfingers (where Luis helped poach Freddy from the Bondi Boys MC), Daryl Dickinson, and none other then Siz Fulker in which they kidnapped a man and his pet pig to use as hostages. While trying to strengthen his bonds with the HoA he has also helped Wilmer Guzman with the kickstart of his gang as well as helping Sergio Lopez with some of his problems with Condemned MC over the turf of Fudge Lane. By 8/26/21 Luis had even managed to get inducted into the HoA's prospect group, the HOB, where he was then called on to help in the group's overall drug operation.

Although, things wouldn't be all smooth sailing as Luis managed to get kicked out of the HOB after the rest of the group discovered that he was responsible for spreading highly confidential and compromising information regarding the HoA's methamphetamine operation at the time. He created a map of the HoA's drop-off, pick-up, and meth lab location after Siz jokingly said he should make a map so he wouldn't forget next time (as he was tasked to drive to the lab and patrol around it whilst the HoA cooked meth). He was subsequently beat down by Mike Wadum and Flippy, and then removed from the HoB by Siz on 9/30/21.

It took some time for him to restore his image with the group, but he managed to do so and was re-inducted to the HOB on 11/3/22. He even managed to get promoted to the HoA on 1/28/22 in recognition of the hard work he put in the weeks prior.


  • Has a pet turtle.
  • Spent time in Mexico at one point.