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Lucas Spade is a character role-played by nobeljt.


Lucas Spade is a self-described "pure" citizen of Los Santos.

Lucas can often be found at UwU Café or Pixel Perfect, working for a honest living in order to give away his money to all his friends, or driving in his pink car named 'Pearl', following all the city's traffic laws.


When Lucas first came to Los Santos he didn't remember much of his past, he didn't remember how he got to Los Santos. Although he does know that he is from "somewhere in Europe" and claims that he threw a dart at a map and it landed on Los Santos. After falling off a crane he regained his memories from before getting to Los Santos, but lost his memories from within the city. Little is still known about his past other than the fact that his first romantic relationship ended terribly, the reason he came to Los Santos was to run away from people hunting him, and the reason he doesn't do crime is to rebel against his family who expected him to do so.


Pre-Memory Loss

Lucas and The Smileys'

Steven Hayes, a friend and former boss of Lucas became a target of Kenneth Jesperson, leader of the Smileys after twatting about how happy he was with is then girlfriend and another former boss of Lucas, Rory Borealis. Kenneth got to Steven, stabbed him, and carved a smiley on him. Kenneth targeted Rory and Steven as a start of his his Carcer World movement starting the Fear Initiative.

After this incident Lucas, Posy Florian, and Shirley Lemon began to investigate the Smileys. During this investigation Lucas had met Kenneth without knowing who he was while fishing. Shirley and Posy started getting mysterious phone calls from the Smileys as well and were both targeted and stabbed by Kenneth.

After Shirley's attack Posy gave Lucas Kenneth's number. Lucas called Kenneth telling him that he already knew he was the person attacking his friends and that he wanted to meet up Kenneth. Kenneth found Lucas in the Yellow Pages advertising himself as Steven's assistant and he grew more interested in Lucas. Kenneth and Lucas eventually met in person where Lucas attempted to convince him and the Smileys to become "pure" and quit attacking people to live a more peaceful life. Meanwhile, Kenneth was trying to convince Lucas that he "retired" from serial killing to brainwash Lucas into helping the Smileys. However, neither party budged on their ideals and Kenneth/the Smileys were never able to brainwash Lucas into joining them.

Lucas continued his investigations during and after this meeting with Kenneth where he gathered a list of names of members, and associates of the Smileys. Kenneth was planning on making Lucas his next victim since he wasn't able to brainwash him; however, before he could get to him Lucas was kidnapped by Rick Locke and Brett Maxwell two other members of the Smileys who had told him that he was "flying to close to he sun" and then stabbed him and carved a smiley face on his lower leg.

Percy and the Armada

Long before Lucas' involvement with the Smileys RoukRouk had attacked and taken one of his fingers. However, After these events Lucas grew suspicious of his best friend Percy Perkins who he believed joined the Smileys losing trust in his friend. Before Lucas' involvement with the Smileys, Lucas had been attacked by one of Percy's DID identities (RoukRouk) who took one of his fingers but Lucas had forgotten this event. Percy took Lucas up to the hills to talk to him and Lucas explained why he didn't trust Percy anymore. They ended in the conversation in good terms; however, Lucas fell down the hill and hit his head ending up in the ICU. When he woke up from the ICU his memory was hazy and thought Percy had pushed him down the hill. Lucas had removed Percy from his emergency list leading their friendship to be completely severed. This led Percy to form the Armada a sub-faction of the Smileys who continued to call Lucas on unknown numbers and pull "pranks" on him to continue his paranoia since Lucas still thought he was a target for another attack. Eventually an unknown number called Lucas and convinced him that if he quit provoking and investigating the Smileys that he would be left alone since by doing so he was playing right in their hand by giving them the attention they seeked for their Carcer World movement.


One day, Lucas was taken hostage by someone disguised as an alien. The alien inserted a chip inside Lucas' brain to make him kill Scotty Dixon. However, the chip malfunctioned making Lucas believe that he was Scotty. When Lucas woke up he was acting like Scotty and nothing like himself; leading Clara Mellow (who had treated Lucas when he woke up) to call Posy Florian to help "Scotty" go back to Lucas.


Burger Shot & The Boiling Oil
Lucas worked at Burger Shot along with one of his best friends Posy Florian. Lucas, testified against some of the Burger Shot employees, including Shelly Smith and Pedro Frank for attacking one of his friends. In retaliation, they shot him and threw him in a vat of boiling oil. It took quite a while, but he was eventually found by Lexus Lane and was put into intensive care, where he would stay for several days.

After Posy received the news, she made the immediate decision to quit Burger Shot then and there. And she spent quite a while accompanying Lucas in the ICU and helping him after he was discharged.

Meeting April Fooze

*to be written*

Guest Starring on The Kebun Springer Show

Lucas was asked by April Fooze to be her representative on The Kebun Springer Show, which focuses on Ramee El-Rahman's relationships with Carmella Corset and April. Although he was nervous to be in front of the crowd he did it anyways to help April.
After the show, Lucas and April went out to his friend's bee farm on the top of a mountain to look at the view and talk out their feelings about what happened on the show and catch up on recent things. Lucas finally opens up to April about his fear of losing the memories he had with the people he considers important, including her, as well as about his past, or rather lack of memory of it, which leads her to cry. Lucas then gave April a hug and gave his thanks to her for listening to him, caring about him, and being a great friend.

The Day of the Incident
After going to a therapy session alongside April Fooze and March Fooze with Bob Moss, they meet up with Ramee El-Rahman outside Pillbox Medical Center. Ramee gifted Lucas, March, and Bob with needles of what he described as "Vitamin B12 Shots." Lucas denied taking the "vitamins" as he reasoned out that it might be illegal and that Ramee is not a certified doctor. April and Ramee tried to talk Lucas into taking it but still denies to take it. Ramee then picked up the "vitamins" and stabbed Lucas in the neck. He then revealed that the "vitamins" were actually Metamorphine. Lucas and Bob then suddenly had hallucinations of aliens chasing and shooting at them as the side effect of taking Metamorphine.

The hallucinations scarred Lucas and were traumatized, stuck to only saying "ALIENS", and ran off towards the nearby construction site. Taylor Briggs called him after seeing his Twat, worried that Lucas might be in danger. Lucas then climbed on top of a crane in the construction site, pacing around while mumbling "ALIENS." After some time, he, unfortunately, lost footing at the edge of the crane which lead to his life-threatening fall. Taylor and Cara Lynn found him on the ground with his skull split open seconds after the fall. EMS came in and assessed the situation, admitting him to the ICU due to his critical condition after losing so much blood. Taylor then called his emergency contacts after being admitted to the ICU where April was the only one available to visit. After seeing Lucas laying in bed in critical condition, April regretted trusting Ramee when he gave his "gift" to Lucas, fearing she might lose her assistant and one of her best friends. She then blamed herself for what happened as in her mind, she enabled everything that happened to Lucas, endangering his life.

Post-Memory Loss

A New Lucas
After spending some time recovering in the ICU, Lucas was released from Pillbox Medical Center in a stable condition. Posy Florian was able to pick him up from Pillbox. She then discovers that due to the head injury that Lucas had with the fall, he now has amnesia and forgot everything that he has been through in Los Santos but his locked memories of his out-of-the-city past were regained. He was also acting differently. He now knows how to hold a gun, he hates anyone who is affiliated with a gang, and he no longer cares about the same things he used to. He was only trusting Posy and had no idea why as he was very paranoid and not trusting of anybody that easily, but she gained his trust as she tries to help him regain his memories in the city and relearn how to live in it.

As Lucas was so paranoid about talking to people, he has been withholding information about his past and no one knows that he has regained his out-of-the-city past except for Posy and April Fooze. While talking to Posy, he messaged that his actual first name is "Ralph." Later that day, he started reading his journal and started with his latest entry.

Journal Entry (02-03-2022)

I haven't wrote in here for a while. I havent really had the energy and life has been crazy. Its been go go go go. With little stops here and there. Hopefully I don't forget to write to much.

Steven never reached out to me so I'm basically giving up on it. It messes with my brain so much that he is there for other people but not for me. I guess I was always just a meat shield to him. Nothing more. I really have lost alot of my early friends from the city. Percy, Philip, and Steven. Who is going to be next? I don't want to lose anyone else I'm getting really tired of it.

I still miss Rory. I don't think I will ever stop missing her. It seems like everyone else is doing better and moved on but I just can't do it. I'm not strong enough. I'm weak and pathetic. I guess this is my punishment for not being there for her. She could still be here if it wasn't for me. Im so sorry Rory.

April is around frequently now which makes me happy. Sure her life is crazy but it never effects me in a negative way. Well except for Ramee.......... I do like some of her friends and others I have nuetral opinions on. She really does make me feel appreciate and happy whenever I'm around her. As much as I hate that shes going out there and robbing banks and stuff. I would pick her up from jail everytime if she called. She does worry me though. I worry all the drama in her life may really mess her up at some point. I don't know how she handels it. I look up to her in alot of ways honestly. I wish I had the confidence she does or the social skills or the mental stability.

Bryce also tried to set me up on a date with Crystal at one point which ended in her being heartbroken. Because ya know I don't think about those things. WHICH PEOPLE NEVER SEEM TO HECKING LISTEN TO. I have said it so many times but with some people its like im shouting it into a void. Even if I did think about those things I wouldn't find anyone to my standards in the city.

Carcer got Francis I was doing volunteer EMS at the time and it honestly scared me. I don't want to think about it anymore I can't. Its so hecked up. I'm really glad he is okay. They are going after Cara next. I really don't want to see her get hurt. I'm tired of them hurting people I care about and feeling powerless about it. I'm so hecking tired of feeling powerless when people get hurt in this city. When I do have the power to do something I get shot and dumped into hot oil.

Kieran confronted me on a mountain. I don't know why but he told me he would lie to Kenneth and tell him that he stabbed me on the mountain. I don't know why he would lie for me. It dosen't make any sense at all. But I'll take it for now. Hopefullly it dosen't all fall apart. If it does I may end up dead somewhere. But I kind of expect that at any moment these days. I don't trust what Kieran said at all though. But I didn't have another option.

I still don't remember much about my past. Seven months in this city and barely anything. It honestly makes me want to lay and bed for hours and do nothing when I think about it. But I can't do that people out there need me. Thats why I need to lie about how I'm doing. I need to help people. They are more important than me. Way more important. If I lie they wont worry about me. Ive gotten pretty good at it anyways. Sounding happy talking happy its easy the more I do it. I really hope one day this city dosen't become my past and I forget it all. That weather would be terrible. Please Lucas or whatever the heck my real name is. Read this is you ever forget. Please.....

The UwU Café Incident
After having a talk with Posy Florian, Lucas finds himself back at UwU Café. He didn’t know that he was an Assistant Floor Manager and didn’t want to work for the time being. After some time, he was wrongfully treated by some of the employees of the café by demoting him and firing Posy from the cafe without his prior knowledge, which he eventually learned from a phone call. This incident made him upset so he went back to the café and quit UwU, saying “Fuck UwU”.

A day later, he then contacted Ash Ketchup, the owner of UwU Café, to discuss the recent incident and the surprising firing of him and Posy from the café. After a long talk, she rehired Lucas to be an Assistant Floor Manager, but he will need to learn the ropes again. She also ensured that UwU can be his home whenever he needs one. She then confessed to him that she hated Posy, and that she never really worked in the café making her suspension reasonable and final. Later, Lucas and Posy talked about what happened with his meeting with Ash which made Posy frustrated about the decision even more.

Burning Bridges
The incident in UwU Café and the talk with Ash Ketchup damaged Lucas and Posy Florian's friendship. However, the nail on the coffin was when Lucas caught Booba Ooga stealing food from the café and reported it to Ash getting him suspended. Due this Posy, Pillbot, and Booba lost trust in him believing that he should have talked to Booba as his friend instead of reporting him. They also felt like after the crane Lucas was no longer acting like himself not knowing if they can trust the new him added more to their untrust, so they unanimously decided to temporarily kick him out until he could regain their trust. When Posy called Lucas to give him the news she was at first secretive about the reason for him being kicked claiming "You already know why" and repeated this statement until she finally told him the reasoning. Lucas was upset by him getting kicked without being able to explain himself, so he took the shared storage van and ocean dumped it. The last time Posy and Lucas spoke in person was to give him his contributions to the renovation and rent of the house back. Posy tried to talk to him about the situation but it was too late for their friendship. A few weeks after being kicked Posy drunk called him claiming he was in a gang which upset her since Lucas 2.0 was originally against gangs. That was the last time he has heard from her and he misses his friend, but is still too hurt to mend the wounds of their friendship.
Lucas the CEO
After getting to understand each other, Mickey S saw the potential in Lucas to on a managerial position. So when Lang Buddah went to meet Mickey at UwU Cafe, he introduced Lucas to Mr. Lang and hyped him up. Mr. Lang offered Lucas a managerial job on his company for $150,000 a week, but the company he will be hired to is undisclosed. He thought of the offer and concluded that it's either gonna be for Cerberus or Rooster's Rest. He can work for the latter and for UwU, but if the offer is for the latter, he will happily decline the job and stay at UwU as he is loyal to the cafe and is not looking for money. Lucas has not contacted Mr. Lang since he gave the offer.

Lucas found himself another offer, but for a higher position, from April Fooze. She tells him about her new business Pixel Perfect which will sell polaroid cameras and polaroids that can be shown like trading cards. April believes that Lucas is the perfect person for being the CEO of the company and managing the day-to-day business. He confidently said yes to the offer, and was willing to be replaced if his performance as the CEO is unsatisfactory.

A Short Love Story
After working several shifts at UwU with Lucas, Kana Kurosaki started "joke" flirting with Lucas. One day Lucas and Taylor Briggs call her into the manager's office where she admitted her feelings to Lucas. Lucas denied his feelings at that time and when Taylor walked away she threatened Lucas at gun point to force him to love her. Taylor takes the gun from her when he returned and she got suspended.

After the situation, Lucas admits he did have feelings for her and started to develop feelings for other people; such as Sana Satoru, Cara Lynn, Lisa Kim, Mango, and a mysterious crush. Eventually, Kana and Lucas start to go on dates, and the feelings for his crushes he had faded away even though they have agreed to be in an open relationship.

After a couple of weeks of dating, they started to have an official open relationship. However, after a week of being together, Kana breaks up with Lucas over the phone claiming her Department of Corrections job was stressing her out and that she didn't have time for a relationship where she wouldn't be able to see him regularly.

This break-up call broke Lucas to the point of him not being able to talk and only communicating through a notepad. His eyes were dead and had no emotions, he wore all black clothing and is usually alone or driving his Coquette at the airport constantly thinking that he doesn't get to be happy in this city. This state of Lucas is he refers to as "Lucas 0/0.0". Eventually, he broke his silence after a deep talk with Max Stevenson about the break-up and went back to normal, with a little bit of sadness still there from the break-up, but not as bad as Lucas 0.

Kana starts hanging out with another guy, Larry Jonsen, and Lucas became jealous and upset, worried that she lied about the reason for their break-up. He then learned that his suspicions were true after they had a long talk outside UwU Cafe and his feelings for her faded into disdain since she has lied about the real reason why she broke up with him.

Material Warlord
As Pixel Perfect opened last April 19, 2022, Lucas learned about the material drought throughout the city. He began making connections with a lot of material grinders. The trainees of Pixel Perfect like Rexarius Bracchimus have also been grinding materials for Pixel Perfect to help push for more frequent Polaroid Camera drops on each wave. As the days went by, he has been buying off thousands of materials to keep them afloat for the foreseeable future. Lucas has then dubbed himself the "Material Warlord" as he has been buying a lot of materials in just a span of days enabling Pixel Perfect to have bigger product drops and even have their employees sell them on their own time. Rex has also been named the "Plastic Prince" as being the biggest grinder of plastic, among other materials, for the company.

At one point he missed the owner of Pixel Perfect and one of his best friends, April Fooze, after not being around the city for more than a week and wanted to message her about the current situation of the business. He has written multiple messages such as telling her about his growing friendship with Ramee El-Rahman, the business account breaking $1 million, selling 20 cameras in just one drop, telling her that he misses her, and telling her that he hopes that he makes her proud about what the company has done for the past few weeks whenever she comes back but none of these messages were sent to her.

Spring the Cat
The Ring Bearer
When the war between R.U.S.T and Seaside started, Ash Ketchup wanted to gather as much Citrine rings for the boys for their shootouts. She asked Lucas for buying all the available Citrine rings at the Gallery, and his multiple connections to the Gallery he was able to gather as much rings as he can. As the days pass by, Reggie Might and Ash get their supply of Citrine rings through Lucas. He then gave himself the title of "The Ring Bearer" with his.



"Hello Welcome to UwU. How many I help yoUwU?"

Lucas currently is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO for short) at his best friends April Fooze's business, Pixel Perfect. He also works at UwU Café as a Floor Manager and at Right of Way Driving School where he is a Senior Driving Instructor.

Professional Assistant

Lucas loves spending time with other and getting them things they wish when they ask. So he began assisting people in the city. With the success he found in being an assistant, Lucas began training his friend Max Stevenson whom he assigned to assist one of his boss's, April Fooze, friend Ray Mond.

Current & Formally Assisting
Currently Assisting
Formally Assisted

Former Employment

Lucas Spade worked at Burger Shot along with one of his best friends Posy Florian until he got into an incident that lead Shelly Smith and Pedro Frank attacking him. They shot him and threw him in a vat of boiling oil. It took quite a while, but he was eventually found by Lexus Lane and was put into intensive care, where he would stay for several days. He now has no hair and hides it by wearing different colored wigs that match his outfits.


Best Friends
Romantic Interests

Trivia & Quotes

  • Lucas biggest fear is losing his memory.
  • Lucas cares deeply about his friends and would do anything to protect them.
  • Lucas doesn't think about relationships and is uncomfortable with the topic.
  • Lucas lost his hair when he was dumped in boiling oil and now wears wigs.
  • Lucas fell off a building and lost his memory after being drugged by Ramee El-Rahman.
  • Lucas briefly dated Kana Kurosaki.
  • Lucas is CEO of Pixel Perfect.

  • "The weather's nice today"
  • Hey April, it’s your personal assistant Lucas
  • "No you"
  • "Heck yeah"
  • "Your foods on the tray; have a good day; thank you for coming to UwU Café"
  • "Hello Welcome to UwU. How many I help yoUwU?"
  • "I won't hug you back because I'm awkward"

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