"L.F.F.L. Lost Forever, Forever Lost"

The Lost Motorcycle Club (Lost MC) is an MC that operates in Blaine County.

General Description.[edit | edit source]

The Lost MC is currently run by President Rudi Rinsen. The Lost is one of the largest and oldest organized crime groups in San Andreas.

The club previously operated out of the QuickFix clubhouse in East Vinewood, Los Santos before claiming territory in Blaine County including Sandy Shores, Stab City and Grapeseed.

The Lost also manage the Chop Shop in Grand Senora Desert, near Harmony Repairs Garage. They charge $1000 tax to anyone who has been seen using it. Those who have paid have permission to chop for the next 24 hours. People spotted walking to or from the Chop Shop without permission are considered trespassing as the property has been signed to the Lost by a judge, as they run 'security' for it. 

Patched members are often seen wearing either their vests or hoodies with the patched eagle embedded on it. Old Ladies, although not patched members, can wear a specific set of Lost clothing with 'Property of the Lost MC' written on the back of it. 

Economic Platform. [edit | edit source]

The Lost, while they can get any type of needed machinery, mainly focus their attention towards supplying thermite, heavy pistols, and ammunition. If needed, they can also push towards supplying uzi's or armor-piercing guns (AP's) if the middlemen give them a heads up. 

Catherine Scratch, also known as Cat, is the secretary and treasurer for the Lost. Materials, gold bars, pricing of any sort, are tallied and reported through her.

People who are given access to the bench inside the clubhouse, also has access to the main safe. Because of this, the access to the bench is very limited and exclusive to only club members or associates with granted persmission from the Presidant.

The Quick Fix Massacre.[edit | edit source]

The Lost MC was spotted doing a gun deal with Otto Delmar with Weazel News reporter Ron Otterman, Abdul AlRahim, and their security guard Johnathen Sheperd seeing this occur. When the Lost became aware that they were being followed, they threatened the group, and fled. Afterwards, Ron took Johnathen and Abdul to QuickFix to investigate further incidents. Upon the Lost finding that Ron was watching them again, they kidnapped him and Johnathen and began to threaten them with Class 2 and 3 weapons.

Unbeknowest to the Lost, Abdul filmed the kidnappings from a distance and called the police to the Lost MC clubhouse, while Chief of Police Jack Ripley and Trooper Honathan Yolo responded to the call. When they arrived at the clubhouse, they  met with Rudi Rinsen and Reid Dankleaf. Rudi asked the cops to leave, before he began to threaten them. Ripley tried to detain Rudi, which antagonised Reid to open fire on Trooper Yolo. When Ripley turned his attention to see what was going on, he was shot by Rudi.

Deputies Clarence Williams and Colt Shepherd went to respond to the officers down call. Williams arrived first on scene but was held at gunpoint by patched members of the Lost. Shepherd arrived and negotiated to get the downed officer medical help.

This incident led to a S.W.A.T operation being performed. The clubhouse was searched for a potential hostage but turned up with nothing as Rudi cleaned it after getting a tip-off from Judge Dennis LaBarre.

The Lost decided to hand themselves in after being consulted by Judge LaBarre, which lead to a fist-fight inside the MRPD. All of these events led to Rudi, Reid, Cooch Cassidy and Victor Mason being held for 24 hours, while a search and seizures warrant approval was pending.

The four were eventually released due to confusion regarding the police report.

Moving Operations. [edit | edit source]

On July 8th, 2019, after the QuickFix Massacre, the Lost moved their base of operations to the trailer park near Sandy Shores known as Stab City, in Blaine County. They have since claimed territory on Stab City and Sandy Shores, where they house. 

They built a massive shed which acts as the Lost's clubhouse and a garage for them. A mural of the Lost Eagle is painted on one side of the sides of the compound to represent their territory. 

On April 28th 2020, the Lost took part in a photo day with all the active members of the club including their Old Ladies. All the old pictures will be taken off and photos taken that day are going to be hung up in the clubhouse based on hierarchy. The Old Ladies will also have a section of their own. 

War with Cop Killa Records[edit | edit source]

"The Lost MC are a family....not a gang." - Mia Mersion, on the war, 2019.

The Lost were helping the Bondi Boys MC (led by Irwin Dundee) to deal with an issue between them, Gomer Colton, and Sonya Summers. However, that issue was temporarily put on halt due to a massive war between the Lost and Cop Killa Records (CKR).

While on the looking for a vehicle for an upcoming vault heist, Ryan Parker crashed into a car containing Gomer Colton, Eugene Zuckerberg, Lang Buddhaand Alabaster Slim. Coincidentally, they were also on their way to do the vault heist and decided to take Ryan as a hostage.

However, they neglected to take his phone away and Ryan called Reid. He pinged him twice, once from Buddha's stash house (which the group had stopped at to get thermite) and the other in front of the vault. As the group started the heist, Reid showed up, firing multiple warning shots. He demanded that his "wife" be let go, but the group wasn't going to give up their only bargaining chip. In retaliation, Reid stole their getaway car and drove it across the street, causing one of the group members to have to get it back. The police showed up shortly after, and Ryan was exchanged for free passage out of the bank.

The following day, Ryan was getting some supplies from a 24/7 store, when he overheard Slim and Eugene talking to each other. They were saying how neither of them cared for the shenanigans Reid pulled the other day and wanted to go against the Lost MC as a show of force. Wanting to tell the other bikers what he overheard, Ryan tried to flee, but Slim and Eugene eventually caught up to him. Ryan tried to play the whole thing off, offering to sell them some marijuana joints. Making the trade at a local parking lot, Slim stole back the money he gave Ryan, and then talked about the kidnapping. Eugene and Slim don't want the rest of the bikers knowing that they kidnapped him, but Ryan said that it was too late, that "the information's already out there."

That the rest of the Lost don't plan on doing anything. 

The two weren't satisfied with the answer, and demand Ryan not to breathe a word of this meeting, and whatever else he heard to the bikers. Eugene roughs up Ryan's car a bit before leaving with Slim.

Immediately following that, Ryan decided to inform the rest of the bikers about the encounter. The bikers meet at the compound, and after Ryan explained the situation, they decide to talk to Slim. For his own safety, Ryan is told to stay at the compound while Samuel O'Faolain, Reginald Campbell, Gary Adams, and Victor Mason go to the Yellow Jack to deal with the situation.

The Lost meeting Slim and Gomer, outside Yellow Jack

The group arm themselves with pistols and other smaller guns, and make their way down to the car, where they meet with Slim and Gomer. Sammy and Slim do most of the talking, with Sammy offering to forgive Slim for the trouble he's caused. Slim, however, claims that the whole mess was Ryan and Reid's fault. He's also especially mad at Ryan for snitching. Uneasy, they end the discussion with the bikers walking away, but as they head out, Slim ends with, "See you later."

Suddenly, two gunmen flank the Lost from outside, both of them masked and one of them wearing a gnome mask. Though Gomer and Slim go down, the rest of the bikers are outmatched for the bigger guns, and all four of them go down.

Meanwhile, Ryan is still at the compound, waiting. Before they left, the group had told Ryan to call Dundee if they didn't make it back in 30 minutes. When the time expired, Ryan called him. Dundee showed up to the scene and saw the bikers being loaded up by EMS. Ryan quickly goes to the hospital, where he learns that Reggie and Victor are going into ICU. The other two bikers don't seem happy with him and Ryan leaves the hospital both saddened and angry. After a bit of an emotional talk with Dundee, Ryan meets up with Mia Mersion and the two drive around a while, and think about blowing up the 24/7.

It's then the two receive news that Victor Mason passed away due to complications while in ICU.

Enraged, Ryan goes to the 24/7 with Mia and locate and kidnap Eugene. Ryan radios the other bikers, who come to his location as quickly as they can. However, they end up letting Eugene go, on account that they can't be sure if Eugene had any involvement with the Yellow Jack shooting. Additionally, they don't feel comfortable making big decisions without Rudi. Ryan is incredibly upset, and the whole group goes to the compound to discuss the situation.

Ryan claims that the gnome they saw in the shootout had to have been Eugene, as Eugene was wearing the same exact outfit in the vault heist. Furthermore, the gnome had been wielding an LMG in both incidents, and there weren't very many of those in the city. But because Rudi wasn't in the city, Sammy didn't feel comfortable making a big call. The other bikers, however, agree to bring MR Mayhem to Gomer and Slim. 

A few minutes later, Cooch reported a vehicle hanging around the compound. Both he and Reid attempt to shoot out the tires, causing the gunman to flee into the ocean. The other bikers head outside and try to locate the suspect. Reid and Ryan manage to locate a boat which contains the gunman, who is wearing Gnome attire. After following the boat from a distance, the two gun the Gnome down as soon as he comes back to land. Unfortunately, the sound of gunshots attracted the cops, and Reid, Ryan, and the unconscious Gnome are pulled into a chase.

However, since the group is in a bulky, stolen minivan, escape proves too difficult, and they crash. A foot chase ensues, and all three of them are put in handcuffs. As the cops take Ryan inside Paleto PD to question him, Cooch comes around to try to save Reid. The cops see this and stop him, but at the same time, Gary Adams comes around and grabs the Gnome. They take him back to the compound, where they unmask him and show his identity - Eugene. Realizing that the Gnome was the same person who shot at them at the Yellow Jack, the bikers who aren't arrested gun him down, causing him to go into the ICU.

"You've opened up this book, Mr Slim and you won't like how it ends." - Reginald Campbell. 

Rudi later came into the city, only to be informed by Reed about Mason’s death. They discussed what happened leading to his death and agreed that the person who shot him was indeed, Eugene. Rudi told Frosty that everyone is to follow procedure from now on - meetings on certain terms, everyone to get patted down, and make sure that someone on the outside keep an eye out. When Ryan showed up to the compound later on, Rudi demanded Ryan to tell him every single thing that happened the day before. When he finished explaining, Rudi was stunned to find out how everything was handled and how Eugene was released, as he was certain that it was Slim, Gomer and Eugene. 

They planned to kidnap Slim when they all agreed to put Mr Mayhem on him, but had to hold off on doing so since tsunami was nearing. 

Ryan, Mia, and Rachel were chased down a mountain by Gomer, Buck and two others, who then picked up Summer Mersion (Mia’s cousin) and used her as a bargaining chip in exchange for Ryan. As they headed to pick her up, Reed, Ryan, Rudi and another club member tracked Gomer and gunned him down. They took his body to Grandma’s, where they let him back on his feet and dropped him off at Victor’s place. At the same time, Summer was picked up and driven to Mission Row Police Department (MRPD) for her safety. The group took Gomer back up the mountains to discuss the situation at hand, but eventually let him go. 

Cooch, meanwhile, was kidnapped by a group of people dressed in red, where they spoke over the radio saying that they had a Lost MC packageif they wanted him. Hearing this, Cooch mouthed them off, before spitting at one of them. The group opened fire on him and dumped his body down at the docks.


The war ended on an agreement between Rudi and Slim over the phone. 

The Last Will and Testament of Reginald Campbell. [edit | edit source]

Firstly, I leave my bike to the The LOST MC. To be used or displayed however they see fit.

To Gary, I leave my original wrench. Leave no bone unbroken mate.

To Reed, I leave my helmet, in the hopes that you don't get any more brain damage from crashing your bike.

To Ryan, I leave my very bloodied map of Los Santos. Don't lose yourself because of people you hate, else you will end up like me and no one wants that. Take care of Reed.

To my daughter, Mia, I leave all my savings. To be given on her 18th birthday, to pay for the education I never had. Know that you were named after a pretty cool chick.

To Rudi, I leave his prospect patch. You've come so far and have done more than I ever could have dreamed. I'm so proud of you man.

The Lost Middlemen/Associates.[edit | edit source]

The Lost Rules and Punishments. [edit | edit source]

  • Loyalty, commitment and respect come before anything else. 
  • Respect other members and allies of the club.
  • Do not talk to the police about anything illegal/snitch on a brother. 
  • Never steal from brothers. 
  • We do not discriminate against ethnicity, religion, gender, sexuality, etc.
  • Members must own a chopper type bike and keep it in good condition. 
  • Do not touch or damage another patched members bike/property(Old Ladies inc) 
  • Members will not discuss about private club matters, business or personal information about another member to anyone outside the club. 
  • If an outside club/crew/person has any questions refer them to the highest ranking member that's available. 
  • Patched members wear their patch 24/7 whether or not they are with other club members. (Unless committing certain crimes/at war)
  • Always watch another members back. We never let members go to unsecured places or to fight alone. 
  • Betraying the MC or leaving the club result in severe punishment. 
  • Always obey chain of command. Never disobey an order given by your superior. 
  • Members can not belong to any other clubs/gangs/organisations. 
  • No member will go against a passed vote. 
  • Do not go into stash houses wearing your kutte. 


Unspoken rules may include:

  • Do not start anything at the hospital. 
  • Keep it in a neutral zone. 
  • Patches over badges.
  • If you have a grudge against another MC club and have the cops on you, solve it another time and deal with/evade the cops. 

The Lost Fees and Punishments [edit | edit source]

  • $1000 - Beating.
  • $1000 - Beating.
  • $500 - Beating. 
  • Beating - Compensation ($) 
  • $500
  • Beating. 
  • $500 - Beating - Compensation (labour/$)
  • $1000 - Beating. 
  • N/A.
  • $500 - Beating.
  • Beating on top of the beating. 
  • Death. 
  • $1000 - Beating. 
  • $10,000 or Death. 
  • $50,000 or Severe beating
  • $50,000 or Severe beating. 

The Lost Ones[edit | edit source]

  • Victor Mason - Shot and killed by Eugene Zuckerberg during the war with CKR, on July 14, 2019.
  • Reginald "Reggie" Campbell - Shot and killed by Alabaster Slim and Eugene Zuckerberg during the war with CKR, on July 20, 2019.
  • Cooch Cassidy - Died in a motorcycle accident, on July 27, 2019.
  • George Temple - EMS found his body washed up near Paleto beach with a gunshot wound to the head and multiple shark bite wounds on June 8th, 2020. Autopsy confirmed that he was dead for four days. Cody Speedwagon was found to be the killer.

Former Lost Members[edit | edit source]

  • Parson "Frosty" Brown - Due to circumstances, Frosty was stripped off his patch. Although no longer a patched member, he is always welcomed back as a brother. 
  • Negan Graham - Stripped off his patch after he gunned down Rudi Rinsen and Reid Dankleaf on May 29th, 2020 as he didn't like how things were running. Afterwards, he claimed to Reid that they were no longer a club. 
  • Samuel O'Faolain - Due to his feelings towards Eugene and his opinion on the middleman situation being ignored by the group, Sammy offered the Lost an ultimatum, to either pick him or Eugene. Sammy stripped off his patch and left the group on June 15th, 2020. He died a few days later on June 27th, 2020.  

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Lost MC radio frequency changed from 685.3 to 908.1, due to business conversations being talked over on the radio while other people had access to listen in.
  • All patched members have a special kutte that belong to them and are hidden in the main safe. However, Vinny Pistone and Eugene Zuckerberg hold the kuttes that belonged to Al Weaselton and Negan Graham, as both haven't been in the city and had their kuttes inside their houses.
  • Because the Lost operate around Sandy Shores, people who want to buy houses there, aren't allowed to use them as stash houses as they want people to actually live there.
  • The Lost have a steady relationship with Mission Row PD.
  • They can repair motorcycles inside the clubhouse, but not including cars.

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