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Louis Bloom is a character role-played by Moosebrother.

General Description

Louis Bloom is a Deputy for the Paleto Bay Sheriff's Office, Badge #360.

Known to be sarcastic in nature, Bloom is a by-the-book cop who aims to provide the city of Los Santos with justice. He self-claims to be fearless, having experienced being shot, kidnapped and ocean dumped countless times.



December 3rd 2021 - Ocean Dumped

In the late hours of December 3rd, Deputy Bloom was securing a vehicle after a criminal had ditched it during a highspeed chase. As he was taking pictures of the car and documenting it, another car slowly rolled by him. Despite his suspicion of the vehicle rolling by, he continued to write down his account of the crime comitted earlier in the MDW. It wasn't until this suspicious car rolled by a second time that Bloom quickly looked away from his MDW, however it was too late.

As the car came to a stop beside Bloom, the masked individuals inside demanded him- at gunpoint- to stop what he was doing and to get into their trunk. With little time to react, Bloom listened to their demands and entered the trunk. As the vehicle started to drive off, with Bloom secured inside the trunk, the individuals inside began to question Bloom. The questions pretained to Bloom and his sexual advances on other people.

Unbeknown to Bloom, this sudden kidnapping was the result of his actions against Novah Walker. Weeks prior, Bloom had developed a crush on Novah and since that point, had been actively flirting with and making advances on her. On the morning of November 3rd, Novah had called Randy Bullet and made him aware of the things Deputy Bloom had been saying to her. As Novah was a fellow member of Chang Gang, the members act like an overprotectve family towards her. This meant that, when word spread to the rest of the gang through Randy- they swore to confront Bloom and try to take his life.

During this car ride, members of Chang Gang, especially Bobby Brown shouted at Bloom and tormented him for his interest in Novah (without naming her specifically). Between the profanities and torment, Bloom was forced out of the car to sign off duty- preventing other cops from tracking his GPS. Once back in the car's trunk, the bullying continued from the gang.

Eventually, the car came to a stop at the Humane Labs and Research in Blaine county. This is where Randy Bullet, Bobby Brown, Mr. Kebun and, Big D collectively dragged Bloom's handcuffed body out of the trunk. Once he was out of the trunk, the members took to clearing out his pockets and taking all of his possessions- Randy pocketing Bloom's ID and PD badge.

After forcing Bloom to walk down to the water-chamber part of the labs, members of CG turned to questioning him on his relationship with Novah. During this conversation, they made it clear that Novah was under their protection and they'd go to any lengths to serve justice on those who harmed her. They warned Bloom to not make any further advances on her as he would be met with extreme retaliation from all members of CG.

As the confrontation came to a natural close, Mr K demanded Bloom to try and swim away through the narrow underground water- system. The ultimatum consisted of either swimming away through the underground system or getting shot by four assault rifles if he attempted to re-surface where he came from. As Bloom dived into the water and attempted to swim down, he quickly ran out of breath. Subsequently, drowning.

While in the murky waters, Bloom lost consciousness and his vitals began to dip. It was not until after an hour and a half in the water that a worker noticed him and dragged him out of the water, calling the police in the process. When the police arrived on scene, there was no evidence to be found. EMS quickly ushered him into an ambulance and doctors at Pillbox Medical Center cleared his lungs of water.

Upon Bloom awaking, he remembered very little from the encouter. While in his hopsital bed, he continually scribbled "I'm gonna make you my bitch" on a piece of paper- a quote directly from Bobby Brown. The main result of his time in the water was an absence of emotions, Bloom became emotionally damaged and suddenly found it hard to process or broadcast what he was feeling. Despite not knowing why he was "ocean dumped"- Bloom was fairly sure it had nothing to do with Novah and continued to speak to her as before.

Momentous Dates within the Government

Rank Insignia Note Date
Cadet CadetBCSO.png Hired to the BCSO; Badge #518 August 21st, 2021
Solo Cadet SoloCadetBCSO.png Solo Certified; Badge #636 September 6th, 2021
Deputy DeputyBCSO.png Promoted to Deputy; Badge #360 November 18th, 2021
Deputy DeputyPBSO.png Transferred to the PBSO December 2nd, 2021
Senior Deputy SeniorDeputyPBSO.png Promoted to Senior Deputy April 14th, 2022
Deputy DeputyPBSO.png Demoted to Deputy May 13th, 2022
Certification Legend Rank Note Date
Motorcycle Driver Motorcycle Cert.png Deputy Motorcycle Certified December 16th, 2021
Street Crimes Unit SCU Cert.png Deputy Appointed as Probationary Detective in the SCU January 1st, 2022
Street Crimes Unit SCU Cert.png Deputy Removed from SCU due to Rights Violations & Lack of Report Writing March 7th, 2022


  • Bloom can almost always be seen wearing a hat.
  • Didn't know what a Condom was prior to October 8th, 2021.
  • Tested positive for various STD's.
  • Owns a CVPI with the license plate "PLEADEAL" changed by a drunk Alan Crane referencing his flawed plea deal he offered to Novah Walker
  • Was once ocean-dumped by Chang Gang after flirting with Novah Walker.


Played By: Moosebrother
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