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Liz Anya is a character role-played by alexhasg2g.


Liz Anya is the stage name of American singer-songwriter Elizabeth Tanya Hillridge. Liz was born in Berkeley, California, but at the age of 2, her family moved to Indio, California, where she would spend her time going to terrace parties and attending music festivals like Coachella. She was an only child who lived a very privileged life, with her wealthy parents funding everything she could ever need including early education in drawing and painting. Liz’s mother was a painter, and her father was an art collector. They both expected Liz to become a painter just like her mother. Although Liz had all the proper education in art, she was not passionate about it and would skip her classes to hang out with local musicians. When her parents got word of her bad grades, they confronted Liz and told her that she had to be serious about her art career if she kept living with them. Liz became so upset that she ran away from her parent’s home with two girls she met at Coachella. Oma Lette (Omara Letterman) and Cora NaDawg (Cornelia Natasha Dawning) were from neighboring schools and quickly became close friends with Liz, supported her life change, and ran away with her. At the age of 18, shortly after she left, she had her name legally changed to Liz Anya and began to pursue her music career.


Liz is different, she's not like other girls. She's a very honest and down to earth person that could make the best out of every situation. Liz has diagnosed herself with multiple personality disorder, which she refuses to get checked out because she is faking it for pity streams and attention, as well as a lack of accountability for her actions. She is the ex-lead Singer of the Indie band In The Making. Currently she's a solo music artist.


Liz has a short blonde mullet which she dyes red. Liz also uses a lot of wigs that help change her face shape. Liz is usually wearing her iconic shirt-dress and "LGBTQ leggings". Her clothing color theme consists of natural toned colors like white, orange, deep blues, and lots of patterns like polka dots and floral print.

As of recently with the new edition of her BBL, Liz's wardrobe has expanded greatly to sporting sandals, dock martens, leggings of herself, and multiple puffer jackets. Her style truly reflects her as she's still able to rock her LGBTQ leggings while also giving the girls shock and awe in all black leather chaps or a floral bikini.


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Liz is signed to Wu Chang Records, She started her music career making indie music being the former lead singer of an indie band named In The Making. Since her debut solo song "I'm Different", Liz has had a number of Indie hits including her first #1 hit "Solo", culminating in the release of her first album "Sinking".

However, Liz is well known for her ability to switch genres. From Indie, to Pop, Rap, Alternative, Electronic, Metal, and more. Liz's most well known song is her Rap song "Ro Block Kidnapped & Robbed Mackenzie Hayes (the Cop) For Her PD Assault Rifle + PD Glock" which is certified Platinum with more than 100,000 plays.

Work has begun on Liz's follow-up album, "THE LIZPRINT", which is scheduled to release in 2022. The new album will be a Rap project, a departure from the Indie/Pop of her first album, "Sinking".


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Type Name & Plate Value Description

Shitzu Hakuchou


$136,801 Purchased on January 7th 2022.

Invetero Coquette


$250k Purchased on February 24th 2022.
Former Vehicles

Karin Dilettante


$150K - Wedding gift to Liz from Carmella Corset. on May 12th 2021.
- Donated to Mckinnlyneigh NessaVarmens on July 29, 2022

Photo Address Description

Swiss Street,
Pillbox Hill,
Downtown Los Santos

Tier Three Apartment. Purchased on January 7th 2022 for $210,000

Trivia & Quotes

  • She's not like other girls, she's different.
  • Loves her LGBTQ and galaxy leggings.
  • Is a Vegan.
  • Speaks in cursive.
  • Speaks Yaur.

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    Liz Anya on Streaming Services
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