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Little Seoul ( 리틀 서울) is a neighborhood bordered by Rockford Hills to the north, Downtown and Strawberry to the east, Vespucci to the west and La Puerta to the south.

General Information

The Little Seoul neighborhood is owned by Chang Gang via Chang Gang Investments and is the gang's home turf and main headquarters. It has since become an economic hub of Los Santos, housing businesses that offer a multitude of services and products.

Chang Gang moved into the area in November 2021, in which leader Mr. Kebun transformed the neighborhood into turf for the gang. CG met with Sun Moon of the Korean Mafia, which originally stayed in the area, and both groups agreed to peacefully coexist. After firmly settling in, CG sought to transform their turf into a hub, or "mini-city", by constructing new store fronts for future businesses and establishing new residences. After CG's takeover, Street Team and later Hydra Gang moved into the area and also made Little Seoul their home.

Many businesses are located in Little Seoul, making the area not only gang territory but also a bustling economic center of Los Santos. It is a culinary, entertainment, and recreational hub, with two major restaurants, UwU Café and Maldini's Pizzeria, both located within the neighborhood, the popular Demon's Den Arcade providing digital Player-vs-Player matches, and Smoke on the Water supplying marijuana joints. Chang Gang members operate, or is associated with, multiple businesses in Little Seoul, including Little Seoul Gas Station, Wu Chang Records, the Jeweled Dragon, the Dragon's Dojo, the Bullet Club, and Pixel Perfect, among others. Street Team members also run businesses in Little Seoul, namely Deja Brew coffee shop and the Pit Stop vehicular accessories store jointly operated by Anna Jørgensen and Jaylen Carter.


List of business's located in Little Seoul in alphabetical order:

Bullet Club

The Bullet Club is a shooting range owned and founded by Randy Bullet, where customers can test their weapons skills by shooting targets and earn tokens for exclusive prizes, including custom karambits.

Chang Gang Investments

Chang Gang Investments (CGI) is an investment firm created by Chang Gang intended to be a holdings company for all property in Little Seoul. It is also intended to be the parent company of all future Chang Gang-branded businesses such as Chang Gang Network (CGN), a subsidiary entertainment and media organization. In June 2022, CGI established a headquarters in an office building in Little Seoul.

Demon's Den Arcade

Demon's Den is an arcade in Little Seoul operated by The Guild. Customers can partake in digital player-versus-player games against eachother, including Team Death Match and Capture the Flag.

The Dragon's Dojo

to be written

The Jeweled Dragon

The Jeweled Dragon is a jewelry store operated by Mr. Kebun. Customers can have their jewelry appraised, scrapped, and crafted.

Little Seoul Gas Station

The Little Seoul Gas Station is the main gas station in the area, located on the corner of Ginger Street and Lindsay Circus,in the heart of the Little Seoul neighborhood. This gas station serves as an anchor store for other businesses and is owned and operated by Chang Gang Investments.


LSBN is a media and entertainment organization. The company is based out of the upper floors of the LS News Center building, on the corner of Lindsay Circus and Palomino Avenue in Little Seoul.

Maldini's Pizzeria

Maldini's Pizzeria is a restaurant co-owned by Vinny Pistone & Mr. Kebun, who are both members of Chang Gang. The restaurant offers pizza to the citizens of Los Santos.

Midas Event Management

To be written


PawnHub is a company owned by Lexi Law and the rest of The Angels & ran by Gumbus McGoo. PawnHub buys and sells old and used goods such as jewellery and furniture and upsells them. The company was created for a way for the civilians in the city to have a way to sell items instead of going to the fence in Sandy Shores.
It eventually opened its own building in Little Seoul and with it with started selling such things and Metal detector's, watches and collectable items, as well as completely replacing the fence.

Pixel Perfect

Pixel Perfect is a camera & Polaroid company owned by April Fooze, a member of Chang Gang. Her best friend Lucas Spade serves as CEO of the company. The company hopes of allowing residents of Los Santos to take photos of themselves or their friends in order to capture memories together.

UwU Café

UwU Café is a restaurant created and owned by Ash Ketchup. Benji Ramos, Sherry Paie and Attorney James Haze each own a small percentage of the company and help run it. The Café is a F&B outlet that has a Cat Maid cafe theme that is run out of the Little Seoul neighbourhood.

Wu Chang Records

Wu Chang Records is a record label owned and created by Mr. Kebun and Vinny Pistone that operates out of the Wiwang building within the Little Seoul neighborhood.

Store Fronts

Deja Brew

Deja Brew (formerly known as Lil Gatos) is Billy Phresh's coffee shop in front of the Chang Gang compound, across the street from Maldini's. Storefront opened on May 12, 2022.

Greener Pastures

Greener Pastures is an agricultural produce supply store, providing High Quality Produce to restaurants and food vendors in Los Santos. The business opened a storefront in Little Seoul's Korean Plaza, near UwU.

Morph Interiors

Morph Interiors is an interior design company operated by Mari Posa, Carmella Corset, and Liz Anya.

The Pit Stop

The Pit Stop is a racing equipment store started by Anna Jørgensen and co-owned by Jaylen Carter, selling items such as repair kits, car polish, and harnesses. The storefront opened in Little Seoul on May 12th, 2022.

Sea Witch Publishing

Sea Witch Publishing is Ursula Leichenberg's publishing company/book store in Little Seoul, located next to Pixel Perfect. The storefront was opened in early June 2022.

Smoke on the Water

Smoke on the Water is a medical marijuana dispensary owned by Georgina 'Windsong' Williams and Happy D'Klown.

Smol Dick Real Estate

Smol Dick Real Estate is a real estate agency owned and operated by Francis J Francer.

Steele O'Banion & Friends

Steele O'Banion & Friends is Rory O'Banion's law firm in Little Seoul that was opened sometime around early June 2022. The office is located between the Jeweled Dragon and Smol Dick Real Estate.


Swallow is an adult store specializing in kinky products, founded by Quimbley Hayabusa and Nancy Flutterbottom. The storefront was opened in Little Seoul on May 13th, 2022.


The primary residence for CG in Little Seoul is the "compound" behind Little Seoul Gas Station. CG members and those associated with them can often be seen hanging out and/or defending the area during gang wars and shootouts with police.

Mr. Kebun gave his blessing to Korean Mafia leader Sun Moon and his boys to continue to reside in Little Seoul at apartment 1068. His crew lives across the street from CG's compound, immediately west of the gas station.

In March 2022, Mr. Kebun agreed to Hydra Gang relocating from Mirror Park to Little Seoul, with Hydra taking residence in the apartment block across the street from CG's home base, directly north of apartment 1068 and northwest of the gas station.

Chang Gang Residents
Street Team Residents

As of November 2021, Street Team officially reside in the parking-lot opposite to the main LS compound. Those who live around this area are as followed:

Hydra Gang Residents

As of March 2022, Hydra Gang officially own the apartment buildings east of the main LS compound. This apartment complex is coined the "snake pit" due to infrastructure of the building. Those who live there as as followed:

Korean Mafia Residents

Little Seoul Police Department

On June 30th, 2022, Mr. Kebun met a trio of Cubans (Leo Escobar, Osvaldo Pingafria, and Scottie Perez) in Little Seoul who claimed to be Cuban federal police. The next day, July 1st, he chose them to be Little Seoul's private police force that protects the neighborhood, buying them a patrol vehicle and telling them to adopt uniforms. They are known as the LSPDCF: Little Seoul Police Department Cuban Federale and their office is the backroom of Little Seoul Gas Station.

LSPDCF holding down Little Seoul


  • Chang Gang, Street Team, Hydra Gang, and the Korean Mafia all share overlapping territory in Little Seoul.
  • Chang Gang's compound is also referred to as the "cubby".
  • Hydra Gang's compound is known as the "Snake Pit", "Hydra Pit", or simply the "pit".
  • Mr. Kebun considers UwU Café as Chang Gang turf and considers the business to be under their protection, with CG ready to defend the establishment if requested.