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Little Seoul Gas Station is a LTD Gasoline convenience store located on the corner of Ginger Street and Lindsay Circus, Little Seoul.


During late 2021, as Chang Gang members decided to make Little Seoul their new turf, CG member Francis J Francer was adamant that CG own Little Seoul Gas Station, and gang leader Mr. Kebun agreed. Due to this agreement, Francis and Vinny Pistone both went to the then active Mayor Emma Gaine, and she agreed to give them ownership of 4 LTD pumps. Out of those 4, only 1 was granted approval by RON Corp to be useable.

Chang Gang have a long history with the gas station dating back to the 1.0 days where Mr. Chang† or Ramee(help!) use to own the gas station.

It wasn't until April 19th 2022 that Little Seoul Gas Station was officially opened and occupied by members of Los Santos. The main supplier being Vinny, who buys gas every day to fill up the station.

Management and suppliers

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