Logan Tailor is a character role-played by Lastbrokenoath.

General Description

Logan Tailor is a Dispatch Admin of the Los Santos Police Dispatch.

Early Life

Logan Tailor was born and raised in Liberty City by Megan and Brandon Tailor. Megan was a stay at home mom who did on the side craft workers for side money and Brandon was an LCPD Sergeant. Logan lived a comfortable childhood even though he was living in one the roughest cities in the country. Growing up his father was very into motorcycles and would teach Logan how to fix them. Logan had dream of being a bike mechanic and owning a nice collection of bikes. 

At age 10 Logan's family faced a major loss. Logan's father Brandon was working a serious case into a biker gang. During the undercover operation Brandon was faced with a tough choice to murder a rival gang member or he would be killed. Clear corruption rules were stated when he took that case. He did not kill the person but was framed for the murder and discovered as a UC. Brandon faced trial for first degree murder, was stripped of his rank and title, and faced life in prison. 

Logan was destroyed mentally from the loss of his father. He lost respect for everyone and everything around him. Megan had to force herself into a low paying job. She started to be very abusive towards Logan with the loss of Brandon. The family had to sell all of Brandon's bikes for money. Logan resorted to petty street crimes without the influence of his father. At age 11 Logan was able to buy his first bicycle. It was a BMX bike. He did not know how to ride a bike without his father. He self taught himself to ride it, no training wheels. 

As years went on Logan spent some time in Juvenile detention centers, Megan was immensely disappointed in her son, was even disgusted to look at her son. Megan always believed that Brandon was guilty. Their relationship was in utter ruin. 

By time Logan went to high school he bought he first motorcycle. It was an Akuma. He wound up dropping out of school due to heavy crime. His mother got heavily into drugs and was eventually committed for the drug use and detonating mental state. Logan as a teenager had to fend for himself. 

One day Logan committed felony robbery and spent 3 months in prison. While in prison he ran into his father Brandon. His father was heartbroken his son was in prison. He told Logan, "stay the course, do good and one day we will be reunited." Logan was released but he was so confused. Crime was all he had. 

The 52

At 20 years old Logan was still going crime and going in and out of prison. His father would no longer have any contact with him inside. It hurt Logan more and more. Eventually Logan caught the attention of a biker gang called The 52. Logan by this time had a small collection of bikes (mostly sport/street bikes). The 52 took interest in Logan's kind but also rebellious nature. 

His hang-around status was rough. He was forced to buy a Hexer cruse bike, forced to clean patched and prospect members bikes and houses. He was the fall guy for many crimes. Logan started to feel as though he was a part of a family though. For three-years Logan worked his way through the ranks of The 52 to being a senior member of the club. 

How The 52 worked was it was based on 52 playing cards of a deck. The suits each controlled an aspect of the club. Spades - Money Clubs - Bars/Businesses (extortion) Diamonds - Jewelry/pawn/ heist Hearts- Drugs. Each head of each suit were the Ace Card. who held council the heads of the gang. The under-bosses with Kings, Queens, Jacks. Logan excelled in a lot of things and was not designated a card base but was still considered a senior member. His card name was Wildcard, based on the Joker card in a way. Logan was even able to be the only person in the group who can drive a sport/street bike due to how he excelled with driving them and his addiction to them. The 52 were very organized. The Spades held the power seat of the gang. His best friend Martin "Ace of Spades" Davis held the highest rank and mentored Logan. Logan would do anything for Martin. One time during a jewelry store heist the LCPD got a bit trigger happy and opened fire. Logan took bullets for Martin. They spent time in prison for the failed heist. In prison hospital recovering his father Brandon visited Logan's bed side. "Son why are you going down this path?" Logan cried because he is a major disappointment to his father. This will be last time Logan sees his father before coming to Los Santos. 

After they got out of prison Martin started to get into a lot of drugs. The Ace of Hearts started to build resentment into Martin's lifestyle and pushing in his business. Martin's drug use spanned up until Logan left for Los Santos. Tensions in The 52 started to go south. Martin refused to step down from the Ace of Spades and go with the vote. The family Logan had for years started to fall apart. People wanted Logan to take over the Ace of Hearts while the current Ace would take over the Spades. Lots of in fighting happened and Logan was faced with a choice. The other Aces with a few Kings captured Martin and brought Logan to the location. Logan was told he had to kill Martin and take the spot of the Ace of Hearts or he will die. Logan could not do it. They put a gun in Logan's hand and said do it and take the rightful spot. Logan held the gun up to his beaten drug withdrawn friend but talked back and did not commit the act. Someone he saw like a father that he didn't have for all these years. Before Logan pulled the trigger a police raid started and Logan escaped. Before he left the Ace of Hearts shot Martin in the head and he died. 

Logan took the very little money he had, left his 52 life behind and he booked a flight to Los Santos. Sad he will not be able to see his father probably never again, the loss of Martin, The 52 broken up. 

Los Santos


  • Logan is a street/sports bike fanatic
  • He feels like he has a bond with his motorcycles over other people
  • Knows and tries to know as much as he can about motorcycles
  • Has never killed anyone but has no issue doing it if called for except on police because of his father
  • He hates his mother, loves his father 
  • He is unpredictable at certain points
  • He wants to respect others especially police 
  • The bracelet on his left wrist was Martin's that he took off his body before he died. He never takes it off, will always wear it. 
  • In The 52 Logan was victim to and victimized members with whipping of a motorcycle chain. 
  • Very caring and loyal
  • He isn't very book smart and sometimes street smart because of his abusive upbringing. 
  • He has thought about working for the PD to follow in some sort of father's footsteps
  • Constantly calls himself a scumbag because that's what his mother called him for years. 
  • Missing third toe on left foot. 
  • Quiet and reserved due to nervousness, past abuse, and rough upbringing in childhood and time during The 52.
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