The Los Santos Police Department, along with the Blaine County Sheriff's Office and the San Andreas State Police, make up the executive branch of Los Santos; together they ensure that the law is upheld and enforced.

Chain of Command Edit

Bobby Smith is the Chief of Police, and the Assistant Chief of Police is Thomas Metzger.

From there, the rankings are Sergeant, Senior Officer, Officer, Solo Cadet, and Cadet.

Cadet call-signs begin with 5 (as in, 5xx), while Cadets who have been cleared for solo patrol have call-signs that begin with 6 (as in, 6xx.)

Rankings Edit

Rank Insignia Responsibility
Chief of Police
High Command
Assistant Chief of Police
High Command
Shift Supervisors/Command
Senior Officer
Tenured Officers (Eligible for SWAT & FTO)
Sworn Officers (Eligible for Air Certification)
LEO Cadet

Certifications Edit

Certification Legend Rank Requirement
Air Certified
Air Cert
Field Training Officer
FTO Cert
Senior Officer
SWAT Certified
Senior Officer
Detective (Dissolved)
CID Cert
Senior Officer
K9 Certified
K9 Cert
Senior Officer

Criminal Investigation Division (CID) Edit

There were five detectives a part of the LSPD that were assigned to the CID. Detectives Raven, Metzger, McCormik, Lyon, and Reinhart.

(While the CID has been dissolved, this information will not be deleted, as it helps people identify who prominent Detectives are.)

K9 Unit Edit

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Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) Edit

The CSI was an idea in the works, due to the newly implemented evidence system. However, the idea of a CSI Division was denied by High Command.

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