The Los Santos Police Dispatch is in partnership, and works under, the Los Santos Police Department, Blaine County Sheriff's Office, San Andreas State Police, and Emergency Medical Services; enforcing the laws and saving lives through specialization in communications.

Chain of Command[edit | edit source]

The official Chain of Command is Dispatch Lead, who are members of PD Command. The members of PD High Command and Command keep a constant line of communication with the Dispatchers, and vise versa.

From there, the rankings are Dispatch (FTO), Dispatch, and Trainee.

All Dispatcher call-signs, regardless of rank, begin with "D" (as in, D-xx).

Rankings[edit | edit source]

Rank Insignia Responsibility Note
Lead Dispatcher
Manager Maintains department
Dispatch Trainer (FTO)
Shift Supervisors Oversees trainees
Qualified Dispatchers Eligible for FTO
Dispatchers in training Must be supervised by FTO

Additional Department Jobs[edit | edit source]

Administrative Assistant[edit | edit source]

The role of an Administrative Assistant involves helping out the Officers at MRPD in various ways (taking civilian reports, cleaning, etc.).

The History of Dispatch[edit | edit source]

Senior Deputy Michael Rodgers and Deputy Richard Dark are responsible for developing the initial idea for a "live" PD Dispatcher, and then began forming a system to incorporate it.

Together, they each worked various shifts to check the compatibility, testing it out in varied levels of PD and EMS radio traffic. With positive response from all shifts, they both took the next step to hire and train the first civilian Dispatchers.

Former Dispatchers[edit | edit source]

Name Note
Brenda Pancake Transferred to the LSPD.
Chet Manley Transferred to the LSPD.
Kevin Keyte Transferred to the BCSO.
Tracy Martell Transferred to the BCSO.
Tessa Lamb Transferred to the BCSO.

Former Members[edit | edit source]

Name Note
Elizabeth Winters Former Dispatch Admin
Katrina Kappa Former Dispatch Admin
Caitlin Roan Former Dispatch Admin
Jay Walker Former Dispatch Admin
Senna Sharp Former Dispatcher
Mike Frost "Retired Dispatcher"
Sydney Frost "Retired Lead Dispatcher"
Peter Nolan "Retired Dispatcher"
Nancy Ree "Retired Dispatcher"

Los Santos Police Dispatch Member Roster[edit | edit source]

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