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"L.F.F.L. Lost Forever, Forever Lost"

The Lost Motorcycle Club (Lost MC) is an outlaw motorcycle club operating out of Stab City in Blaine County, and claims Sandy Shores as their territory.

General Description

The Lost MC is currently run by President Rudi Rinsen. The Lost is one of the largest and oldest organized crime groups in San Andreas.

In early February 2021, after several years of incarceration for various crimes, and following different matters that took a few of them outside of San Andreas, the President and prominent members of the Lost are seen out of prison and making a return back to Stab City, intent on maintaining a strong presence and control over Sandy Shores.

The Lost's primary businesses involve illegal arms dealing and distribution of drugs. The bikers are also known to fashion melee weapons such as sledgehammers, different styles of baseball bats, chain dusters and broken bottles. These melee weapons can usually be found sold at Iron Hog.


The Lost compound is located in the trailer park near Sandy Shores known as Stab City, in Blaine County. A mural of the Lost Eagle is painted on one side of the compound to represent their territory. The clubhouse serves as a base of operation and a hangout spot for the club members. One of the walls inside the clubhouse features photographs of the members as well as their old ladies.


Patched members are often seen wearing either their leather vests, known as 'kuttes', or other clothing items with the patched eagle embedded on it. A side-rocker on the kutte that reads 'Guardian of Sandy' denotes of the people of Sandy Shores as being under their protection. Old Ladies, although not patched members, can wear a specific set of Lost clothing with 'Property of the Lost' written on the back of it.

Story Arcs

A Craving for Biker Crank

On February 15th, 2021, the club President Rudi Rinsen met with club members at the Lost compound. Seeing as how they wanted to get back into the meth business, he revealed that he had sent instructions for the Lost German chapter to send them over some equipment and medicines from Germany.

Unloading 'brewery' equipment from truck at Lost compound.

So as not to raise suspicions among the authorities, Rudi covered it up as being materials for brewing his own German beer and schnapps. When the shipment arrived to the docks in the Port of Los Santos, Lauren Forcer and several other cops were present to inspect the contents and documentation. After having been given the clear, the bikers were allowed to leave the docks with their truck. Back in Stab City, they began unloading everything, to be stored in the compound for the time being until they can find a suitable place to set up a meth lab.

Over the following weeks, the Lost went about gathering more meth cooking ingredients. Rudi, Catherine "Cat" Scratch-Patrickson, Alberto "Al" Weaselton and Paddy Scratch-Patrickson staged an accident in Grapeseed and called the EMS. Once they arrived, the bikers proceeded to hold up the paramedics and go through the ambulance's contents. Rudi and Cat barely made it out with the medical supplies before the cops showed up, though Al and Paddy were caught. The two were taken to jail and held for questioning, but were eventually released.

Later in the day, a few bikers were sent to steal a firetruck in Grapeseed, which resulted in the death of a local firefighter. By the time Jackie Snow and other cops arrived on scene, the bikers had fled and they only found the dead body left in a dumpster and an abandoned firetruck with various tools and equipment missing. As days went by, reports emerged of several local businesses across Paleto Bay having been broken into and similarly ransacked.

Reed Dankleaf and a few others one day snuck upstairs at the Liquor Ace in Sandy Shores to attempt some meth cooking. However, it was cut short by the arrival of the owner of the liquor store who immediately alerted the cops. The bikers managed to get away, but not without the owner glimpsing a partial plate of Reed's vehicle which the cops took note of.

On March 7th, 2021, as Rudi made his way into Stab City, he caught sight of a man relieving himself against the walls of the Lost compound. Furious, he confronted the man and ordered him off the property. The man, who appeared to be in an intoxicated state, mumbled incoherently and took wild swings at Rudi who then shot him down. As Rudi rummaged through the dead man's pockets, he found a curious key and an ID displaying a Darius Whiston. Rudi got rid of the body by tying an old steel rim to his feet and dumping him in the Alamo Sea. Cat, Paddy and Negan Graham arrived shortly and helped Rudi clean up and destroy any trace of evidence.

The bikers gathered around inside the clubhouse inspecting the key, wondering at its use. One of the things that came to their mind was a mysterious opening mechanism that they'd discovered not far from the compound a while back that led to an underground locked door. Surmising that the key might fit there, they made their way there but the key did not work. Their search ultimately brought them to an industrial area in Los Santos, where a similar opening mechanism was located. When Rudi used the key, the door opened and they found themselves in a large room, which looked to be exactly what they had been looking for - a place to finally set up their cooking operation.

Hostilities with the Condemned

On May 2nd, 2021, an incident occurred at Andi Jones Farmers Market in Paleto Bay, whereby Negan Graham beat down a woman for making a snide remark to him, unprovoked. A vendor at the market stepped up to her defense, and the confrontation took a turn when he pulled his gun on Reed Dankleaf. The bikers walked away, biding their time until the market is closed to make a move.

As they waited, they were approached by a member of the Condemned MC. Aware that Paleto was territory claimed by the other MC, the Lost bikers related the incident to him and of their intent to get back at the vendor, specifying that their issue was with the vendor alone. The Condemned member implied that he had witnessed the incident, was understanding of their grievance and took no issue with it. Given the okay, the Lost gunned down the vendor as he was leaving the market.

The following day, however, the Lost got word that, while they were not around, about a dozen of the Condemned had come to the Lost compound in retaliation and posted on Twatter photographs of themselves in front of the compound - more importantly, with their flag hung up over the Lost eagle. Following this affront, the Lost set out on a warpath to hunt down the Condemned.

Rudi confronts Derek Bogart in Dean World.

Over the next few days, the Lost rode the streets of Paleto Bay looking for the Condemned. Rudi Rinsen found their Vice-President Derek Bogart and furiously confronted him. Derek claimed to have been at the Lost compound to discuss the incident at the market, but conceded that he wasn't aware of the whole story. Nor did he know of the flag incident which he reckoned was the vendor's doing, and agreed that it should not have happened. Rudi gave him an ultimatum; that their President was to come to him and apologize face-to-face within two days, or the Lost would be coming after them. Meanwhile, Reed had a run-in with the vendor, Garry Roche, who now claimed to be part of the Condemned.

With none of the Condemned having reached out to them, the Lost tracked down Derek in Dean World. The latter kept giving unsatisfactory excuses, which infuriated Rudi who proceeded to swing his sledgehammer at him, and a shootout ensued. Derek was shot down, and the Lost fled as cops arrived on scene. Later, Reed issued a warning to Derek, stating that the flag incident constituted as an act of war, and that unless and until the Condemned dealt with the culprit, Paleto would remain unsafe.

Talks with Hank Marston.

On May 22nd, 2021, Rudi and Reed snatched up one of the Condemned who turned out to be their President, Hank Marston. To their bafflement, Hank admitted that the group ride to the Lost compound three weeks ago consisted in fact mostly of civilians whom they had brought with them, and he confirmed that their Prospect Garry was the one who put up the flag. Rudi confronted him about the implications of such actions, and expressed his annoyance at the way things have been handled thus far, noting the seeming state of disarray of the Condemned. Hank acknowledged this and replied that he was working on putting things in order. They also spoke of Derek whom they believed was deceiving them. Hank furthermore insinuated that a Mayhem vote was out for Derek, adding that the latter had recently robbed Chang Gang. At the end of the conversation, Rudi reiterated a final ultimatum that the Condemned make amends by dealing with Garry, the failure of which the Lost would take matters into their own hands - to which Hank acceded.

A week later and with Hank not owning up to his word, the Lost headed out for Paleto and ran into Derek. Kimberly Daniels, an employee of the Condemned's Mojito Inn booth at the markets, drove by and as she pulled out her gun, Reed shot her. The Lost took out Derek as well, loaded him into their vehicle and brought him into the hills. Upon arrival, they dragged Derek's prone figure out onto the ground, and Rudi grimly brought down his sledgehammer onto his leg, crushing it. In doing so, the Lost considered their score settled, and told Derek that they would not be coming after the Condemned anymore, but nevertheless made it clear that they were far from being friends.

Bad Blood

On June 10th, 2021, Reed Dankleaf, Paddy Scratch-Patrickson, Lucille "Lucy" Hellman and Dawn Hearte were at the market in Paleto Bay early to set up their booth for Iron Hog. Reed picked a market stall that was empty but for a bike nearby, and tore down all the signs -which looked to be those of the Mojito Inn- replacing them with his own. Once the market opened, he threw a few taunts at passing members of the Condemned.

Friction at the market in Paleto.

Kimberly Daniels, who was presumably part of the Condemned now, later approached them, looking to settle their differences. To which the Lost bikers responded that the time for talk has long passed - alluding to the Condemned's own reticence in their recent conflict. Reed then stated that he held no respect for them or their club, and told her to leave. Instead, Kimberly proceeded to stand from across their booth with three others, simply staring at the Lost and making an occasional snide remark, in an attempt to antagonize them. Twenty minutes later, they were still at it and Kimberly commented about how it would be entertaining to see them 'explode'. At which point, an exasperated Paddy obliged by opening fire on them, and Reed followed suit and threw a molotov at the group. As Reed and Paddy walked away from the scene, however, Garry Roche stepped in and shot them in the back from atop a market stall.

Reed decided to get even with Garry by robbing him the next day and as he held him at gunpoint, another Condemned member, Mattias Nilson, showed up and a shootout ensued. He took out both of the Condemned, and fled as he heard approaching footsteps. However, Reed was later apprehended, and one of the cops let slip that the two wounded from the Paleto shooting had identified him by name. This, in turn, would come to further deepen the Lost's contempt for the Condemned.

Condemned meeting with the Lost for talks.

On June 12th, 2021, Negan Graham's old lady, Dawn Hearte, overheard members of the Condemned contemplating aloud about kidnapping her, which only served to inflame an already fuming Lost. After assigning a protection team for Dawn, Rudi Rinsen, Reed and Negan went on the hunt for the Condemned, and upon learning that the other MC wanted to have a talk, they met up in Paleto. Once they all reached the meeting spot, a heated Rudi opened the talks by warning them that any attempt to harm Dawn -a claim that the Condemned denied- would result in severe retaliation, and made it clear that she was off-limits as she had no involvement in the matter. Rudi brought up again the lack of structure and the disorder among the ranks of the Condemned, and the ensuing mess. One of the Condemned, Arthur Morgan, acknowledged this and attributed it to miscommunication on their part. When confronted about the Paleto shooting incident, Garry admitted that Mattias and himself did indeed talk to the cops, for which he then expressed regret.

Rudi took Arthur aside, enquiring for further explanation from him, and bluntly told him that it had come to a point where he did not recognize them as a club. Arthur explained that the Condemned have been having issues with miscommunication and relaying information to each other. He further revealed that Garry had not been completely forthcoming when he initially recounted the shooting incident to the other Condemned members, having left out the part where they talked to the cops, hence their President and Vice-President were unaware. Arthur insisted that they had no wish for their relations with the Lost to aggravate - to which Rudi replied that the Condemned should make things right by dealing with Garry as a start, and handed him a bat. With the beating done, Rudi advised them to put their club in order and to push for a shakeup in their ranks and leadership. Before riding off, the Lost commended Arthur on his handling of the situation, but left the Condemned with a firm reminder still that this in no way meant that the Lost were on good terms with them.

Succession from the United States, San Andreas

January 21nd, 2022 to be added ~tba


The Lost Rules and Punishments

Rules Fees & Punishments
1. Loyalty, commitment and respect come before anything else. $1000 - Beating.
2. Respect other members and allies of the club. $1000 - Beating.
3. Do not talk to the police about anything illegal/snitch on a brother. $500 - Beating.
4. Never steal from brothers. Beating - Compensation ($)
5. We do not discriminate against ethnicity, religion, gender, sexuality, etc. $500
6. Members must own a chopper type bike and keep it in good condition. Beating.
7. Do not touch or damage another patched members bike/property(Old Ladies inc) $500 - Beating - Compensation (labour/$)
8. Members will not discuss about private club matters, business or personal information about another member to anyone outside the club. $1000 - Beating.
9. If an outside club/crew/person has any questions refer them to the highest ranking member that's available. N/A.
10. Patched members wear their patch 24/7 whether or not they are with other club members. (Unless committing certain crimes/at war) $500 - Beating.
11. Always watch another members back. We never let members go to unsecured places or to fight alone. Beating on top of the beating.
12. Betraying the MC or leaving the club result in severe punishment. Death.
13. Always obey chain of command. Never disobey an order given by your superior. $1000 - Beating.
14. Members can not belong to any other clubs/gangs/organisations. $10,000 or Death.
15. No member will go against a passed vote. $50,000 or Severe beating
16. Do not go into stash houses wearing your kutte. $50,000 or Severe beating.


Unspoken rules may include:

  • Do not start anything at the hospital.
  • Keep it in a neutral zone.
  • Patches over badges.
  • If you have a grudge against another MC and have the cops on you, solve it another time and deal with/evade the cops.

The Lost Ones

  • Victor Mason † - Prospect was shot and killed on July 14th, 2019.
  • Reginald "Reggie" Campbell † - Founder & Road Captain was shot and killed on July 20th, 2019.
  • Cooch Cassidy † - Enforcer died in a motorcycle accident, on July 27th, 2019.
  • George Temple † - EMS found the Prospect's body washed up near Paleto beach with a gunshot wound to the head and multiple shark bite wounds on June 7th, 2020. A man whom the Lost suspected was behind his murder was later executed by them.
  • Oswald Tinkerman † - Prospect took a cyanide pill on October 9th, 2021 at the Vanilla Unicorn while venting to his friend/co-worker Bobby Schmiguel about the stress and drama from his job at Wu Chang Records and life in Los Santos. He died afterwards from complications at the hospital.

Former Lost Members

Full Patched / Prospects

  • Charlie "Cherry" Divine † - Patched Member who developed an out-of-control meth addiction. She met Mayhem on orders of club President on July 24th, 2021, for shooting and attempting to kill Old Lady Paddy Scratch-Patrickson, disobeying club orders and threatening members' lives.
  • Benedict "Twinny" Cullen † - Prospect was stripped of his prospect patch on September 15th, 2021 as he did not mesh well with the club. Because he knew too much about the club's operations, however, he was also executed at the dock in Paleto Cove, Blaine County.


  • Brook Lexi - (Jul 2021 - Sep 15th, 2021) - Was not invited to prospect.


  • The Lost compound and the trailer park known as Stab City is private property owned by Rudi Rinsen, Lost MC.
  • On October 26th, 2020, Old Lady Lucille "Lucy" Hellman founded Iron Hog Repairs, her own repair shop for motorcycles. In 2021, it was relocated to its own building at the Sandy Shores Airfield, and made its grand opening on September 11th, 2021.
  • Smoke on the Water, a medical marijuana dispensary, originally had their growing area set up in a Lost hangout spot in Grapeseed in early 2021. In an agreement between Rudi and Windsong, they had it moved to Stab City instead.
  • The Lost possesses a 'Lost MC Special Binder' that contains a complete collection of burnt NoPixel Trading cards. It was gifted to Reed by James Arsenal.
  • A club member's kutte is adorned with patches that show his/her loyalty and position within the club. Additionally, a member will earn wing patches, sewn by Lucy, for certain accomplishments.
    • Gold Wings - Rescued a club member from police custody.
    • Blue Wings - Shot a cop execution-style.
    • Red Wings - Took out three or more targets with a single molotov cocktail.
    • Purple Wings - Executed a judge.
    • Orange Wings - Been sent in for the 9s.
    • Green Wings - Successfully hit a Fleeca bank.
    • White Wings - Took part in a Mayhem.
  • In the past, the Lost used to operate out of their compound located in East Vinewood, Los Santos before moving their headquarters in 2019 to Stab City, Blaine County. The Sinister Souls MC purchased the old lot from Rudi on October 5th, 2021, for $1.5m.


Lost MC Member Roster